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Creating Unique Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Unique Properties

Outdoor dining is much more enjoyable with a nicely lit tableIn the world of outdoor lighting, one plus one does not always equal two. This may sound a little far fetched and like a worn out expression, but in truth, the solution to a client’s lighting needs may not be a typical formula. Occasionally, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we encounter lighting needs that require a little extra attention and creativity, and we love the challenge. This is not to say that there is no art in more typical outdoor lighting designs and installs. Each property we light is treated with the utmost care and attention so we can be certain our clients get what they want and need. But unique situations give us a chance to try our skills and push what many believe are the limitations of outdoor lighting. The opportunity to come up with a truly unique solution is something we value.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do several projects inside lanais here in Southwest Florida.  While some might questing if this is truly outdoor lighting, the screens of the structures do make them more like a porch than an actual room. Since the lighting is subjected to the elements of our Florida environment, outdoor lighting is needed in situations like this.  During a recent project, we created a chandelier using our outdoor lighting fixtures. We hung this chandelier inside the structure and suspended it over a seating area so that the entire area was washed with an elegant light. This lighting was installed on its own switch in order to give our client more control over the lanai without affecting the other landscape lights. And in order to keep our client from having to deal with the climb involved with changing bulbs every 5,000 hours, we used our long-lasting LED fixtures.

Outdoor lighting can light up your grill area and be turned off when the cooking is doneWe did a similar project for another client above a grill. Again, we added an additional switch so that the client had more control and could simply turn off the light once the food was prepared. The wiring for a solution such as this is easily attached to the structure, making the process of concealing it much easier.

These are just a couple examples of unique lighting solutions that we have developed for our clients’ unique needs. With the expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples and just a little creativity, we can develop a unique, elegant lighting design that will not only meet your needs but will also turn the heads of your neighbors and guests. If you have an area you hope to light but are doubtful a beautiful remedy can be created, do not hesitate to call us. Not only are we able to make what you need, we are excited to do so. 239-263-9975

For more photos of our unique outdoor lighting, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

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