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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Adds Beauty to Your Holiday Home and Beyond

The holidays are a time when many homeowners host celebrations of family, friends and even employees and co-workers in their home. With this in mind it is important to have your home looking its best from the inside out. This includes making sure your landscaping is fluffed and your holiday decorations and lighting are all aglow. One important key to enhancing your home and landscape is the addition of outdoor lighting. Professional outdoor lighting brings so much to the table in terms of adding curb appeal and beauty to your residence. It can also help create a first impression that is truly memorable when those holiday guests come to call.

Among the two best genres of outdoor lighting that make the most impact within a professional outdoor lighting design is landscape lighting and architectural lighting. Each element used in professional outdoor lighting is made to work hand in hand with one another. For example, architectural and facade lighting can be enjoyed in unison with path lighting to enhance the path to your door. The goal of a successful outdoor lighting design is to lead your senses from the curb to the door of your home without missing a step of your homes appeal.

Accentuate the positive

Everyone wants their home to appear just as beautiful in the evening as it does during the day. A well-appointed outdoor lighting design will do just that, and more. Our formula is simple, we take the most unique and individualized features of your home and accentuate them with soft washes of light. This can include dormers, eaves, columns, custom trim, millwork, masonry and stone which is part of your home’s architecture. Architectural lighting is also used to enhance the height, width and depth of your homes dimensions.

Along with enhancing any architectural areas of interest, and using light to add dimension to your home and landscape our outdoor lighting is tailor made to highlight all the best features of your property. What features make your specific property unique can be as varied as the people who reside in them. Your landscape may include a water feature that can be brought to life in the evening by adding outdoor lighting, or even a treasured rose garden that you work diligently to cultivate during the day. The addition of landscape and garden lighting to this same rose garden will maximize the fruits of your labor because you can drink in all the lovely blooms even under the veil of the night sky.

The Naples area is part of a tropical climate with a constant flow of warm wind blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. This type of weather makes for some gorgeous landscaping by our area residents. Along with long-blooming tropical perennials, and lush vegetation, palm trees are a staple in most Naples landscapes. Taking advantage of the unique shape and form of palm trees with outdoor tree lighting is a great way to add presence to your yard. A line of palms becomes magical with the addition of up- lighting giving your property an air of mystery and creating a hauntingly beautiful lighting effect.

If you are ready to add professional outdoor lighting to your home and landscape contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We can turn your home sweet home into an elegant work of art just in time for the holiday rush and for the months ahead. If you already have an existing outdoor lighting system give us a call to make sure your system is running top-notch throughout the coming year. (239) 263 – 9975

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