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Outdoor Lighting Turns Naples Backyard into a Resort-Like Setting

Two of my favorite natural wonders of Southwest Florida, and the reasons I love living here, are the beautiful blue waters and the ornate signature palm trees.  There are few places in the States where you can walk out your back door, or just a short distance away, to enjoy such magnificent treasures.

We recently completed a job for a client who had several Royal Palm trees in his backyard and he wanted to highlight their distinctive characteristics with landscape lighting.  He wanted these trees to transform his surroundings and create an elegant retreat for his family.

Our first task was to install up lights near the trees trunks.  Up lights have the ability to use bulbs of varying wattages and an assortment of beam spreads, which causes different effects.   This can give a unique look and feel to the trees, especially when they are mixed sizes.  You can see in the photo below how using different beam spreads and wattages focused on distinctive areas of the trees, whether it is the palm fronds or the trunks, the entire canopy or a range of branches.  This adds depth and texture to the trees and awakens the area.

Of course, this client has a spectacular backyard to begin with, but now that his palm trees are lit with the lighting they deserve, a stunning oasis is created.  Not everyone has the canvas this client has, but lighting your palm trees can still enhance your outdoor spaces.

We consider palm tree lighting one of our specialties and have been creating captivating areas like this for over 10 years.  If you would like to see our designs on your home, trees or outdoor spaces, give us a call.  We would be happy to transform your spaces with a nighttime demonstration. 239-263-9975

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