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8 Ideas to Refresh Your Naples Outdoor Living Spaces

When full-on summer hits us, we’re not going to feel like accomplishing much in the way of outdoor décor updates. Now is the time to get ready for those sultry summer days. Does your patio, poolside or lanai need a refresh for summer 2018? Here are several ideas, some new and some tried-and-true.

  1. Choose a new accent color for your outdoor living space. We respond to color on a subliminal level. For summer, you may want a more soothing color than the bright reds and oranges of a previous season. Somewhere between blue and green is the perfect shade of sultry summer days and nights.
  2. Now take that accent color and do something with it! Coordinate your cushions, throw pillows, outdoor placemats and napkins with a mix of solid colors and patterns. Serve up some deeper hues next to the pastel versions of your accent color.

    Add Naples Outdoor Lighting to the Mix

  3. Update your landscape lighting in areas around — or visible from — your outdoor living space. If you don’t have landscape lighting yet, let us demonstrate its mood-altering effects so you can enjoy that experience for yourself. Subtle, professionally-designed landscape lighting adds an entirely new dimension to your outdoor living space. You’ll feel transported each time the sun sets.
  4. Dial up your festivity level by adding those dazzling string lights you’ve seen at outdoor cafes. We install professional-grade, permanent outdoor string lighting that can handle any weather. These fun lights will see you through a whole summer’s worth of evenings with friends whether you’re decompressing from a day at work or ready to celebrate the weekend.

    Enjoy the Cooling Power of Water, Physically and Emotionally

  5. Add a misting fan to your get-cool options for those times when you don’t feel like dipping into the pool but you need some relief!
  6. Incorporate a small water feature among your container gardens to add the tranquil sounds of water trickling over rocks, and then just close your eyes and drift away.
  7. Refresh your patio or pool lighting. What else have you added to your space that wasn’t there when your outdoor lighting was originally designed? That new water feature is just begging for a subtle accent light. Naples outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be stagnant. Change it up!

    Show Your Playful Side this Summer!

  8. Bring in the art! Whether it’s a little statue at the base of a palm tree or a quirky abstract figure peeking out from within a container garden, playful art tickles your awareness. Accent lights on your favorite pieces will allow you to enjoy them day and night, instead of only half the time.

If you’re ready to add the finishing touch to your outdoor living space with custom outdoor lighting, call today to schedule a design consultation. 239-263-9975

Naples LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

Did you know that we can upgrade most existing outdoor lighting systems to energy efficient LED technology? If your outdoor lighting system is Halogen, you can enjoy 80% reduction in electricity use with an LED retrofit. With gorgeous winter weather and long winter nights, now is the time to upgrade your system with our long-lasting Naples LED outdoor lighting.

If the 80% energy savings was not enough to convince you, enjoy the following benefits of an LED outdoor lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

• Gorgeous, consistent light output.
• 10x the lamp life of Halogen bulbs.
• Lower voltage lamps allow for more capacity on your existing transformer(s) to expand your lighting system.
• UV-free bulbs are less prone to attracting insects.
• Decrease your carbon footprint for a lower ecological impact.

If you plan to make excellent use of your outdoor space during the long gorgeous Florida nights this winter, consider an LED upgrade for your Naples outdoor lighting system. You’ll use less energy, enjoy gorgeous light, and save on your winter electric bill immediately. Call today to learn if an LED outdoor lighting retrofit is right for you. (239) 263-9975

Outdoor Lighting Post-Storm Repairs & Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples provides the best quality outdoor lighting transformers and copper and brass LED outdoor light fixtures available. Even with such amazing durability, there are some weather events that could cause a disruption in your outdoor lighting system. After a hurricane or tropical storm, fallen trees and flooded streets could affect your lighting system. What should you do to protect your outdoor lighting system after a hurricane?

  1. If your power is still out, call us, we can inspect your system before electricity is restored to prevent shorts and other mishaps when the electricity fires up.
  2. If your system is up and running, observe each light and make sure everything is working.
  3. Call for an outdoor lighting system checkup just to make sure everything is in order.

The most common things you may see:

A Single Light is Off

There are many reasons a single light could stop working after hurricane damage. It could be a line was snapped, or flood waters caused a short. Whether it is simple or complicated, our lighting professionals can come to your home, diagnose the issue and repair it. While we’re out there, we will assess your entire system looking for dysfunction where you might not notice it.

Outdoor Lighting System is Not Working

If your entire outdoor lighting system won’t come back on since the hurricane came through there are a few things that could be going on. One of the most common reasons an entire system is out is that the Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter has been tripped. While that is a common scenario, sometimes it is something more complex. Whatever the case may be, calling us will ensure your system is diagnosed and repaired the correct way.

Outdoor Lighting System Design Issue

One of the biggest effects a storm can have on an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED outdoor lighting system is of the design. Flooding can cause erosion that might shift a light, knock them over, make them lean, etc. Falling branches and leaves can disrupt the light from shining where it is meant to shine. Mud and debris can leave some lenses murky and less brilliant. Fallen trees and devastated landscaping can alter overall landscaping so significantly you need a few major adjustments. With a maintenance call, your entire system will be inspected and adjusted. We’ll trim away foliage that has grown or fallen in front of lights, we’ll clean lenses, whatever it takes. Whatever is disrupting the gorgeous outdoor lighting design will be altered to create the beautiful effect you enjoyed the first day your system was installed.

If the hurricane has caused a disruption in your outdoor lighting system, or it has just been years, and the landscape on your property has changed and slowly altered things, call today! (239) 263-9975 At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we don’t just design and install lights; we maintain and repair them for the long haul. If you are not already enjoying our annual maintenance plan, we encourage you to check it out.

Naples Patio Lighting: 6 Lighting Ideas For Maximizing Fun & Function

There are few better places to spend time with friends and family than on your backyard patio. In Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and across the country, people are building outdoor resorts in their own backyard for daily rejuvenation and weekend entertaining. Along with this trend, the increased use of patio lighting has extended the function of these retreats well into the evening hours. We offer the top 6 choices for illuminating your Naples patio:

1. Hardscape Lights: Under your outdoor kitchen counter, along your seating walls, or cascading down your privacy walls; hardscape lighting is a beautiful and discreet way to integrate patio lighting into your patio design. Hardscape lighting can provide enough lighting for tasks on your countertop or remain ambient such as around your outdoor fire pit; the choice is yours.

2. Market Lights: Our premium LED market lights will transform your Naples patio to an instant festive party space. Whether it is for your own delight or while hosting guests, market lighting is a perfect accent to any patio.

3. Focal Lights: Think about the accessories and landscape on and around your patio space. With focal lighting to highlight statues, trees, planters and other focal features, you can enjoy your favorite features after the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Moon Lighting: Nearby trees provide a perfect place to install a patio light to wash across your entire patio from above. By tucking the light well into the tree, the light dances through tree branches below creating a magical moon effect for your enjoyment.

5. Landscape Lights: With beautiful landscape design around your patio, landscape lighting can be the perfect choice for Naples patio lighting. By highlighting the gorgeous landscape around the perimeter of your patio with our LED landscape lights, you’ll enjoy ambient lighting perfect for winding down after a long day at work.

6. Task Lighting: At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, our goal is to make your outdoor lifestyle a well-functioning dream come true. With custom task lighting over your poolside bar, you can easily prepare food and drinks for your guests with clear visibility and stunning style.

However you use your Naples patio, be sure to remember the lighting. The last thing you want is to have to call a perfect evening early because the sun set and there is no visibility. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a design consultation and nighttime demonstration. 239 263-9975

Naples Outdoor Lighting: What is the Difference Between Down lighting & Uplighting?

When it comes to Naples outdoor lighting, there is a lot of lingo that can be thrown around. While you may be thinking of a flood light, we might call it a spotlight. While you may want string lighting, we might call it market lighting. Uplighting and down lighting are terms we regularly use to differentiate two categories of lighting techniques. These terms can encompass the use of a variety of outdoor light fixtures and a variety of outdoor lighting results. With so much to consider when it comes to your outdoor lighting, we want to give you a little more detail about the difference between uplighting and down lighting.

Naples Outdoor Down Lighting

Down lighting is exactly what it sounds like, illuminating an item or an area by shining a light down from a location above the area. Most familiar to homeowners, the light over your driveway would be considered down lighting.

Our path lighting would also be considered down lighting because the light shines down onto the pathway from above the path. We also use down lighting for illuminating large living spaces from above; we call it moonlighting, named for the effect it has of mimicking the light from a full moon. We can also use down lighting for focal lighting. If a favorite statue is situated with a tree or structure in proximity, we can mount a light from above and focus the beam on the item for the desired effect. Dark sky compliant lighting would fall under the down lighting category as well.

Naples Outdoor Up Lighting

Uplighting is the opposite of down lighting and refers to illuminating an object or area from below with an outdoor light shining upwards. The most familiar uplighting is when a building has a light shining up the facade or on a focal feature of the building.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we love uplighting for tree lighting, residential architectural lighting, commercial sign lighting, and washing landscape walls or the walls of buildings. Uplighting can be a wide wash or a narrow focal light, depending on the desired effect and the item we are illuminating. For instance, a four story building would benefit from a narrow beam traveling to the roof line. But, an ornamental tree would get a wide wash to highlight the breadth of its canopy.

Both down lighting and uplighting are versatile for a large variety of possibilities. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, our award-winning outdoor lighting design team will work with you to decide the perfect lighting for your property. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 263-9975

Award Winning Pelican Bay Landscape Lighting Design Accentuates the Rustic Contemporary Charm and Lush Tropical Landscape of this Southern-California-Style Retreat

Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals 2017 Bronze AwardResidential Small Lighting Project

This casual, yet elegant home enjoys a spectacular location overlooking the Club Course at Pelican Bay. Designed to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, the rustic contemporary home constructed by Knauf-Koenig Group, features a lush, well-tended tropical landscape and picturesque entry with a cobblestone driveway. The only thing missing was nighttime illumination.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we were thrilled when a long-time client, Leslie Sherman, Managing Partner of Calusa Bay Design, gave our award-winning lighting designer, John Gillespie free-reign to craft his lighting artistry on this new picture-perfect canvas. With a goal to maximize natural light, enhance the indoor/outdoor relationship, and incorporate the two large oaks that flank the cobblestone drive, John got to work.

Precision Focal Lighting

In the best outdoor lighting designs, it is all about the illuminated, not the light itself. The landscape lighting at this Pelican Bay property holds true to that standard with precision focal lighting highlighting the plethora of tropical vegetation. After all, nothing guides a person into a home better than the elegant illumination of the lush landscape leading to the front door.

By applying dramatic LED uplighting to the Oak trees flanking the driveway as well as the Ribbon palm and Foxtail palms near the house, we were able to amplify the natural majestic daytime presence these tall tropical trees have during the day, for nighttime delight.

With additional bronzed brass integrated LED focal lighting to highlight the gracefully potted Kentia palms, large silver Agaves, and lower lying tropical plants, we draw your eye around the yard and down to the ground, highlighting the property from the earth to the sky. With a strategically placed LED path light between the Kentia palm and the Giant Alocasia, we add subtle shadows to create more movement along the ground.

Ambient Beauty

The cobblestone driveway is one of the key features adding to the luxurious charm of this Pelican Bay home. With stunning craftsmanship in the natural stonework, a more subtle lighting touch provides the right contrast to the drama of the trees and the texture of the stone. With subtle, integrated LED down lighting, we’re able to achieve a lovely ambient glow that allows visitors to soak up the historical feeling provided by such a timeless driveway material.

California Dreamin’ on Florida’s Gulf Coast

With a grand vaulted entrance and an even more marvelous driveway leading to it, this Pelican Bay property is a gem. With the addition of an award-winning LED landscape lighting design that includes 18 high-quality, integrated LED bronzed brass outdoor lights, the charming Southern-California architecture, and tropical landscape design can be adored day or night.

award-winning landscape lighting If your Pelican Bay property could use the addition of landscape lighting for nighttime splendor, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today at (239) 263-9975. We offer the best custom outdoor lighting designs, installations, and service in the Marco Island – Bonita Springs – Naples area.

Award-Winning Outdoor Lighting Designer, John Gillespie

Naples Subdivisions Shine with Custom Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries

Subdivision HOA’s spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year beautifying entrances to their neighborhoods. Large stone, brick, stucco or mixed medium entrance signs proudly display the community name for easy identification. Palm trees, shrubbery, flowers and other foliage are added to the surrounding landscape to draw more attention and add desirability for passersby. With all of this investment, many times neighborhood splendor goes unnoticed at night without properly designed subdivision entry lighting.

Naples Neighborhood Entry Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we custom design neighborhood entry lighting to highlight your entrance’s most stunning features and offer a warm welcome to residents and guests alike. If your neighborhood features a gatehouse, luxurious landscaping, palm trees, a stunning sign, tree lined drive, median or privacy walls we will create the perfect lighting design to accent all of it.

Your neighborhood name will be clearly visible. We’ll subtly highlight landscaping for attractive ambiance, and accentuate the height of your tallest Palm trees.

LED for Cost Effective Results

Our LED landscape lights make your neighborhood entry lighting completely affordable for your HOA members. While every expense an HOA incurs is often scrutinized and disagreed upon, this is one you can all love. While adding visibility, safety, and security you’ll also be increasing curb appeal and property values with a small investment. LED neighborhood entry lights use 80% less energy than Halogen, making their cost to run extremely low. LED bulbs last 10x longer, so the maintenance of your lighting will be a breeze. If you already had an aging system, the upgrade will pay for itself in time with utility and maintenance savings.

Best Naples Outdoor Lighting Service

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, you’ll enjoy the best neighborhood entry lighting design, installation, and ongoing service. Our design team will work closely with you on needs, design, budget and timing. We will come back for adjustments until we get it just right. And we even offer flexible maintenance packages for annual tune-ups to keep your lighting looking brand new for the long-haul.

Call today for a design consultation to get your Naples neighborhood entry lighting designed and installed for all to see and enjoy. 239-263-9975

Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting in Naples: A Quick Guide

You may have heard a great deal about night sky compliance in Collier County and the dark skies ordinance in Sanibel Island over the last few years. While compliance in Collier County is especially important during sea turtle season May 1 – October 31st, Sanibel has a year round dark skies ordinance to preserve the enjoyment of the natural starry night sky.

It may feel overwhelming to have to consider all the dark sky rules when adjusting or adding outdoor lighting, if so, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples handle it for you! We offer completely dark sky compliant LED outdoor lighting design, installation, and service. We can even assess your current system, providing you with a plan to meet compliance with adjustments.

Here is a quick checklist if you would like to take a quick inventory of your current outdoor lighting system:

Uplighting: If any of your lighting shines up into the night sky, on trees or houses it is not dark sky compliant.

Downlighting: Lights must aim downward, but must also have a shield. If you can see the light source from any angle except directly below the fixture, it may not be compliant.

Reflectors: If your light fixture features any reflector inside, it may not be dark sky compliant.

Flood Lights: You can use flood lights, but they also must be shielded.

Other Lights: Post lights, decorative lights, and Sconce lighting is permitted, but must also meet the requirements as a shielded downlight as mentioned above.

Beach Lighting: If your home, business or other property is visible from the beach it is best to have us assess your situation directly. There are stricter guidelines for lighting this close to the beach to protect the sea turtles.

Shadow Test: Brightness is an additional consideration in dark sky compliance. If you live near the beach, it is best to conduct a shadow test, if your light creates a shadow it might be too bright.

If you are concerned with dark sky compliant lighting, call today. 239-263-9975 We offer subtle LED lighting for every outdoor use and our lighting experts are fully versed in dark sky compliance and the Sanibel ordinance. We can even help with permitting if you are in a zone which requires permits and inspections.

This article is not meant to replace the actual and specific dark sky compliant guidelines as provided by Collier County and Sanibel. If in doubt check the source that applies to you or call us to come have a look.

Fort Myers Hospitality & LED Commercial Lighting is A Great Business Investment

What are you doing to make your business stand out from the crowd? Could your hotel, restaurant or bar use hospitality lighting?

Florida is a great year round vacation destination, making the hospitality industry very competitive. Whether you own a boutique hotel, a resort, beach club, restaurant or diner it is vital to make sure your guests have an experience that is memorable and lasting. If your patrons leave happy and tell their friends and family all about you, your business grows. It seems simple enough, but with changing trends and stiff competition, it can be tricky.

A Florida Vacation = Outdoor Fun

Naturally, when people travel to Florida from colder climates, they want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. As we all know, just because the weather is warm in the winter, doesn’t mean the sun stays out as late as your guests. Illuminating your outdoor space is a great solution to creating a luxurious retreat for your visitors to enjoy. Encouraging them to enjoy the mild Florida evenings.

Commercial outdoor lighting is a simple way to create additional outdoor guest space while illuminating your business for easy visibility. If your pathways, gardens, courtyards and outdoor dining space is well lit, your guests will feel a warm invitation to spend time in that space.

Practical Benefits of Fort Myers Hospitality Lighting

While LED commercial lighting provides great outdoor space for your guests to be wowed, there are some very real practical benefits for every type of business.

  • Visibility: Outdoor lighting can ensure you are being seen to increase nighttime business.
  • Security: Businesses are targets for thieves and vandals, who can be easily deterred with a well-lit space.
  • Safety: If your sidewalk, steps, entryway and entire grounds are illuminated, your guests can navigate with ease. Avoiding slips, falls and trips, you can minimize your business liabilities.
  • Focus: If your building or property offers a unique feature that attracts customers during the day, illuminate that feature at night to keep the patrons coming.

Fort Myers Led Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Fort Myers commercial lighting & hospitality lighting is a great investment for many types of businesses. If you have customers/guests/patrons coming and going during the night, your business could benefit tremendously. Golf courses, horse stables, parks, churches, wedding venues, hotels & restaurants – it is hard to think of a business that would not benefit from commercial outdoor lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a free design consultation our feature on The Trianon Hotel in Naples for more ideas. 239-263-9975

Fort Myers Post-Holiday Lighting Blues

Do your Palms look bare after taking down your Christmas lights? Does your roofline look sad now that the LED C9’s are back in storage? When you arrive home after dark is it a sad sight looking at your darkened home? We have just the remedy for the Fort Myers post-holiday blues. Illuminate your home year round with elegant LED outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Filling the hole left by the holidays coming to an end, relatives heading back up north and returning to your daily routine, can be a difficult task. The post-holiday blues are only exacerbated by the short days, long nights and the empty dark look your home has now that the holiday lights are off. There is no reason you can’t enjoy the feeling those lights gave you year round. We have a few outdoor lighting techniques that add just the right amount of warmth and festivity for permanent enjoyment.

Outdoor Lighting Fort Myers

The first step is to illuminate the front of your Ft. Myers home. When your home is decorated for Christmas, you get a lovely warm feeling when you arrive after dark. Reinventing that feeling is our first priority. Creating a year-round version of this lighting effect requires vision and restraint to get it just right. With a perfect combination of architectural lighting to highlight the unique features of your home and landscape lighting to tie the home to the ground, we can recreate that magical feeling. Adding a few focal lights around your front yard to illuminate your trees, decorative items and accessories, gives you a guiding light from the curb to the front door. With the added benefits of safety and security, outdoor lighting is just what the doctor ordered.

Pool Lighting Fort Myers

Secondly, we can add a bit of flair to your outdoor living spaces. Your pool, lanai and patio are all begging to have a little illumination. While the nights are long, the weather is still gorgeous. Enjoy your pool and lanai well passed dark with LED outdoor lighting. We’ll use focal lighting to illuminate tropical plants and trees for an ambient light around the perimeter of your pool or patio. With path lighting, pool lighting and task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, we’ll keep you living an active outdoor lifestyle well into these long winter nights.

Palm Tree Lighting Fort Myers

And don’t forget the palm trees. Who said string lights were only for Christmas? Nothing creates an entertainment space like clear or white string lights wrapped around your palm trees. Year round enjoyment of your outdoor living areas is why you live in sunny Fort Myers. Don’t let the end of the holiday season ruin your fun. We’ll wrap your palms with top quality LED string lights for that party feeling 365 days a year.

If you’re in need of some year round cheer or you want to avoid the post-holiday lighting let down next year, email us today at [email protected] We can create a perfect lighting design to give you year round joy. Call now to get started on your Fort Myers LED outdoor lighting design. 239-263-9975

Lighting Control in Naples for Easy Living

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples we’re always looking for ways to make our client’s lives more enjoyable. Creating a luxurious lifestyle requires more than just adding luxurious accessories to one’s home and landscape. Making luxury items easy to use is imperative for keeping your life stress free. With our Lighting Control Automation (LCA) we can program your indoor and outdoor lighting to be on when you want it and off when you don’t. Our LCA leaves you with nothing to worry about, we’ve got daylight savings time adjustments covered, security for when you are away – all with the benefit of an easy luxurious lifestyle when you are home.

Daylight Savings Time Automatically Built-In

If you’re like me, you find the time changes in fall and spring to be a huge pain in the neck. Remembering to change the clocks, training my body to get up an hour earlier or an hour later each morning and facing the dark drive home from work after the fall time change – who needs another thing to mess with. While it doesn’t even get on your time-change radar, you certainly don’t want to discover your outdoor lighting timer needed adjusting by driving home from work on that Monday to a dark house and treacherous walk to the front door. With our LCA the time changes and changing sunset is built right in to the units programming so you never have to come home to a dark house.

Security with LCA

Are you spending the summers in New York, Michigan or Ohio? Maybe you also stay with your son or daughter for the holidays. If you’re worried about making your Naples home look occupied while you are away, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LCA is perfect for you. You know the drill, hire a lawn service, leave an outside light on, put the den light on a nightly timer and leave the bedroom light on to fool would be prowlers from breaking in to your home while you are gone.

If your potential thief ventures by your home more than once, they are going to notice the light is left on all night or that there has been no activity in some time. With our LCA we can make it look very natural by programming many different lights to go on and off at the various times you’d be turning them on and off. Turn the kitchen light, living room lights and television on when the sun sets. When those are set to turn off, turn the bathroom and bedroom lights on. Set your kitchen lights to turn on again at 6am when you normally get up in the morning. Not only will this look very natural from the outside looking in, but you’ll be saving some money by not having lights on 24/7 the whole time you are out of town.

Luxurious Living with Naples Lighting Control

Our LCA is not just a timer. The system can be used for your indoor lights, outdoor lights and any electrical outlet you can dream to use it for. The outlets can be grouped into zones so you can set various entertainment settings to fit your every occasion. Set your lights, television and speakers to just the right settings and with a single flip of a switch transform your family room into movie night for the grandkids. Program your Lanai and pool lights to dim just right for that romantic evening swim. Or create a perfect outdoor romantic atmosphere by putting your outdoor gas fireplace, and garden lighting on the same zone for a cozy evening in front of the fire with the one you love.

Learn more about our Lighting Control Automation and get a free consultation by calling us 239-263-9975.

Naples Temporary Event Lighting You’ll be Sad to Take Down

As the summer starts to wind down, party season is beginning to wind up. The end of summer and early autumn is a busy season for celebrations. When planning a big celebration such as a wedding, birthday party, family reunion or anniversary party your to-do list can get quite lengthy. Some honey-do items may have been neglected in the heat of the summer and now it’s time to catch up on small repairs and up-keep. With so much to do, let us handle the event lighting for your next outdoor event.

Illuminate your Next Naples Event

It is not uncommon to think of adding event lighting for your celebration at the last minute. Just the thought of trying to squeeze in the time to go shopping for just the right lights, how many to get and getting them hung can be nauseating when you have so many other party items to coordinate. Don’t fret, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can step in to create an outdoor lighting design to enhance your celebration. With our temporary outdoor event lighting you get the benefits of permanently installed outdoor lighting but with a few additional advantages.

Festive Outdoor Lighting in Naples

Our event lighting will enhance your outdoor entertainment space by illuminating gardens, pools, patios, decks, trees or any other outdoor feature you want to highlight. Similar effects that you get with our traditional outdoor lighting system can be achieved temporarily for a big event, with the additional benefit of being able to quickly place lights in areas where traditional outdoor lighting might not be able to go.

Flexible Temporary Event Lighting

Using our battery powered LED lighting fixtures, we can place the lights almost anywhere. If you have set up a tent down on the beach where electricity lines wouldn’t be cost efficient to run we can bring the event lights. Maybe you’re hosting a unique wedding in the orange groves? We have just the right lights, we can illuminate the path from the parking area all the way to the party area and use our festive lights to create a perfect wedding reception spot in between the trees. With the addition of spot or flood lights to highlight special landscaping features or event props, you’re sure to have a magical event that lasts well into the night.

Rechargeable and cordless, our battery powered LED lighting fixture are perfect for your special event. You don’t have to worry about cords that can be a tripping hazard or running electricity to your party area. Impress your guests with temporary outdoor even lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to make your dream event a reality. Call us to talk about your next special event at 239-263-9975.

Create Intrigue with Outdoor Lighting Colored Lens Filters

When the seasons change to cooler weather in autumn, you can count on the season for holiday décor to follow shortly after. Your Naples neighbors will probably begin to tote out their decorations for Labor Day, Halloween and then its Thanksgiving time. Add to that football season and you can count on a vibrant looking neighborhood for the next few months. If you’re thinking of a better way to show your excitement and passion for special occasions and the impending holidays consider adding or adjusting your outdoor lighting system to match the holiday at hand with help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Change up You Outdoor Lighting with Colored Lenses

We offer acrylic colored lenses to add to your outdoor lighting system for an immediate change that can quickly and easily bring out the holiday spirit outside your home. With a variety of your favorite colors to choose from you can customize your lights for every occasion. Red and green for Christmas, Blue for Hanukkah, a nice Amber color for the entire fall season right through Thanksgiving – the options are endless. Add the colored lens filters to your flood lights or well lights in multiple combinations to meet your decorating needs for any time of year.

Decorative Ideas for your Outdoor Lighting Colored Lenses

A few ideas for how you can use your outdoor lighting colored lens filters at your Naples home:

  • The end of summer pool party is happening this week. Labor Day is the official end of beach season and summer, add green lens filters around the pool to create a tropical atmosphere to celebrate the best season of the year.
  • Die hard football fan? Who’s your favorite team? The Miami Dolphins? Add orange and white filters. If you prefer college football you can match up the colors for your favorite team whether it’s Florida State, University of Miami or the University of Florida Gators. There is no better way to prepare for a football party than with the team colors displayed outside of your home.
  • Is Halloween your favorite spooky holiday? Create a fun, scary atmosphere out front with smoke and red filters for a gory effect to scare away even the toughest trick-or-treaters.

Additional Benefits to Adding Colored Lenses to Your Outdoor Lights

Acting as protective covers for your lights, colored lenses pull double duty as they provide added protection for your floodlights. Not only that, you won’t have to clean the leaves out as they fall over the next few months. Keep the pine needles, falling leaves and other debris out of your floodlights, you can simply use a clear lens for most of the year, adding your favorite colors when the mood fits.

Get in the spirit of whatever holiday or event is coming up in your life with help from colored outdoor lighting lenses by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Call us to talk about your outdoor lighting needs 239-263-9975.

Create Relaxing Places with Naples Outdoor Lighting

There is a reason why outdoor water features are so popular, they transform your surroundings into a tranquil Zen like place to relax. If you think about your favorite vacation spots or your favorite place to go when you need to get away you may be able to pinpoint what it is about that place that attracts you. Is it possible that there is a trickle of water that provides a lovely peaceful sound? Or a larger body of water providing you sound and fresh ocean air?

Tranquility with Water Feature Lighting

Creating a tranquil place in your own yard with the addition of a water feature is a fantastic way to add grace and welcoming environment. Working great on its own, it is hard to believe that you can increase the relaxing feeling by adding underwater lighting to your water feature. Making your water a beautiful focal feature after the sunsets allows you to get additional relaxing qualities from it while creating a lovely romantic feeling.

The Best Outdoor Lighting for your Water Fall

Charm your senses with the addition of outdoor lighting to your water fall, water fountain or trickling water feature. The right lighting can turn a gorgeous eye-catching daytime feature into an after dark work of art. The talented designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples know just the right fixtures to use and just how to position them to create a lovely space of solitude out of your tranquil backyard water feature. Considering the width and height of your water features, we make sure the end result is focused on the water.

We specialize in lighting your Naples Florida water features and water falls. We’d love to come out and have you show us your Zen place so we can determine how to help you increase the calm and tranquility of the lovely surroundings you call home. Call us to talk about lighting your outdoor water features 239-263-9975.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.