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Naples High-Quality LED Outdoor Lighting

Naples LED outdoor lighting is the only way to go for illuminating the exterior of your home or business. LED uses 80% less energy than low-voltage Halogen lighting and looks great too! Until recently, LED lights weren’t suitable outdoor lighting applications. Their color rendering and directional capabilities were poor. While some people installed outdoor LED lighting with the older model LED lights, those installations performed poorly and looked substandard.

Although plenty of older-technology LED lights are still sold today, new, technologically advanced LEDs are now available–and they solve all the performance problems of the older model LED lights. We can even upgrade many Halogen systems to LED.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Patent-pending technology increases bulb life

The LED lights you’ll receive from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples should be longer lived and more flexible than all competing models on the market. A patent-pending technology separates the electronics from the light source, reducing the heat the LED light source is subjected to which extends its already long life.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can retrofit your Led fixtures

For most LED outdoor light fixtures, once the LED surpasses its useful life, the entire fixture needs to be discarded. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples LEDs are changeable in our fixtures. If you need to replace the LED–or decide you need a broader or narrower light beam–you simply switch out the “bulb”, not the entire fixture.

If you’re interested in a new LED outdoor lighting system or upgrading your existing low-voltage lighting system to LED, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. (239) 263-9975

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