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Naples’ Finest Permanent Outdoor String Lighting

You’ve quite likely seen at Costco or another big box store, the seeming popularity of LED outdoor string lighting. Often referred to as market lights, globe lights, or festive lighting, these nostalgic big bulbs hanging overhead surely create a magical memory-making atmosphere no matter where you use them.

Professional Quality LED String Lighting

But did you know you don’t have to settle for the store-quality lights that barely last a year? We have professional-grade LED string lighting that lasts year-after-year all year long. We use the same lights for our commercial outdoor lighting clients as our residential, so you know they’re durable and made to last.

Professional LED String Lighting Installation

Have you admired festive globe lights at a local restaurant and are unsure how you can hang your own and have them look so great?

Well, you don’t have to. Outdoor lighting is all we do! Our expert lighting team will install your year-round string lights to look fantastic over your space. But, before installation, we’ll create a custom design that achieves your desired goals. If that design includes the installation of poles for the proper effect, we’ll do it!

So what is the difference when we install your market lights?
First, we don’t just let your lights hang. We string them along a guide wire so they will never droop or sag. Secondly, our lights are custom strung for the exact length, so no need to have an extra couple of lights with nowhere to go, or be short a few lights and have a dark spot on the end. Lastly, we can hang your lights in classic rows or go with a custom fan design that takes your outdoor living space to an entirely new level of fun.

If you’re ready to create a fun nighttime atmosphere at your Naples area home, call us today for a design consultation. Our expert staff looks forward to designing a custom nightscape for your home! 239-263-9975

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