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Lighting Your Way Home with Naples Neighborhood Entry Lighting & Sign Lighting

The sign that signifies your neighborhood not only allows for identification but should also be a point of pride. For something this important, you’ll want it to be easily seen day or night. That’s where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples comes in. We will design a custom entry lighting system to ensure that your neighborhood entry—whether your community has a sign, simple privacy walls, a gatehouse, or breathtaking landscaping with trees—has the lighting it needs to accent everything.

Why put so much effort into lighting a neighborhood entry? Well, you’ve put time and money into designing something beautiful, so you should put in the effort to make the entry beautiful 24/7.

Benefits of Utilizing Naples Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries and Naples Sign Lighting

The whole reason for installing an entryway to a neighborhood is to identify one neighborhood from another. After ensuring your neighborhood name is visible with sign lighting, we will use lights to highlight your landscape (even for the tallest of Palm trees) for the low light of evening and full dark at night.

Another benefit of installing Naples Outdoor Lighting for neighborhood entries and signs is that darkness is often the friend of trouble. Having a well-lit entryway can act as a security measure and discourage some would be criminals from considering those living in your neighborhood as targets.

Going the full mile to add lights to enhance your neighborhood entryway will also work to increase the curb appeal of your community. Even better, you can achieve this for a relatively minor investment.

More importantly, is being able to identify where to go at night. Sure, your residents may know where you’re supposed to turn into their neighborhood at night, but what about any guests or loved ones who visit infrequently. By hiring a lighting professional, we will ensure that visitors will be able to locate your neighborhood without blinding them or creating a distraction to other drivers passing by.

Cut Costs with LED Entry Lighting

Good news for HOA members: our LED landscape lights for your neighborhood entry are much more affordable than you’d imagine. We understand that every cent is scrutinized when it comes to an HOA budget, but the importance and benefits of entryway lighting should outweigh any of your money concerns.

In fact, LED outdoor lights are the right choice for any commercial lighting. This is because they are built to shine brightly for years and are capable of handling anything mother nature can throw at them (at least 10x longer than other lights). On top of this, LED lights are very energy efficient (using about 80% less than a Halogen light), which means you’ll save even more money in energy costs.

With these numbers, upgrading from an aging system will pay for itself with the savings from utility and maintenance bills.

If you’d like to see how great your community’s sign would look using Naples neighborhood entry or sign lighting, check out the lighting for the community of San Marino at Pelican Bay. If you’re ready to discuss your options, call 239-263-9975 today to schedule a design consultation for Naples neighborhood entry or sign lighting.

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