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Naples LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

Did you know that we can upgrade most existing outdoor lighting systems to energy efficient LED technology? If your outdoor lighting system is Halogen, you can enjoy 80% reduction in electricity use with an LED retrofit. With gorgeous winter weather and long winter nights, now is the time to upgrade your system with our long-lasting Naples LED outdoor lighting.

If the 80% energy savings was not enough to convince you, enjoy the following benefits of an LED outdoor lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

• Gorgeous, consistent light output.
• 10x the lamp life of Halogen bulbs.
• Lower voltage lamps allow for more capacity on your existing transformer(s) to expand your lighting system.
• UV-free bulbs are less prone to attracting insects.
• Decrease your carbon footprint for a lower ecological impact.

If you plan to make excellent use of your outdoor space during the long gorgeous Florida nights this winter, consider an LED upgrade for your Naples outdoor lighting system. You’ll use less energy, enjoy gorgeous light, and save on your winter electric bill immediately. Call today to learn if an LED outdoor lighting retrofit is right for you. (239) 263-9975

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