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Create Intrigue with Outdoor Lighting Colored Lens Filters

When the seasons change to cooler weather in autumn, you can count on the season for holiday décor to follow shortly after. Your Naples neighbors will probably begin to tote out their decorations for Labor Day, Halloween and then its Thanksgiving time. Add to that football season and you can count on a vibrant looking neighborhood for the next few months. If you’re thinking of a better way to show your excitement and passion for special occasions and the impending holidays consider adding or adjusting your outdoor lighting system to match the holiday at hand with help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Change up You Outdoor Lighting with Colored Lenses

We offer acrylic colored lenses to add to your outdoor lighting system for an immediate change that can quickly and easily bring out the holiday spirit outside your home. With a variety of your favorite colors to choose from you can customize your lights for every occasion. Red and green for Christmas, Blue for Hanukkah, a nice Amber color for the entire fall season right through Thanksgiving – the options are endless. Add the colored lens filters to your flood lights or well lights in multiple combinations to meet your decorating needs for any time of year.

Decorative Ideas for your Outdoor Lighting Colored Lenses

A few ideas for how you can use your outdoor lighting colored lens filters at your Naples home:

  • The end of summer pool party is happening this week. Labor Day is the official end of beach season and summer, add green lens filters around the pool to create a tropical atmosphere to celebrate the best season of the year.
  • Die hard football fan? Who’s your favorite team? The Miami Dolphins? Add orange and white filters. If you prefer college football you can match up the colors for your favorite team whether it’s Florida State, University of Miami or the University of Florida Gators. There is no better way to prepare for a football party than with the team colors displayed outside of your home.
  • Is Halloween your favorite spooky holiday? Create a fun, scary atmosphere out front with smoke and red filters for a gory effect to scare away even the toughest trick-or-treaters.

Additional Benefits to Adding Colored Lenses to Your Outdoor Lights

Acting as protective covers for your lights, colored lenses pull double duty as they provide added protection for your floodlights. Not only that, you won’t have to clean the leaves out as they fall over the next few months. Keep the pine needles, falling leaves and other debris out of your floodlights, you can simply use a clear lens for most of the year, adding your favorite colors when the mood fits.

Get in the spirit of whatever holiday or event is coming up in your life with help from colored outdoor lighting lenses by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Call us to talk about your outdoor lighting needs 239-263-9975.

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