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Don’t Let Darkness Separate You from Your Deck When Naples Deck Lighting Can Keep You Together Longer

If spending day after day on your deck isn’t desirable because of the summer heat, what about the nights? Deck lighting opens up so many possibilities for relaxation and entertainment on the deck after nightfall. Don’t let darkness send you inside!

When the sun goes down and the edge comes off of that heat, your deck can be one of the most pleasant places at your home. When the evening breeze comes through and riffles the palm trees a bit, the deck can be your peaceful oasis—or party central. Either way, the right lighting on and around your deck can make a huge difference.

Naples Deck Lighting

Around Naples, we love our decks. Depending on the size of your deck, you may have an oasis of solitude, an intimate setting for a table for two or room for the gang to converge when the workday is over. Do you have lights for all of that? We’re not talking about bright spotlights with glare that creates light pollution and annoys the neighbors. What we have in mind is a series of small, subtle lights around the deck to improve safety and enhance your deck experience night after night.

Specialized Deck Lighting

As deck culture has evolved, so has the technology for deck lighting. Tiny LED lights offer just the right amount of illumination, and they can be tucked out of the way so you’re not even conscious of where the light is coming from. For safety, we always recommend installing soft lights on your deck stair risers. Whether you choose to light every step or every other step, you’ll gain peace of mind from knowing they’re there. Other popular deck lighting fixtures (again, think tiny lights) can be tucked under the deck railings. We also have the perfect down-lighting to add to each railing post, especially those at the top of the deck stairs.

Combine these tiny deck lights with effective outdoor lighting nearby to create an ultimate deck environment. Your professional lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples will offer suggestions based on the area surrounding your deck. For example, if you have trees overhead, we can install moonlighting above the deck. You’ll think you have a full moon every night. What about string lighting? These party lights set a festive mood for any occasion, and every night can be a special occasion. We use high-quality string lights that withstand any weather and can stay up all year long.

Lighting for Your Deck Amenities

Naples deck lighting wouldn’t be complete without task lighting specifically for the amenities on your deck. Outdoor kitchen? Counter lighting for slicing those limes and other food prep operations. Bar seating? Lighting from the backsplash will gently illuminate the area without putting anyone’s eyes out. We can add some subtle ambient lighting that’s more reliable than flickering candlelight and just as romantic.

Hot Tub Lighting

Ah, the hot tub. If your Naples deck has a hot tub, we recommend a little bit of lighting to increase safety in the area and create just the perfect mood for relaxing and letting go of any stress you may have brought in with you.

Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will know the ideal placement for just-right lighting on and around your deck. When you see how deck lighting can enhance your enjoyment of your Naples outdoor living space, you’ll wonder why you waited to add it.

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