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What is the Best Way to Light My Palm Trees?

Naples Palm Tree Lighting is a Perfect Way to Add Ambient Light to your Property. If Properly Executed, Your Trees Can Be the Stars of Your Property as Much at Night as During the Day.

Palm tree lighting ideas Naples FloridaThriving palm trees are one of the many benefits of living in a tropical climate. From Naples to Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, and Estero, businesses and homeowners alike take pride in the Palms that grace their landscape. Palms create a stately effect at the front of your property while creating a tropical oasis in your backyard and outdoor entertaining spaces. It is no surprise that the beloved trees are the main focal point for adding landscape lighting to any property. If you’re considering adding Palm tree lighting, check out this list of amazing ideas to maximize your Palm’s beauty at night.

Palm Tree Lighting Ideas

It is vital to employ a landscape lighting designer to properly illuminate your Palm trees. The difference can be found in the customization of the lighting approach for each specific Palm on your property. Did you know there are more than 2,500 varieties of Palm trees in the world? While only 12 are native to Florida, all of them can be grown here and many of them are! Due to the varieties and sizes, there is no one-size-fits-all for Palm tree lighting.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we utilize at least a dozen different types of landscape lights to illuminate Palm trees. Depending on their height and the spread of their canopy, we create a customized lighting plan for each and every tree. This is how we do it…

Show off the Spread of the Fronds

Palm tree light for heightThe leaves of a Palm are called fronds and are a vital part of what makes Palm trees so exotic and lovely. We asses the width of each tree’s fronds to choose a light with a beam spread wide enough to show it off. While reaching the full spread is the goal, we have to be sure the color temperature is just right for reaching high enough in the tree to achieve the desired effect.

Shine a Light to the Top

The color and intensity of Palm tree lighting are vital to honoring the individual tree’s glorious height. Palm trees vary widely in height. Some are the size of shrubs, while others tower over your property with glorious majesty. With a lighting expert on your side, you can expect to see your Palm tree illuminated to the highest of heights no matter how tall it is. After all, your tallest Palms are quite likely beloved for their height, and that is a beauty you should enjoy both day and night.

Highlight the One-of-a-Kind Gorgeous Tree Trunk

Palm tree trunk textureDid you know the trunk of a Palm tree is called a stem? As the Palm tree’s fronds grow and fall away, the stem extends taller. The unique texture of your tree’s stem is due to the growth of these leaves and all of the years it has thrived and shed its fronds. We utilize a perfect wash technique up the stem of your Palm to show off the one-of-a-kind markings that give it texture while also reaching up into the canopy at the top!

Palm Trees Wrapped With Lights

Mini-LED string lights and market lights are a popular way to adorn your favorite Palm with festive lighting for any occasion. If you love the look of a wrapped Palm tree, give us a call. We have the perfect long-lasting LED lights and the proper technique to make sure the lights stay in place for lasting enjoyment.

Are you ready to showoff your Palms at night? Give us a call today for a design consultation! 239-263-9975

Palm tree lighting for businesses

LED Landscape Lighting in Naples: Explore this Innovative Outdoor Lighting Solution

What is LED Landscape Lighting?

One of the biggest sources for innovation in the outdoor lighting industry is LED lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights create light by passing electrons through a semiconductor. There are many different benefits to using this type of light bulb, especially for your outdoor lighting.

LED Landscape Lighting

What are the Benefits of Light Emitting Diode?

LED lights have many different benefits compared to other light bulbs.

Less Heat – To start, LED light bulbs produce less heat because nothing needs to heat up to produce light. It also doesn’t “burn” out as quickly as other bulbs.

Less Delicate – Since there is no need for a glass fragile container, LED lights are less delicate. Their durability makes them ideal for outdoor use because they can endure any type of weather.

Less Electricity – If you’re looking to save money on electric bills, switching to LED bulbs is a great start. LED lights use 80% less electricity than halogen bulbs. Not only do they use electricity, but they produce lights that are just as bright and beautiful.

Longer Lasting – Since LED lights use a different process than other light bulbs to produce light, they tend to last extra-long. This means you won’t have to replace your light bulbs very often. A typical LED light will last up to 50,000 hours, 10 to 25 longer than halogen lights.

LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting

Now that you know all about LED lights, you might wonder if LED landscape lighting is right for you. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we can illuminate your entire beautiful landscape using the power of LED lights. With LED landscape lighting, you can control the color and the brightness of your lighting with easy control. This means if you want your lights to be a different color based on a special occasion, you can easily change their color with your fingertips. With their longevity and durability, LED landscape lighting is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to illuminate their yard.

If your property could use an LED upgrade or new LED landscape lighting call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. (239) 263-9975

The Top 5 Common Landscape Lighting Errors You Can Avoid When You Hire a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

professional landscape lighting is better than DIYJust because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean it will turn out as well as a professional. Also, not every professional gives the same results. When it comes to installing landscape lighting for your home, it’s important to hire a professional outdoor lighting company. Hiring an outdoor lighting company for your landscape lighting design is the best way to ensure you don’t run into any of the following landscape lighting errors listed below.

Landscape Lighting Design Errors:

1. Landscape Lighting Installation Zoning Errors

This common landscape lighting error is common with DIYers. Zoning your landscape lighting design is important for being able to turn on and off the right set of lights. For example, if you want to turn off your spotlights but leave your path lights on, proper zoning becomes necessary. Save yourself from the headache and hire an outdoor lighting company to handle this for you.

2. Landscape Lighting Design with Wrong Angles

The placement of your landscape lighting design means everything. The slightest reposition can take your light from being a moonlight to a spotlight. With the expertise of a professional outdoor lighting company, all of your lights are positioned just right.

3. Too Close Landscape Lighting Design

If you place landscape lighting to close to your home, you will miss the plants in front. When landscape lighting is placed within the plants, it allows for both your home and the plants to look illuminated.

4. Landscape Lighting Installation with Sun Spots

If your moonlighting wattage is too high or the fixture is placed at an incorrect angle, it’s likely your light looks like a sunspot. A professional outdoor lighting company can help you avoid this common error.

5. Pathway Lighting Gone Wrong

Placing too many lights on your pathway or placing them too close together or too far apart can really ruin the transition of your landscape lighting. The purpose of pathway lighting is to lead someone to the next section of your landscape.

If you’d like to skip the hassle and the professionals handle your landscape lighting design and installation call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. (239) 263-9975

Could Your Naples Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Restaurant Use Outdoor Lighting Maintenance?

While summertime is vacation season – it is our slow time here in Naples! Which makes it a great time to prepare your property for fall and winter when occupancy rates will go up and the guests need to be wowed! Have you given your property a walk through at night lately? Is your outdoor recreation area up to par? Is your outdoor dining space an enjoyable one? Are your pool and hot tub well-lit, safe, and secure? If you find your property has any dark areas or your existing lighting is looking dated, worn out or some of it is not working – give us a call today to complete necessary outdoor lighting maintenance during the quiet summer months.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Is there an area of your property that your guests would love to enjoy at night, but there is just no lighting? We have custom commercial outdoor lighting solutions to meet your exact needs. From landscape and path lighting to really cool overhead market lighting – we can create a cool area for your guests to enjoy that will keep them coming back for more.

Outdoor Lighting Repairs & Replacements

commercial outdoor lighting repairs and replacementsIf you’re existing lighting has not been serviced in some time, or there are some broken fixtures, or lights that are not firing up, give us a call. We’ll inspect your entire system and get it all up and running in tip-top shape before October comes and all your efforts are 100% on guest services.

Outdoor Lighting LED Retrofits

Do you spend way too much operating money on replacing bulbs and that high electrical bill? If your landscape lighting and outdoor lighting system are not LED yet – what are you waiting for? You’ll save 80% on energy costs!! We can often upgrade your existing fixtures with LED, making it a very cost-effective upgrade that will pay for itself in saved electricity and maintenance as well as increased guest enjoyment. Upgrade to LED today.

Outdoor Lighting Additions

There are many trends taking over the outdoor lighting scene. From market lights to custom artistic bollard lights, your property might be able to get a nice modern upgrade with some simple lighting additions. Not sure? Give us a call and our lighting design team will come out to your property and help you imagine the possibilities!

Call today for all of your commercial outdoor lighting needs. We look forward to working with you! 239-263-9975

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting at Your Home

Outdoor Lighting is the Icing on the Cake, the Cherry on Top, the Bee’s Knees

Are you thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your home? Sure, you could go grab a flood light for security, or some cheap solar path lights to create a landing strip to the front door, and plop them in the ground, but then you would be giving up all of the best benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your home.

With a professionally designed and meticulously installed outdoor lighting system, utilizing the best copper and brass LED lights available, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. The difference between our lighting systems and DIY is we create masterful nighttime art on your property, while simultaneously achieving practical goals as designated by you and your family.

Outdoor Security Lighting Done Right

It could be pretty easy to flood your driveway with light and call it a day. But, then you’d have this bright flood light and nothing more. What about the back of your property or those dark corners around the side? Do you think criminals don’t try to sneak in the side or back? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we make sure your entire property is safe and secure. With subtle illumination in all the right places, no potential invader would dare! And the icing on the security cake is that your neighbors will be jealous of how beautiful your property looks while not even realizing how secure you’ve made it.

Boost that Curb Appeal

You take great pride in your home and property. You should absolutely illuminate it for nighttime viewing. With our custom designed outdoor lighting systems, you’ll enjoy your favorite flowers, landscape accessories, and palm trees anytime day or night! Not only are you adding curb appeal for you to enjoy and your neighbors and visitors to appreciate, but you are also adding value and appeal to your home when it comes time to sell. In fact, the National Association of Realtors lists it on their 2018 list of impactful outdoor renovations. Landscape lighting made both the added value list as well as the appeal to buyers lists. When you invest in LED outdoor lighting you can count on it being a great decision for today, tomorrow and well into the future of your property.

Extend your Living Space to the Outdoors

There is a lot of talk these days about creating outdoor living spaces. One of the best ways to complete the task is to make sure the outdoor living space at your home is functional all hours of the day and night and in most weather conditions. You don’t hesitate to add umbrellas for shade or a pool enclosure to keep bugs out, why do you hesitate to add patio lighting, deck lighting, or pool lighting? We create incredible lighting systems for all of our outdoor spaces so you can use them at night for relaxing, entertaining, and a completely flexible backyard retreat.

Not convinced? Give us a call and ask about our complimentary nighttime demonstration. We’ll come to your home and show you, with no obligation, exactly what outdoor lighting will do for your home! (239) 263-9975

Naples and Collier County Outdoor Fence Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your World

Have you ever considered fence lighting as an opportunity to illuminate your Naples property? While landscape lighting, path lighting, and patio lighting might be top of mind, your fence provides a perfect opportunity for illumination. If you have a backyard pool in Collier County, you have a fence or enclosure, by law, you might as well put it to good use and let it host your outdoor lighting!

When our lighting design team arrives on a property with a fence, we can’t help but get excited. The additional opportunity for a beautiful lighting design from above is too good to ignore. Depending on your type of fence, and what is it is enclosing, we’ll create a custom design that works for your outdoor living goals.

Pool Fence Lighting

If you don’t have a pool enclosure, you must by law have a fence around your pool in Collier County. This fence is perfect for adding outdoor lighting that can subtly illuminate your entire pool area.

Our half-moon copper and brass lighting is a fan favorite. It mounts beautifully on fence posts and railings while casting a beautiful light down and out. The effect is a lovely perimeter glow around your entire pool that ensures no one misses a step and can enjoy a night swim with ease.

Backyard Fence Lighting

Post lighting or half-moon lighting is perfect for any backyard fence. Some of the most talked about benefits of backyard fence lighting include:

  1. Visibility for pets and pet-owners.
  2. Security
  3. Subtle whole-backyard illumination.
  4. Easy backyard enjoyment after dark.

Can’t you imagine looking out your back window after dark and seeing clearly your entire backyard with a soft glow around the edges?

Worried about unwanted visitors or prankster kids sneaking in for a night swim? You can rest with ease, knowing Collier County fence lighting is a deterrent. And if you are one to enjoy an evening under the stars, whether entertaining or relaxing, fence lighting provides the perfect amount of illumination for your enjoyment.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a complimentary design consultation. We’ll listen to your needs and create a custom outdoor lighting design for you. Call now! (239) 263-9975

Why You Need Exterior Home Lighting

exterior home lightingSay goodbye to the days of motion sensor flood lights that awake the neighbors. It used to be recommended that you have exterior home lighting mainly for security. In that case, yes, a flood light that slaps a potential intruder in the face will certainly do the trick, but it doesn’t illuminate your home in a way that adds function for you and your invited guests, and it certainly doesn’t add curb appeal.

With today’s exterior home lighting designs, you can enjoy subtle accent and functional lighting that looks decorative. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your home and property after dark while also gaining the safety and security that allows you to rest easy. With properly designed and installed LED exterior home lighting, you won’t have to worry about a bird flying by your motion sensor causing a feud with your next door neighbor, either.

Not convinced? We have a hundred reasons you should have exterior home lighting at your Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island or Naples area home, but we’ll spare you the full list and give you our top 10!

  1. If you’ve got it. Flaunt it. Your home’s curb appeal should be seen at night. Architectural charm and pristine landscaping is a point of pride you should share all hours of the day and night.
  2. Easy locating. If you have friends, family, or other visitors coming to your home after dark, you can help them find you with perfect exterior home lighting.
  3. Safe navigation. Make sure everyone who walks around your property at night is safe by providing clear visibility on the ground. Path lighting can guide the way with subtle illumination.
  4. Palm trees. Need I say more? Palm trees and other gorgeous tropical vegetation make for glorious nighttime viewing.
  5. Security. Yes, you can achieve security with subtle accent lighting in all the right places. Intruders hate the chance of being seen, so they will avoid the light and will avoid your home.
  6. After dark chores. Taking out the garbage? Cleaning out the pool? Some tasks can’t always get done during the daylight. With exterior home lighting, you can actively move about without issue.
  7. Outdoor fun. Pools, patios, decks, and docks can all be illuminated for nighttime enjoyment with exterior home lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.
  8. Beauty. Just as your home and property are beautiful during the day, our LED lighting creates a magic transformation of your home for a whole new perspective.
  9. Easy parking. Your driveway and parking areas can be hazardous in the dark. With the right lighting, you and guests can easily maneuver as needed.
  10. Show-up your neighbors. Do you have a competitive neighbor? Well, don’t just have the best lawn, landscape, and house on the block, illuminate it for all to see! Winner!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we are pleased to provide gorgeous exterior home lighting solutions for all the right reasons and a few less noble — but no matter the case, the results are magnificent and you won’t regret it. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 263-9975

Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions for Every Naples Property

backyard landscape lightingWhen creating a landscape for your new home or conducting a full-blown landscape renovation on your existing home, there are many custom features you can choose from. While your landscape architect creates vivid landscapes, it is our job to illuminate your property for brilliant aesthetics and function. Sometimes, this requires ingenuity and always a custom approach to creating the right landscape lighting system for you.

Pelican Bay Backyard Lighting

We were recently contacted by an excellent landscape architect to work on a property in Pelican Bay. We were asked to illuminate the front landscape and the backyard entertaining space.

The backyard features a pool, spa, and custom pergola, surrounded by majestic Palm trees.

The challenge; how can we illuminate the pergola in a cool, and modern way that accentuates the clean straight lines of the design? Our team got to work and came up with an impressive idea. We utilized the eight decorative columns to achieve an ultra-modern effect.

We made it appear the columns are illuminated from within, with lights from top to bottom. The reality is, we were able to shine a single light up into each column at a precise angle and brightness to give you the astonishing optical illusion.

In addition, we added tree lighting to each of the Palms and a few landscape lights around the perimeter of the patio for additional accent lighting.

Pelican Bay Landscape Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

Pelican Bay landscape lightingIn the home’s front yard, we were thrilled with the gorgeous stone landscape walls and flowering shrubbery as our landscape lighting canvas. We also utilized uplighting to show off their many Palm Trees of varying heights. Now there is a multi-layered, lush tropical feeling, even after dark – giving the home instant nighttime curb appeal.

Whether you have a complex or simple landscape and backyard, we are your best choice for outdoor lighting design and installation. Call today to schedule your free nighttime lighting demonstration. (239)263-9975

Pets Need Light Too! Add Naples Outdoor Lighting to Your Pets' Outdoor Areas

We are your Naples premier outdoor lighting company. Not only because we have the best landscape lighting design, installation, and service, but because we customize your lighting for you. Our customizations are not just for the humans in your house, but also for your beloved pets.

Cats, dogs, big, small and everywhere in between, our pets are family!

If you’ve worked with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples before, chances are you were focused on adding curb appeal to your home and function to your outdoor living spaces. Now that you have outdoor lighting, you probably wonder how you ever lived without it. But did you know we can create a custom lighting design to give your pet the visibility they need to enjoy the yard? (And maybe, more importantly, the visibility you need to be able to make sure they are staying safe out there in the dark.)

Add Pet Safety to Your Outdoor Lighting To-Do List

We are the leading Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and Estero outdoor lighting experts. If there has been a challenging area to illuminate, we have found the solution. When it comes to four-legged family members, there are several ways we can add lighting for safety and visibility. A few ideas that have worked well for others include:

  • Fence lighting to highlight the perimeter of the yard.
  • Deck and patio lighting for clear navigation out to the lawn.
  • Stair lighting for safe stepping.
  • Pool lighting to keep accidental fall-in from occurring.

half moon lighting for decks fences and stairsOur clients love the peace-of-mind they get from lighting designed especially for their pets. We’ve been told that adding lighting in the far reaches of the yard has encouraged pets to relieve themselves further from outdoor living spaces and precious landscaping.

Aging pets with diminishing eye-sight have been the biggest benefactors of outdoor lighting, giving them some freedom back to explore the yard and smell everything without their owners making them rush back indoors.

Solar Lights Just Not Cutting It?

You may have already tried to provide better lighting for your pet with low-quality solar lights or rope lighting. If you’ve found that they just didn’t emit enough light, or didn’t last very long, we encourage you to call us today. Our lights have a limited lifetime warranty on the fixture and a 5-year warranty on the lamp itself. All of that, and they will provide just the right amount of lighting to gain the visibility you require for your pet to enjoy the outdoors after sunset.

How to know if you need pet lighting

Do you stand at the back door watching your beloved fur-baby do their business?
Do you walk your pet out into the yard to make sure they are safe from other creatures?
Is your pet suffering diminishing eyesight?

We have a custom solution for your pet and your yard. Call us today to begin the outdoor lighting design process with one of our expert designers.

New Year, New Lighting

Give Your Home a New Year Refresh with LED Outdoor Lighting

New Year Home Renovation IdeasHappy New Year! With the new year upon us, it is a great time to hit the reset button. Take a moment to step back, assess your goals and adjust your lifestyle as needed. Living in the healthiest and happiest city in America, I suspect here in Naples, we are better at this process than most. And, while most take this time to renew their healthy eating, adjust their career goals, or exercise more, the new year is an excellent time to reassess your home to plan 2019 redecorating and renovations.

New Year Home Renovations

There are many reasons to redecorate or renovate your home this year. You can update the look to newer trends that you just love. You can replace old utilities with newer energy efficient models. And you can renovate on a large scale to bring dated rooms and items that are beginning to wear, into the 21st century.

One of the ways in which you can meet all the goals above in a cost-effective way is by adding or upgrading your outdoor lighting system to LED.

New Year. New Outdoor Lights.

Meet Energy Saving Goals

smart outdoor lighting systemsAre you looking to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint? Upgrade your aging outdoor lighting system to LED for an 80% savings from Halogen. Include lighting control automation and you can be sure your lights are never on when you don’t need them. We offer fantastic LED retrofit packages and can usually rework existing light fixtures into a refreshed design while we’re at it.

Refresh Your Home and Property

If you don’t currently have a professional outdoor lighting system, adding one will provide an instant update and refresh for your home. Your gorgeous landscape will be visible at night. Guests will arrive with a warm welcome and easy visibility to find and enter your home at night.

If you already have landscape lighting, updating it or adding on is an easy way to alter the look. Maybe your fixtures are older and not looking so great after years of weathering. Maybe your landscape has changed dramatically as trees and shrubs have grown. Whatever the case may be, our expert design team can help you determine a gorgeous refresh.

Improve Outdoor Entertaining

bonita springs outdoor lightingPool, patios, lanais, hot tubs, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are the centers of your life in Naples. You spend as much time outside as you do in, especially after dark when the hot summer sun has dropped into the Gulf. With our vast array of lighting for these spaces, we can help you transform your outdoor space to work better for nighttime entertaining. We have fun and festive market lighting, hardscape lights, pool lights and more to meet your specific needs.

Don’t think that your New Year’s Resolution has to be all about you. It can be about your home, your property and your lifestyle. Updating your outdoor lighting is a surefire way to make 2019 an excellent year of outdoor living and enjoyment. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 263-9975

Trees are the Anchor of Your Landscape Lighting

focal tree lightingAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, landscape lighting is more of an art than a science. Every property provides a unique canvas for our design team to transform in a one-of-a-kind way.

When it comes to the artistry behind the best Naples landscape lighting, there are only a few steadfast rules. One of which involves your gorgeous trees. They are the anchor of your property and provide the height and backdrop to your smaller and colorful landscape features.

As a landscape lighting designer, trees are the first thing I see when I arrive at your property. By illuminating them as well as the areas you are more focused on, I create the depth that is one of the biggest differentiators between our custom lighting designs and DIY landscape lighting.
A few suggestions when it comes to your tree lighting:

1. Go Big or Go Home:

The biggest trees on your property should be targeted for focal lighting. By highlighting the highest heights of your tallest trees your property becomes four-dimensional. Whether it be tall Palms or Southern Live Oaks — their height should be highlighted.

2. Spread it Far and Wide:

Decorative trees are often smaller with broad canopies. Utilize our wide wash focal lighting to light the farthest reach of the longest branches. Those wide-reaching branches hold the magic of ornamental trees and should draw the eye to every detail.

3. Show Off Your Weird:

unique tree lightingUnique trees, tropical trees, or that one that just grew a little differently could be the star of your property at night. Don’t neglect a tree that walks its own walk. In fact, highlight that tree even more than your stalwarts. It will provide a great talking point and will help your property stand out from the crowd.

If you’re ready to place your favorite trees in the spotlight, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We love Palms, but every tree should shine at night, and we’ll help you do just that! (239) 263-9975

Can LED Outdoor Lighting Withstand Flood Waters?

naples durable landscape lightingLiving on Florida’s Gulf Coast, we are fully aware that every feature of your home has to be in consideration of the climate we live in. Hot summers, very warm winters, and regular heavy rain in addition to occasional hurricanes mean when you invest in something for your home, you want to know it can withstand all of Florida’s weather. We have great news, our LED outdoor lighting can withstand most flooding.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we use only top quality solid brass and copper fixtures. That point right there helps your fixture patina beautifully in our moist atmosphere rather than have powder-coated aluminum that chips away in a short amount of time. In addition, our fixtures feature sealed glass with a special o-ring to keep water out and the light’s mechanics protected from water.

The proof is in the pudding:

The Lab Test

The makers of our landscape lights placed a LED landscape light in a five-gallon bucket fully submerged in water at their quality control lab. The last we heard it was still on, and still submerged and that was 1.5 years into the experiment.

Real-World Hurricane Test

Last year, during hurricane Irma, we definitely had many calls for lighting maintenance. The good news? Most of the calls were for fixing lights that were damaged or knocked over by falling limbs. In only a few instances did water cause an issue and that was when the flood water reached the transformer.

Fast-forward to Hurricane Harvey. Our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives location in North Houston where the flooding was much more severe, has an even better story to tell. Out of all the homes that were flooded and hundreds of lighting systems that were submerged in four feet of water, they only had to replace 4 light bulbs. Our LED light fixtures are sealed glass that can withstand four-feet of hurricane floodwater and still not give out. All you have to do is keep your transformer dry and let the quality of our fixtures carry you through.

Invest in the Best Landscape Lighting
for Your Home

If you’re ready to invest in a gorgeous nighttime landscape for your Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, or Marco Island home, call us today! We have the best LED outdoor lights for the Florida weather and beyond! (239) 263-9975

DOs and DON'Ts You Must Know if You Dabble in Naples Outdoor Lighting at Your Home

You’ve poured your own patio, replaced your gutters, and— wait, what?—now you want to install outdoor lighting? While we commend your Do-It-Yourself, can-do attitude, we’d like to caution you before you get too invested. Some tasks are better left to professionals, and that applies to outdoor lighting.

When you see outdoor lighting fixtures in the store, you may think, “How hard can it be?” There are several possible answers to that question. If you go with the wrong one, you will have spent too much money on poor-quality fixtures. If you set them up in your yard, you will have spent time and money for meager results. Why do we assume this to be true? Unless you are a trained outdoor lighting designer, you probably will not achieve professional results. That may be alright with you. But if you want the best outcome with high-quality lights and effective lighting placement, please call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

If you are still determined to install your own outdoor lighting, we want to help you to the extent that we can. We offer these tips, the DOs and DON’Ts of Naples outdoor lighting, so you can get better results. You see, we don’t just install light fixtures in your yard. We are professional lighting designers, and we custom design a lighting plan for each client’s property. That’s why our lighting installations are so good.

Naples Outdoor Lighting DOs


When purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures, stick with LED lights and make your selections based on quality rather than price. Why LED? Today’s LED technology uses 80% less energy than previous lighting systems, so it won’t make much of a dent in your electricity bill. Also, LED lights last much longer. You probably won’t have to change them out for a good 5-10 years.

Why spend more for better quality? We have seen the carcasses of inexpensive lighting fixtures in our clients’ yards when they call us in to “fix” their outdoor lighting. Plastic lights break easily and rarely last a year. If you purchase powder-coated aluminum fixtures, they will last longer than plastic, but the powder coating chips off. High-quality copper or brass lights are much more satisfactory over time. Even if you have to use fewer, because of the cost, you’ll be glad you bought the good stuff.


Where to start? You’ll get better results if you start with the largest thing first: your house. Your goal is to highlight the walls with a wash of light to bring out architectural features. Focus on the areas between windows, the porch columns and any unique features. If you have dark corners around your house, make sure at least some light touches these areas to increase security at your home.

Next, illuminate your most beautiful or impressive trees, and from there move to statues, then shrubs and flowers. Shining a single spotlight on a statue is a giveaway that you’re a novice. The most effective technique for illuminating a statue is to position several lights at different angles so the statue is illuminated from several sides. The result is the creation of layers and silhouettes for depth. You’ll achieve a three-dimensional effect, and by using several lights, you call less attention to the lights themselves and more to the beauty of the statue.


When you’re providing light for people to navigate pathways, walkways and steps, your best results will come from down lighting. Like it sounds, you want the light to shine down from above for optimum visibility and safety.

Naples Outdoor Lighting DON’Ts


If we haven’t talked you out of it yet, keep reading. If we have, jump down to our phone number and give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call.


If you have a two-story home, the upper level presents great opportunities for architectural lighting. The roofline, overhangs, dormers, peaks and any unique features of your home should not be left out of the picture. Your lawn will benefit as well with the ambient glow from above.


This is a common mistake by homeowners. The effect you want is not what the lights themselves look like but what the lights do to your yard, or in this case, your paths. You probably don’t want them to look like an airport runway. Try to stagger the path lights, with trial and error, to achieve the most effective illumination along the path.


Landscape lighting is one place where less is more. Subtle lighting is the most effective, and there’s no need to disturb your neighbors with excess light.


You may need to purchase several small accent lights to bring creepy corners out of darkness. Save these for last until you see the results of the higher priority lighting. Illuminating any remaining small, dark areas can have a beautiful effect while erasing those hiding places for intruders.


If you can, design your lighting in multiple zones so you don’t have to choose between “all or nothing” each night. You’ll want to use much of your outdoor lighting every night, but create some zones that you can turn off and on independently. Specifically, you might want to illuminate outdoor living areas like decks and patios only when you plan to use them.


While we are fans of solar power for some applications, outdoor lighting is not one. Solar lights are not made well. The lights physically don’t last very long, they don’t get bright enough and they fade too quickly. Worse, they don’t cast illumination over your architecture, trees, statues, bushes, and flowers. They simply serve as individual points of light—and not very good ones. Instead of saving the environment, solar outdoor lights only increase the amount of non-biodegradable plastics in our landfill.

Let the Professionals Show You How it’s Done

When outdoor lighting is designed and installed artfully, it can transform your home each evening. For the most effective visual impact, place your property in the hands of an outdoor lighting professional. However, if you’re determined to do it yourself, we hope you find these DOs and DON’Ts helpful. If at any point you change your mind, just give us a call.

We love beautiful outdoor lighting, no matter who designs and installs it. If outdoor lighting just seems too much to tackle alone, call today to schedule a design consultation for Naples outdoor lighting. 239-263-9975

8 Ideas to Refresh Your Naples Outdoor Living Spaces

When full-on summer hits us, we’re not going to feel like accomplishing much in the way of outdoor décor updates. Now is the time to get ready for those sultry summer days. Does your patio, poolside or lanai need a refresh for summer 2018? Here are several ideas, some new and some tried-and-true.

  1. Choose a new accent color for your outdoor living space. We respond to color on a subliminal level. For summer, you may want a more soothing color than the bright reds and oranges of a previous season. Somewhere between blue and green is the perfect shade of sultry summer days and nights.
  2. Now take that accent color and do something with it! Coordinate your cushions, throw pillows, outdoor placemats and napkins with a mix of solid colors and patterns. Serve up some deeper hues next to the pastel versions of your accent color.

    Add Naples Outdoor Lighting to the Mix

  3. Update your landscape lighting in areas around — or visible from — your outdoor living space. If you don’t have landscape lighting yet, let us demonstrate its mood-altering effects so you can enjoy that experience for yourself. Subtle, professionally-designed landscape lighting adds an entirely new dimension to your outdoor living space. You’ll feel transported each time the sun sets.
  4. Dial up your festivity level by adding those dazzling string lights you’ve seen at outdoor cafes. We install professional-grade, permanent outdoor string lighting that can handle any weather. These fun lights will see you through a whole summer’s worth of evenings with friends whether you’re decompressing from a day at work or ready to celebrate the weekend.

    Enjoy the Cooling Power of Water, Physically and Emotionally

  5. Add a misting fan to your get-cool options for those times when you don’t feel like dipping into the pool but you need some relief!
  6. Incorporate a small water feature among your container gardens to add the tranquil sounds of water trickling over rocks, and then just close your eyes and drift away.
  7. Refresh your patio or pool lighting. What else have you added to your space that wasn’t there when your outdoor lighting was originally designed? That new water feature is just begging for a subtle accent light. Naples outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be stagnant. Change it up!

    Show Your Playful Side this Summer!

  8. Bring in the art! Whether it’s a little statue at the base of a palm tree or a quirky abstract figure peeking out from within a container garden, playful art tickles your awareness. Accent lights on your favorite pieces will allow you to enjoy them day and night, instead of only half the time.

If you’re ready to add the finishing touch to your outdoor living space with custom outdoor lighting, call today to schedule a design consultation. 239-263-9975

Show Your Vacationing Guests a Great Time With Naples Pool & Pool Enclosure Lighting

Is your Naples pool lighting ready for visitors? Do you have guests staying with you during their spring vacation? If they’ve traveled from another state, then you know there are only three things they want to do here: swim in your pool, sit around the pool and dine out on the lanai.

That’s all they want, really. You can suggest all kinds of activities, and they will happily allow you to entertain them, but they really want to get back to your pool. This is true especially if they don’t have a pool at their home. But even if they do, it’s not the same. There is something truly special about homes with pools here in the lush, tropical Naples area as well as everywhere from Marco Island to Bonita Springs and Sanibel Island.

Sometimes we take our pool culture for granted here. A lot of energy goes into our beautiful landscaping around the pool and fitting out the lanai with comfortable furniture. It’s the place we go to relax and entertain guests, often accomplishing both activities at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking! Your guests from out of state are so envious.

So if you haven’t had your pool lighting inspected and refreshed yet this year, it’s time — ideally, before your guests arrive.

We have three questions for you, right now, about Naples pool lighting:

  1. Have you signed up for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples’ Annual Maintenance Plan? We do all of the work for you! We service your entire outdoor lighting system on an annual basis — with the present time being the best time to have that done. That way your visitors will see Naples in the best light.

  2. Have you upgraded your pool and pool enclosure lighting system to LED lighting? If not, you need to call us right away! LED lighting is just as beautiful as halogen; the LED bulbs don’t need to be changed every year; and an LED retrofit at your home will deliver an 80% reduction in electricity use. What are you waiting for?

  3. Do you not have professionally designed and installed pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples? We specialize in artfully designed, high-quality pool lighting, pool enclosure lighting, lanai lighting and landscape lighting in pool deck planters. We can maximize your enjoyment of your pool and the surrounding area year-round by taking it from beautiful to stunning every night.

Summer nights will be here before long, but right now the sun still sets early. Your guests are here to have fun. Don’t let sunset send you indoors.

Call today to schedule a design consultation for Naples pool lighting. 239-263-9975

Does My Naples Outdoor Lighting System Need Service?

To keep your LED outdoor lighting system looking its best and working well, regular maintenance is imperative. If you already enjoy our annual maintenance plan service, then you know what it means to have your lighting refreshed each year when we service your system. The difference some years may be minimal, but if you had a year of landscape changes, hurricanes, or other interruptions, you will see a dramatic improvement as we check and adjust all of your lights. If you think you’re in need of maintenance for your Naples outdoor lighting system, you probably are correct. When night falls, turn your system on, and take a walk around your property to check for these signs you are due for outdoor lighting service:

  • Is vegetation blocking some of the light that is meant to cascade onto other structures or across the ground?
  • Are any of your light fixtures tilted, knocked over, or dimmer than the others?
  • Are any of your landscape lighting fixtures not firing up at all?
  • Is there wiring exposed on the ground?
  • Are any of your fixtures dirty or covered in mulch or other debris?
  • How does it look? Is the beauty still wowing you or is there something “just not right” that you can’t pinpoint?

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, you can trust your outdoor lighting system will be taken care of by our expert team for the life of the system. Enroll in our annual maintenance plan or call us today for a visit. Our maintenance inspections are thorough and will address any aesthetic or functional issues that could have happened to your system since our last visit. (239) 263-9975 Keep in mind: we do service competitor systems.

Naples LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

Did you know that we can upgrade most existing outdoor lighting systems to energy efficient LED technology? If your outdoor lighting system is Halogen, you can enjoy 80% reduction in electricity use with an LED retrofit. With gorgeous winter weather and long winter nights, now is the time to upgrade your system with our long-lasting Naples LED outdoor lighting.

If the 80% energy savings was not enough to convince you, enjoy the following benefits of an LED outdoor lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

• Gorgeous, consistent light output.
• 10x the lamp life of Halogen bulbs.
• Lower voltage lamps allow for more capacity on your existing transformer(s) to expand your lighting system.
• UV-free bulbs are less prone to attracting insects.
• Decrease your carbon footprint for a lower ecological impact.

If you plan to make excellent use of your outdoor space during the long gorgeous Florida nights this winter, consider an LED upgrade for your Naples outdoor lighting system. You’ll use less energy, enjoy gorgeous light, and save on your winter electric bill immediately. Call today to learn if an LED outdoor lighting retrofit is right for you. (239) 263-9975

Outdoor Lighting Post-Storm Repairs & Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples provides the best quality outdoor lighting transformers and copper and brass LED outdoor light fixtures available. Even with such amazing durability, there are some weather events that could cause a disruption in your outdoor lighting system. After a hurricane or tropical storm, fallen trees and flooded streets could affect your lighting system. What should you do to protect your outdoor lighting system after a hurricane?

  1. If your power is still out, call us, we can inspect your system before electricity is restored to prevent shorts and other mishaps when the electricity fires up.
  2. If your system is up and running, observe each light and make sure everything is working.
  3. Call for an outdoor lighting system checkup just to make sure everything is in order.

The most common things you may see:

A Single Light is Off

There are many reasons a single light could stop working after hurricane damage. It could be a line was snapped, or flood waters caused a short. Whether it is simple or complicated, our lighting professionals can come to your home, diagnose the issue and repair it. While we’re out there, we will assess your entire system looking for dysfunction where you might not notice it.

Outdoor Lighting System is Not Working

If your entire outdoor lighting system won’t come back on since the hurricane came through there are a few things that could be going on. One of the most common reasons an entire system is out is that the Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter has been tripped. While that is a common scenario, sometimes it is something more complex. Whatever the case may be, calling us will ensure your system is diagnosed and repaired the correct way.

Outdoor Lighting System Design Issue

One of the biggest effects a storm can have on an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED outdoor lighting system is of the design. Flooding can cause erosion that might shift a light, knock them over, make them lean, etc. Falling branches and leaves can disrupt the light from shining where it is meant to shine. Mud and debris can leave some lenses murky and less brilliant. Fallen trees and devastated landscaping can alter overall landscaping so significantly you need a few major adjustments. With a maintenance call, your entire system will be inspected and adjusted. We’ll trim away foliage that has grown or fallen in front of lights, we’ll clean lenses, whatever it takes. Whatever is disrupting the gorgeous outdoor lighting design will be altered to create the beautiful effect you enjoyed the first day your system was installed.

If the hurricane has caused a disruption in your outdoor lighting system, or it has just been years, and the landscape on your property has changed and slowly altered things, call today! (239) 263-9975 At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we don’t just design and install lights; we maintain and repair them for the long haul. If you are not already enjoying our annual maintenance plan, we encourage you to check it out.

Naples Patio Lighting: 6 Lighting Ideas For Maximizing Fun & Function

There are few better places to spend time with friends and family than on your backyard patio. In Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and across the country, people are building outdoor resorts in their own backyard for daily rejuvenation and weekend entertaining. Along with this trend, the increased use of patio lighting has extended the function of these retreats well into the evening hours. We offer the top 6 choices for illuminating your Naples patio:

1. Hardscape Lights: Under your outdoor kitchen counter, along your seating walls, or cascading down your privacy walls; hardscape lighting is a beautiful and discreet way to integrate patio lighting into your patio design. Hardscape lighting can provide enough lighting for tasks on your countertop or remain ambient such as around your outdoor fire pit; the choice is yours.

2. Market Lights: Our premium LED market lights will transform your Naples patio to an instant festive party space. Whether it is for your own delight or while hosting guests, market lighting is a perfect accent to any patio.

3. Focal Lights: Think about the accessories and landscape on and around your patio space. With focal lighting to highlight statues, trees, planters and other focal features, you can enjoy your favorite features after the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

4. Moon Lighting: Nearby trees provide a perfect place to install a patio light to wash across your entire patio from above. By tucking the light well into the tree, the light dances through tree branches below creating a magical moon effect for your enjoyment.

5. Landscape Lights: With beautiful landscape design around your patio, landscape lighting can be the perfect choice for Naples patio lighting. By highlighting the gorgeous landscape around the perimeter of your patio with our LED landscape lights, you’ll enjoy ambient lighting perfect for winding down after a long day at work.

6. Task Lighting: At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, our goal is to make your outdoor lifestyle a well-functioning dream come true. With custom task lighting over your poolside bar, you can easily prepare food and drinks for your guests with clear visibility and stunning style.

However you use your Naples patio, be sure to remember the lighting. The last thing you want is to have to call a perfect evening early because the sun set and there is no visibility. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a design consultation and nighttime demonstration. 239 263-9975

New Landscape Designs Shine at Night with Bonita Springs LED Landscape Lighting

As the heat of summer begins to draw to a close, you may be planning some outdoor renovations at your Bonita Springs home. Fall is a perfect time to alter your landscape design, add new trees and shrubs, and improve the health of your lawn. It is also an excellent opportunity to add LED landscape lighting. With long winter nights approaching and gorgeous weather afoot – lighting will allow you to enjoy your new landscape design all day and night. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we love to work with landscape designers and their teams to highlight your trees, flowers, shrubbery, and hardscapes.

We Work With Landscapers

Don’t wait until your landscape renovation is complete. Call us today so we can work with your landscape design team and installation crew. Our expert outdoor lighting installation team can time the lighting installation to make for a seamless, quicker process. By working with the landscaping design team, we will design the lights to meet your goals and create a beautiful landscape and nightscape that will take your breath away.

Hardscape Lighting Too

If you’re adding stonework to your Bonita Springs property, our team can work with the mason to install the lights before the stonework is complete. Our hardscape lighting is a favorite. With beautifully designed stone, you should get to see it at night. We can wash your patios and landscape walls with subtle lighting for a stunning ambient effect. Or we can put in more focused task lighting for your stacked stone outdoor kitchen or counter space. Our custom LED landscape lighting designs to take your Bonita Springs outdoor living spaces to a whole new level.

Don’t wait until your Bonita Springs landscape design renovation is completed. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for the best custom landscape lighting design and installation available. 239-263-9975

Naples Outdoor Lighting: What is the Difference Between Down lighting & Uplighting?

When it comes to Naples outdoor lighting, there is a lot of lingo that can be thrown around. While you may be thinking of a flood light, we might call it a spotlight. While you may want string lighting, we might call it market lighting. Uplighting and down lighting are terms we regularly use to differentiate two categories of lighting techniques. These terms can encompass the use of a variety of outdoor light fixtures and a variety of outdoor lighting results. With so much to consider when it comes to your outdoor lighting, we want to give you a little more detail about the difference between uplighting and down lighting.

Naples Outdoor Down Lighting

Down lighting is exactly what it sounds like, illuminating an item or an area by shining a light down from a location above the area. Most familiar to homeowners, the light over your driveway would be considered down lighting.

Our path lighting would also be considered down lighting because the light shines down onto the pathway from above the path. We also use down lighting for illuminating large living spaces from above; we call it moonlighting, named for the effect it has of mimicking the light from a full moon. We can also use down lighting for focal lighting. If a favorite statue is situated with a tree or structure in proximity, we can mount a light from above and focus the beam on the item for the desired effect. Dark sky compliant lighting would fall under the down lighting category as well.

Naples Outdoor Up Lighting

Uplighting is the opposite of down lighting and refers to illuminating an object or area from below with an outdoor light shining upwards. The most familiar uplighting is when a building has a light shining up the facade or on a focal feature of the building.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we love uplighting for tree lighting, residential architectural lighting, commercial sign lighting, and washing landscape walls or the walls of buildings. Uplighting can be a wide wash or a narrow focal light, depending on the desired effect and the item we are illuminating. For instance, a four story building would benefit from a narrow beam traveling to the roof line. But, an ornamental tree would get a wide wash to highlight the breadth of its canopy.

Both down lighting and uplighting are versatile for a large variety of possibilities. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, our award-winning outdoor lighting design team will work with you to decide the perfect lighting for your property. Call today for a design consultation. (239) 263-9975

The Private Community of San Marino at Pelican Bay Enjoys Lush Landscapes and Tree Lined Brick Roads Under the Light of Elegant Outdoor Lighting

Winding tree-lined roads and lush gardens connecting the 88 townhomes of San Marino in Pelican Bay are better enjoyed at night thanks to a complete commercial outdoor lighting overhaul by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. With gorgeous brick roads, driveways, and meandering pathways leading throughout the gardens to the clubhouse and the thermally heated pool, new dusk to dawn outdoor lighting maximizes the beauty and enjoyment of all of San Marino’s community spaces.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Update

We removed the original line voltage system which was in great disrepair, replacing it with 193 LED bronzed brass integrated light fixtures and 11 stainless steel transformers. Switched by the common community power source with photocells from dusk until dawn, the residents will never have to adjust timers or arrive home in the dark.

At the request of the association, the new lighting was strategically designed and installed to minimize light entering the interior living spaces of the townhomes.

Our commercial outdoor lighting design takes full advantage of the many trees and palms embracing the grounds, highlighting the lush greenery throughout.

Adding visibility, safety, and an invitation to meet up, path lights line the brick winding pathways leading through the community and to the common areas anchoring the neighborhood.

With pool lighting, patio lighting, neighborhood entry lighting, and lighting around the clubhouse, this close-knit private Pelican Bay community can continue to enjoy each other’s company in the outdoor living areas after sunset.

Custom Commercial Outdoor Lighting Installation

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we are pleased to provide custom commercial lighting installations to meet a variety of complex and special requirements. The San Marino community required us to have all wiring encased in PVC. Eight acres of outdoor lighting installations resulted in seven weeks of work as we meticulously replaced the existing line-voltage wiring with new 10 gauge low-voltage wiring and added PVC sleeving for the new fixtures, all with minimal disturbance to the lush softscapes and intricate hardscapes.

If your Pelican Bay commercial site, gated community, neighborhood, hotel, or outdoor recreational area could benefit from new or updated commercial outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples for a design consultation today. 239-263-9975

Award Winning Pelican Bay Landscape Lighting Design Accentuates the Rustic Contemporary Charm and Lush Tropical Landscape of this Southern-California-Style Retreat

Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals 2017 Bronze AwardResidential Small Lighting Project

This casual, yet elegant home enjoys a spectacular location overlooking the Club Course at Pelican Bay. Designed to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, the rustic contemporary home constructed by Knauf-Koenig Group, features a lush, well-tended tropical landscape and picturesque entry with a cobblestone driveway. The only thing missing was nighttime illumination.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we were thrilled when a long-time client, Leslie Sherman, Managing Partner of Calusa Bay Design, gave our award-winning lighting designer, John Gillespie free-reign to craft his lighting artistry on this new picture-perfect canvas. With a goal to maximize natural light, enhance the indoor/outdoor relationship, and incorporate the two large oaks that flank the cobblestone drive, John got to work.

Precision Focal Lighting

In the best outdoor lighting designs, it is all about the illuminated, not the light itself. The landscape lighting at this Pelican Bay property holds true to that standard with precision focal lighting highlighting the plethora of tropical vegetation. After all, nothing guides a person into a home better than the elegant illumination of the lush landscape leading to the front door.

By applying dramatic LED uplighting to the Oak trees flanking the driveway as well as the Ribbon palm and Foxtail palms near the house, we were able to amplify the natural majestic daytime presence these tall tropical trees have during the day, for nighttime delight.

With additional bronzed brass integrated LED focal lighting to highlight the gracefully potted Kentia palms, large silver Agaves, and lower lying tropical plants, we draw your eye around the yard and down to the ground, highlighting the property from the earth to the sky. With a strategically placed LED path light between the Kentia palm and the Giant Alocasia, we add subtle shadows to create more movement along the ground.

Ambient Beauty

The cobblestone driveway is one of the key features adding to the luxurious charm of this Pelican Bay home. With stunning craftsmanship in the natural stonework, a more subtle lighting touch provides the right contrast to the drama of the trees and the texture of the stone. With subtle, integrated LED down lighting, we’re able to achieve a lovely ambient glow that allows visitors to soak up the historical feeling provided by such a timeless driveway material.

California Dreamin’ on Florida’s Gulf Coast

With a grand vaulted entrance and an even more marvelous driveway leading to it, this Pelican Bay property is a gem. With the addition of an award-winning LED landscape lighting design that includes 18 high-quality, integrated LED bronzed brass outdoor lights, the charming Southern-California architecture, and tropical landscape design can be adored day or night.

award-winning landscape lighting If your Pelican Bay property could use the addition of landscape lighting for nighttime splendor, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today at (239) 263-9975. We offer the best custom outdoor lighting designs, installations, and service in the Marco Island – Bonita Springs – Naples area.

Award-Winning Outdoor Lighting Designer, John Gillespie

Naples Subdivisions Shine with Custom Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries

Subdivision HOA’s spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year beautifying entrances to their neighborhoods. Large stone, brick, stucco or mixed medium entrance signs proudly display the community name for easy identification. Palm trees, shrubbery, flowers and other foliage are added to the surrounding landscape to draw more attention and add desirability for passersby. With all of this investment, many times neighborhood splendor goes unnoticed at night without properly designed subdivision entry lighting.

Naples Neighborhood Entry Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we custom design neighborhood entry lighting to highlight your entrance’s most stunning features and offer a warm welcome to residents and guests alike. If your neighborhood features a gatehouse, luxurious landscaping, palm trees, a stunning sign, tree lined drive, median or privacy walls we will create the perfect lighting design to accent all of it.

Your neighborhood name will be clearly visible. We’ll subtly highlight landscaping for attractive ambiance, and accentuate the height of your tallest Palm trees.

LED for Cost Effective Results

Our LED landscape lights make your neighborhood entry lighting completely affordable for your HOA members. While every expense an HOA incurs is often scrutinized and disagreed upon, this is one you can all love. While adding visibility, safety, and security you’ll also be increasing curb appeal and property values with a small investment. LED neighborhood entry lights use 80% less energy than Halogen, making their cost to run extremely low. LED bulbs last 10x longer, so the maintenance of your lighting will be a breeze. If you already had an aging system, the upgrade will pay for itself in time with utility and maintenance savings.

Best Naples Outdoor Lighting Service

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, you’ll enjoy the best neighborhood entry lighting design, installation, and ongoing service. Our design team will work closely with you on needs, design, budget and timing. We will come back for adjustments until we get it just right. And we even offer flexible maintenance packages for annual tune-ups to keep your lighting looking brand new for the long-haul.

Call today for a design consultation to get your Naples neighborhood entry lighting designed and installed for all to see and enjoy. 239-263-9975

Naples Hotels, Beds & Breakfasts and Vacation Rentals Maximize Occupancy with Cost Saving Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Is your Southwest Florida hotel, bed and breakfast or vacation rental due for an update? Are your outdoor living and eating areas underwhelming to your guests? If you’re ready to make vacation season 2017 the best year for your hospitality business, consider adding or upgrading your outdoor lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. LED outdoor lighting uses very little electricity, looks gorgeous, is extremely flexible, and with bulb life more than 10x longer than Halogen, you’re valuable resources can be reallocated to other important guest attractions.

Ambiance & Memories with Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Naples and the surrounding area are a top travel destination because of our gorgeous year-round summer weather, stunning beaches, beautiful islands and fantastic nightlife. Attracting guests for business or pleasure can be difficult in the highly competitive Naples hospitality market. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we’ve been able to work closely with hotels, clubs, restaurants and other guest focused businesses on creating outdoor spaces that wow guests to keep them coming back for more.

With custom designed LED commercial outdoor lighting, we’ll create the perfect lighting design that will create magical moments for your specific clientele. Drinks on the patio under the stars are that much more special with the perfect mood lighting. Accent lighting for your outdoor dining area is essential to tickling all five senses, as your guests take in the stunning scenery, the gourmet food, the salt in the warm summer air, and the intimate conversation; memories made at your establishment will be etched in their mind for a lifetime.

Lower Operational Costs with an LED Commercial Upgrade

If you have been helping guests make magical memories for years, but are looking to meet business needs for lower costs and higher revenue, look no further; Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can upgrade your lighting design with new copper or brass LED fixtures updating your aesthetic and lowering your operating costs. Our flexible lighting can is adjustable for special events, it uses 80% less energy than Halogen, and the bulb life is 10x longer. An update worth the investment – you’ll lower your energy use and maintenance costs while improving the guest experience. A win-win for any hotel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental.

Start planning now for a 2017 of full occupancy and lower costs. Call today for a free design consultation. 239-263-9975

Naples Landscape Lighting


Naples landscape lighting illuminates all of your favorite features. Creating magic and guiding the way. Highlighting brilliant colors. Creating nighttime outdoor fun. Illuminating radiant landscapes and stunning properties for added curb appeal across Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Marco Island.

Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting in Naples: A Quick Guide

You may have heard a great deal about night sky compliance in Collier County and the dark skies ordinance in Sanibel Island over the last few years. While compliance in Collier County is especially important during sea turtle season May 1 – October 31st, Sanibel has a year round dark skies ordinance to preserve the enjoyment of the natural starry night sky.

It may feel overwhelming to have to consider all the dark sky rules when adjusting or adding outdoor lighting, if so, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples handle it for you! We offer completely dark sky compliant LED outdoor lighting design, installation, and service. We can even assess your current system, providing you with a plan to meet compliance with adjustments.

Here is a quick checklist if you would like to take a quick inventory of your current outdoor lighting system:

Uplighting: If any of your lighting shines up into the night sky, on trees or houses it is not dark sky compliant.

Downlighting: Lights must aim downward, but must also have a shield. If you can see the light source from any angle except directly below the fixture, it may not be compliant.

Reflectors: If your light fixture features any reflector inside, it may not be dark sky compliant.

Flood Lights: You can use flood lights, but they also must be shielded.

Other Lights: Post lights, decorative lights, and Sconce lighting is permitted, but must also meet the requirements as a shielded downlight as mentioned above.

Beach Lighting: If your home, business or other property is visible from the beach it is best to have us assess your situation directly. There are stricter guidelines for lighting this close to the beach to protect the sea turtles.

Shadow Test: Brightness is an additional consideration in dark sky compliance. If you live near the beach, it is best to conduct a shadow test, if your light creates a shadow it might be too bright.

If you are concerned with dark sky compliant lighting, call today. 239-263-9975 We offer subtle LED lighting for every outdoor use and our lighting experts are fully versed in dark sky compliance and the Sanibel ordinance. We can even help with permitting if you are in a zone which requires permits and inspections.

This article is not meant to replace the actual and specific dark sky compliant guidelines as provided by Collier County and Sanibel. If in doubt check the source that applies to you or call us to come have a look.

Estero Landscape Lighting for an Enhanced Life and Increased Home Value

Florida is the outdoor living capital of the United States. We live for the year-round summer weather for outdoor sports and free time relaxing on the lanai. One of the most important features of an Estero home is its outdoor living space. While it is common knowledge that kitchens and baths sell houses, in Estero, having an amazing home exterior is a fantastic selling feature. While it can be tricky to decide what outdoor features to add that will enhance your life at home while being a smart investment for a future sale, we can offer expert advice via a fantastic article from Architectural Digest. Listing the “5 Outdoor Features that Will Add Value to Your Home,” Architectural Digest hit the nail on the head when they described landscape lighting as “crucial.”

Estero Landscape Lighting

With gorgeous tropical plants and year-round blooms, Estero landscape lighting is essential to making sure your landscape is complete and enjoyable after dark. With our tropical climate and mild winter evenings, your landscape could disappear under the cover of darkness during peak outdoor time, when days are shorter and nights are long. But with the addition of professionally designed landscape lighting, your greenery can be the highlight of your home, day or night.

Landscape lighting is not all about the plants and flowers. With paver patios and pathways, it is essential to make sure all the elements of your landscape are properly illuminated with subtle Estero landscape lighting. With path lights, pool lights and lanai lights, your entire outdoor space can benefit. With the rise in popularity of stonework, a properly designed wall wash is a perfect way to give your landscape that extra wow factor.

Estero Landscape Lighting Adds Curb Appeal

Given the value of the first impression, the exterior of your home needs to be impeccable when it comes time to sell. With the addition of Estero landscape lighting, you can be sure the front of your home is up to the task. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we’ll custom design a landscape lighting package perfectly to capture all of the best features of your home’s exterior. With strategically placed shadows and washes of light, your home and landscape will offer that warm “welcome home” feeling every home buyer wants.

Adding Estero landscape lighting is as easy as calling us for a free nighttime demonstration. 239-263-9974

Custom Commercial Outdoor Lighting Brings Solamar Naples Residents a Lovely Nighttime Retreat

Sweeping views of the Gulf of Mexico and a lovely community space for the residents to relax, play tennis and entertain guests make this Solamar Naples condominium rooftop patio the place to be. During summer days the space can get quite hot, which lead the owners to invest in a Sunmaster pergola for added protection from the scorching Florida sun. While daytime shade was the priority, the pergola was a perfect opportunity to add commercial outdoor lighting to increase the patio’s function at night too.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Community Space

Naples living means outdoor living, which many times requires accessories for added comfort and enjoyment. The residents at this condominium complex on Gulfshore Boulevard in Naples can now enjoy the shade under a stunning aluminum pergola that has become the centerpiece of their rooftop deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. With the practicality of shade and the stunning design of a modern art installation, this pavilion deserved commercial outdoor lighting for increased nighttime function and beauty.

Modern Architecture Deserves Designer Outdoor Lighting

Sunmaster included us early in the design of this stunning commercial pergola so we could work with them on a custom decorative lighting design. With custom manufacturing, they were able to create a false bottom at the base of each post for recessing well lights. The uplighting gives the pergola a stunning modern lighting effect for luxurious nighttime entertaining.

We placed an LED outdoor lighting fixture at the top of each of the four posts, aiming the light into the center of the vinyl rooftop canopy creating an ambient glow for the dining space underneath the pergola. With the unique louvered over-hang of the pergola design, we were able to add task lighting to shine over the outdoor kitchen areas on either side of the pergola. With separate controls, the task lighting will only be on when needed, so it doesn’t detract from the gorgeous mood lighting. Now dubbed “The Pavilion & Grill”, the residents of Solamar Naples will be able to enjoy this gorgeous amenity day or night.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Works with Your Commercial Vendors

By working closely with Sunmaster, we were able to create a gorgeous custom commercial outdoor lighting installation with perfectly concealed wiring inside of the aluminum pergola. With the hot Naples sun, pergolas, gazebos, and awnings provide the perfect focal feature and location for the addition of outdoor lighting.

If your common area, patio or other commercial space could benefit from Naples outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today. 239-263-9975 We offer free nighttime demonstrations and the best commercial LED outdoor lighting design, installation, and service in Southwest Florida.

Marco Island Pool Lighting & Lanai Lighting for Brilliant Summer Nights

Schools out. Summer is here. And it is heating up on Marco Island. The days are getting longer and hotter, making the evening and night a more comfortable time of day to be outdoors. As we huddle in our air-conditioned homes and businesses for comfort during the heat of the day, we await the nearly setting sun to enjoy our outdoor living spaces. For these few months each year, the evenings get all of the outdoor living action. With the sun sizzling into the Gulf at the end of each day, Marco Island Lanai and pool lighting is the best way to enjoy your outdoor space during the hot Florida summer.

Marco Island Pool Lighting

Illuminating your pool area is a great way to add safety, function and charming entertainment space for mild summer nights. What is a gorgeous Marco Island summer night for but lounging by the pool with friends and family? Letting the grandkids create some of the best memories of their lives with night swims under the stars. Or cool off with a refreshing swim before turning in for the night. With the addition of LED pool lighting, you’ll get more use of your pool at night than ever before.

Marco Island Lanai Lighting

Extend the usable hours of your Lanai with help from Marco Island Lanai lighting. Warm summer evenings were created for relaxing in the comfort of your Lanai. Imagine being able to enjoy a late dinner al fresco with your closest friends as the sun sets. With Lanai lights, you can enjoy your Lanai after the hot summer day, soaking in the gorgeous ocean breezes as you enjoy great conversation with friends over a savory meal. With lovely LED outdoor lighting to provide the perfect ambiance, you’ll have trouble making yourself go back into the chilly air-conditioned house.

Whether it’s a quiet night alone or an evening with friends or family, illuminating your pool or Lanai for nighttime summer enjoyment is key to taking full advantage of the best of the Marco Island lifestyle. If you’re ready to get more nighttime function out of your Marco Island pool or Lanai, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today 239-263-9975. We’ll create a custom LED outdoor lighting design perfect for your outdoor lifestyle and goals.

Lights Out: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting your Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting Outage

While we pride ourselves in our reliable LED outdoor lighting systems, there are many uncontrollable circumstances that may have your lighting system leaving you in the dark. After heavy rains, an electrical storm, hurricane, or rogue landscaping equipment, your lights may not come back on. While we are pleased to have you call us and let us check it out, it may be an easy flip of a switch to get you back up in running. In that case, we’d love to give you a checklist of switches and items to check before you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples so that you can get your lights back on sooner.

  • Check to make sure your transformer is plugged in. There are many reasons a transformer can become unplugged and forgotten.

  • If you have a timer or lighting control automation system make sure the timer is plugged in. It may need time to restore the programming after a power outage.

  • Check your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) by pushing the Reset button.

  • Check for a tripped breaker inside your transformer.

  • Check for a tripped breaker inside your main electrical panel.

If all of these items are checked and seem to be on and your system is still not turning on, call us. We’ll come out to check your system from A-Z. There are many issues that can happen that are beyond our control. From issues within your home’s electrical system, outlets shorting out, garden tools cutting wires and lightning strikes can cause a host of scenarios that could leave you in the dark. We’ll be sure to find the reason behind your outage and make sure to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Call today. We’ll be happy to answer questions over the phone or come out for a maintenance inspection. 239-263-9975

LED Outdoor Lighting Maintenance For Snowbirds Heading North for the Summer

Are you heading up north for the summer? Closing your Fort Myers home for the summer can be a daunting task. Outdoor lighting is a great way to secure your home while you are away. We have a few ideas to help you keep your home secure all summer long and ensure your outdoor lighting system is running while you are away.

Fort Myers LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

If your current outdoor lighting system is low-voltage and you usually shut it off for the summer, we have a great upgrade option for you. Upgrading to LED outdoor lighting in Fort Myers is easier now than ever. LED will use 80% less energy and is much more reliable than low-voltage, allowing you to leave it on the entire summer for added security and a natural appearance that you are home. We can convert most Fort Myers outdoor lighting systems into LED for immediate energy savings.

Quarterly LED Outdoor Lighting Checkups

With reliable and long lasted LED outdoor lighting systems there is not a ton of maintenance required. Because of this lack of repairs and lamp changes, it can be easy to neglect much-needed adjustments and maintenance. To keep your LED outdoor lighting system running and looking great we offer a quarterly LED outdoor lighting checkup. We’ll come out to your place, turn your entire system on and check the entire system from A-Z. We’ll check every fixture, line, lens, transformer and the entire lighting design. We’ll rebury lines that have been exposed, trim away foliage that is interfering with the design, clean lenses, adjust aim and repair any issues (with approval).

How Does An LED Inspection Help When I Have Gone North for the Summer?

With the right timing, our LED outdoor lighting system check-up can be perfectly timed for ensuring your system is still running smoothly while you are away. Electrical storms, heavy rains and winds can cause a circuit to trip, landscaping to erode or tree branches to fall and interrupt your lighting design. When We can come out and make sure your system is not only running but looking good and performing its job as security lighting for a secure home while you are away.

We encourage you to use your LED outdoor lighting system with our lighting control automation to keep your home safe and secure while you are away for the summer. If this makes you nervous just call us here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we’ll check your system for you so you can enjoy your time up north without worry. Call today (239) 263-9975 to schedule your Fort Myers LED outdoor lighting quarterly inspection.

Give Your Fort Myers Home a Competitive Advantage in the Real Estate Market with LED Outdoor Lighting

Are you preparing your Fort Myers home to sell? There is a plethora of advice and To-Do’s for selling your home for top dollar and without delay. From staging the inside of your home, to baking cookies before a showing, there are many ways to give the potential new owner that initial good feeling they need to consider buying. While there is plenty of good advice out there, nothing has the same impact as making sure the first impression of your home is a good one. With outdoor lighting, you can add subtle or dramatic impact from the street, visually increase the square footage of your home and add value that will attract the best buyers.

Why Invest in Outdoor Lighting Before Moving?

Making your home stick out from the crowd is a sure fire way to get top dollar when selling. Outdoor lighting highlights the character and beauty that is unique to your Fort Myers home’s architectural design and landscape features. Our customized LED outdoor lighting design will illuminate the texture of your stucco, the expanse of your plantation home’s veranda, the clay tiles of your Mediterranean home and all the unique features that makes your home a true masterpiece. With the added benefit of choosing gorgeous landscape features to highlight, we’ll be sure to let your shrubbery, flowers, stunning palms and southern Oaks enjoy the limelight after the sun sets as well.

Visually Expand Your Home’s Square Footage

In the Fort Myers and Naples area, our outdoor space is a true extension of our indoor living space. With mild weather all year long, we can use the space quite comfortably for much of the year. With the addition of outdoor lighting to your outdoor living space, a potential buyer will come in and see that outdoor space as part of the usable square footage. Illuminating your lanai, deck, patio and even the perimeter of your lot gives buyers a visual feeling of a larger space where they can spend time making memories with their family and friends for years to come.

Increase the Value of Your Home

With outdoor lighting your home gains value in multiple ways and at a lower cost than some other home improvement projects that don’t have the same punch. While the good feelings you’ll give buyers with the added curb appeal and extended living space certainly adds aesthetic value, there are some more tangible value adds to having a properly designed top quality professional outdoor lighting system. LED outdoor lighting adds safety and security to your property, offering peace of mind to any potential buyer who wants to provide a safe home for their family. Add to that the energy efficiency of our LED system and you’ll impress today’s eco-conscious buyer who is looking for lower utility costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

While it may feel like a bad time to invest in a home improvement project, a small investment now can save you time on the market while increasing your sale price. Allowing you to move on to the next adventure that much sooner. If you’re preparing your Fort Myers home for sale, call today for a free design consultation. We’ll show you how an outdoor lighting system can improve your prospects for a fast sale in today’s competitive real estate market. Call today 239-263-9975

Maximize Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Living Investment with Naples Pool Deck Lighting

Classic Naples home design offers a gorgeous Floridian aesthetic with a heavy focus on outdoor living spaces. With our fantastic climate, the outdoor areas around the home are distinctly a part of everyday life. Applying the same love and attention to the outdoors that you do indoors is a part of Naples culture. Including more than just lawn and landscape care, Naples residents invest heavily in outdoor living spaces such as pools, lanais, outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios, including all of the necessary accessories such as ceiling fans, screening, electricity, small appliances and of course outdoor lighting to maximize use of it all.

Downtown Pool Lighting

This downtown Naples home already enjoyed stunning landscape lighting to illuminate trees, shrubbery and give their home nighttime curb appeal. Pleased with the landscape lighting design provided by our award-winning lighting design team, they called us back to illuminate their stunning pool area.

The four-foot privacy wall around the pool deck became an obvious host for the perfect lighting technique. We mounted our copper half-moon deck lighting at the top of the wall facing down. The resulting effect is a gorgeous wall wash that subtly highlights the perimeter of the pool deck while illuminating the texture of the stucco garden walls.

Taking full advantage of the exotic plants that create the lush tropical surround, we placed landscape lighting within the three large planters that line the pool’s edge. With so much lush greenery, a few lights to illuminate the greenery allows the space to be enjoyed as a tropical getaway at night as well as during the day.

Water Feature Focal Lighting

The focal feature of the pool deck is without a doubt the stunning Mediterranean-style fountain on the wall of the pool house. The classic water feature further exemplifies this Naples home in the Floridian style that draws everyone here. Framing the fountain are two columns with large palm trees on either side, by illuminating the columns and trees from below, we simultaneously draw your eye to the fountain and complete the lush tropical feeling of the entire outdoor space.

Summer is here! If your pool is where you’ll be more often than not, don’t let sunset send you indoors. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to create a luscious tropical lightscape around your pool deck. 239-263-9975

Securing Your Naples or Fort Myers Home While You’re Away for the Summer

It’s that time of year again, many of our beloved snowbirds are heading north to spend their summer with family and friends. If you’re heading home for the summer, you quite likely have a long to-do list in preparation for your trip. With so much to consider, we’ve put together a few tips for securing your home while you’re away for any extended period.

Create the illusion that you’re home

This illusion is the best way to deter potential burglaries. There are many ways to achieve this illusion including:

  • Mail Delivery. Suspend all mail/package delivery while you’re away. Don’t forget monthly subscriptions and newspapers.

  • Car in the Driveway. Leaving a car in the driveway is a great way to make burglars think twice. Asking a trusted neighbor to park in your driveway will create a more believable affect as the car will come and go at normal hours.

  • Timers. Adding timers to your indoor lights will allow you to set your lamps to come on at various times to give a natural appearance to the evenings and early mornings inside of your home.

  • Maintenance. Hire someone or a service to perform regular exterior maintenance on your home while away. Keeping the lawn maintained and the shrubbery trimmed will keep your home looking neat and occupied.

  • Outdoor Lighting. Outside lighting provides visibility of doors and windows from the street and neighboring homes, deterring would-be burglars from trying to enter through such a visible area.

  • Timers. Outside lights left on during the day can signal you are gone. It is the little things like this that burglars look for. Learn about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples lighting control automation, it can control your interior and exterior lights. And best of all, it can be turned on and off from a laptop, allowing you to make changes and resets from across the country.

Security system

Having a security system is a great way to deter intruders. If alarms go off when windows are opened or doors are opened, intruders will usually leave immediately. Add security system signage to your lawn or front door to advertise that your home is secure to deter attempted burglaries before they even try.

Attentive neighbor or friend

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to watch over your place and call you in the event there is an issue. Having your home checked over once a week to be sure issues from summer storms, attempted burglaries or power outages don’t occur is advised to avoid having small issues turn into large expensive disasters.

A house sitter

Hiring a house-sitter is a great way to keep your home occupied while you are gone. With someone inhabiting your home and keeping up with general every day cleaning and maintenance you can rest easy knowing any potential issues that could arise are being handled or communicated to you in real-time.

More Summer Vacation Preparation

Security is not the only consideration when going north for the summer. There are many maintenance items you will want to be sure to address before you go to make sure your home does not suffer any ill-effects from heat, power outages or moisture build up while you’re away. We discovered a fantastic resource provided by a local realtor, to help you cover your bases.

If you’re interested in lighting control automation or outdoor lighting for your home, call today for a free consultation. 239-263-9975

Fort Myers Hospitality & LED Commercial Lighting is A Great Business Investment

What are you doing to make your business stand out from the crowd? Could your hotel, restaurant or bar use hospitality lighting?

Florida is a great year round vacation destination, making the hospitality industry very competitive. Whether you own a boutique hotel, a resort, beach club, restaurant or diner it is vital to make sure your guests have an experience that is memorable and lasting. If your patrons leave happy and tell their friends and family all about you, your business grows. It seems simple enough, but with changing trends and stiff competition, it can be tricky.

A Florida Vacation = Outdoor Fun

Naturally, when people travel to Florida from colder climates, they want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. As we all know, just because the weather is warm in the winter, doesn’t mean the sun stays out as late as your guests. Illuminating your outdoor space is a great solution to creating a luxurious retreat for your visitors to enjoy. Encouraging them to enjoy the mild Florida evenings.

Commercial outdoor lighting is a simple way to create additional outdoor guest space while illuminating your business for easy visibility. If your pathways, gardens, courtyards and outdoor dining space is well lit, your guests will feel a warm invitation to spend time in that space.

Practical Benefits of Fort Myers Hospitality Lighting

While LED commercial lighting provides great outdoor space for your guests to be wowed, there are some very real practical benefits for every type of business.

  • Visibility: Outdoor lighting can ensure you are being seen to increase nighttime business.
  • Security: Businesses are targets for thieves and vandals, who can be easily deterred with a well-lit space.
  • Safety: If your sidewalk, steps, entryway and entire grounds are illuminated, your guests can navigate with ease. Avoiding slips, falls and trips, you can minimize your business liabilities.
  • Focus: If your building or property offers a unique feature that attracts customers during the day, illuminate that feature at night to keep the patrons coming.

Fort Myers Led Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Fort Myers commercial lighting & hospitality lighting is a great investment for many types of businesses. If you have customers/guests/patrons coming and going during the night, your business could benefit tremendously. Golf courses, horse stables, parks, churches, wedding venues, hotels & restaurants – it is hard to think of a business that would not benefit from commercial outdoor lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today for a free design consultation our feature on The Trianon Hotel in Naples for more ideas. 239-263-9975

Fort Myers Post-Holiday Lighting Blues

Do your Palms look bare after taking down your Christmas lights? Does your roofline look sad now that the LED C9’s are back in storage? When you arrive home after dark is it a sad sight looking at your darkened home? We have just the remedy for the Fort Myers post-holiday blues. Illuminate your home year round with elegant LED outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Filling the hole left by the holidays coming to an end, relatives heading back up north and returning to your daily routine, can be a difficult task. The post-holiday blues are only exacerbated by the short days, long nights and the empty dark look your home has now that the holiday lights are off. There is no reason you can’t enjoy the feeling those lights gave you year round. We have a few outdoor lighting techniques that add just the right amount of warmth and festivity for permanent enjoyment.

Outdoor Lighting Fort Myers

The first step is to illuminate the front of your Ft. Myers home. When your home is decorated for Christmas, you get a lovely warm feeling when you arrive after dark. Reinventing that feeling is our first priority. Creating a year-round version of this lighting effect requires vision and restraint to get it just right. With a perfect combination of architectural lighting to highlight the unique features of your home and landscape lighting to tie the home to the ground, we can recreate that magical feeling. Adding a few focal lights around your front yard to illuminate your trees, decorative items and accessories, gives you a guiding light from the curb to the front door. With the added benefits of safety and security, outdoor lighting is just what the doctor ordered.

Pool Lighting Fort Myers

Secondly, we can add a bit of flair to your outdoor living spaces. Your pool, lanai and patio are all begging to have a little illumination. While the nights are long, the weather is still gorgeous. Enjoy your pool and lanai well passed dark with LED outdoor lighting. We’ll use focal lighting to illuminate tropical plants and trees for an ambient light around the perimeter of your pool or patio. With path lighting, pool lighting and task lighting for your outdoor kitchen, we’ll keep you living an active outdoor lifestyle well into these long winter nights.

Palm Tree Lighting Fort Myers

And don’t forget the palm trees. Who said string lights were only for Christmas? Nothing creates an entertainment space like clear or white string lights wrapped around your palm trees. Year round enjoyment of your outdoor living areas is why you live in sunny Fort Myers. Don’t let the end of the holiday season ruin your fun. We’ll wrap your palms with top quality LED string lights for that party feeling 365 days a year.

If you’re in need of some year round cheer or you want to avoid the post-holiday lighting let down next year, email us today at [email protected] We can create a perfect lighting design to give you year round joy. Call now to get started on your Fort Myers LED outdoor lighting design. 239-263-9975

Fort Myers Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Fort Myers outdoor lighting has always been about the illuminated home, landscape and focal features, not the fixture. When outdoor lighting is correctly designed, you don’t even notice the light itself, just the effect. Or at least that is what we have always practiced, until now! Introducing stunning decorative lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. These lights not only illuminate your gorgeous landscape and pathways, but they also are their own unique piece of art – a focal feature in their own right.

Decorative Landscape Lighting

Adding decorative lighting to your landscape design is a great way to add unique character. If you’ve been looking for the perfect statue or fountain and have just not found one that speaks to your style and taste, look no further. Our decorative outdoor lights come in a large variety of designs and sizes to fit your every need. If you like clean lines and simple design choose a geometric pattern. If you’re one with nature, we have many floral and leaf pattern designs to choose from. And if you are willing to go a bit more daring we have designs that feature swirly patterns, abstract shapes and pine trees. With design options growing constantly, you’re sure to find the decorative light to meet your style & needs.

Decorative Path Lighting

Using decorative lights for your path lighting is a perfect way to achieve safety and beauty to your path at night while adding interest and intrigue for both day and night viewing. While we offer a large variety of sizes in decorative lights from 13” right on up to 10 foot tall columns we have found that the 17” decorative light works perfectly for path lighting. Lining your path with any design you choose, these lights cast designer shadows on your walkway while illuminating your every step for safe travel.

Artistic Focal Feature

Outdoor lighting really shines when the sun sets each night. But with an investment in designer lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples your Fort Myers home and landscape can shine day and night. These decorative fixtures make for an awesome focal feature in your front yard, as pillars at the end of your driveway, a beacon in the day & night by your dock, a statue in your landscape or as a border surrounding your pool and lanai. And when the sun sets they’ll cast magnificent designer shadows in every direction. These lights are only limited by your imagination – the possibilities are yours to dream up.

Discover the possibilities with Fort Myers decorative outdoor lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today 239-263-9975 today for a free consultation or email us at [email protected] – Don’t forget to visit our website at naples.outdoorlights.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Naples Outdoor Lighting Nighttime Demonstration

Test driving a car has become the standard when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. While home renovation and improvement remains a hard service to preview, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples we’ve found a way to make sure you get to see exactly what you’re going to get from us before you commit to anything or spend a cent.

Outdoor Lighting Demonstration

Our complimentary nighttime demonstration allows you to see our outdoor lighting design, custom created just for you. It even allows you to make changes and additions where needed – seeing these changes first hand, on-the-spot. We can tell you how great outdoor lighting is all day but nothing will resonate the way it does when you walk amongst the lights for yourself. Previewing your new Fort Myers landscape lighting is the best way to know what you’re getting.

When you call our office the first time, we’ll set up a convenient time for one of our outdoor lighting experts to meet you at your home or business – wherever you are considering adding outdoor lighting. We’ll have you show us around your property, listening and asking questions to get a true sense of how the space is used and what your goals are for lighting the outdoor space.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Design

After taking a few pictures, scheduling your nighttime demonstration and jotting down some notes, our outdoor lighting designer will come back to the office and create a custom outdoor lighting design for you. We’ll consider each fixture, its effects, its placement and the overall results that will be attained. Our design team will consider the outcome from the practical aspects of achieving goals for the function of the space, while also discovering ways to make the space beautiful, comfortable, warm and inviting.

The art of outdoor lighting is not something we will ever let go for the sake of functionality. Every light can be used to create beautiful artistry with light and shadow, while simultaneously achieving function such as task lighting, safety lighting and security lighting. Bonita Springs outdoor lighting achieves multiple practical goals while achieving night time beauty.

Night Time Demonstration

When we come out to your home or business on demo day, we’ll arrive approximately 30 minutes to an hour before dark (depending on the size of the outdoor lighting design). We show you the design and listen to any additional thoughts you may have come up with since we first met. Then we’ll let you get back to your life while we place our demonstration lights around your property according to the outdoor lighting design we’ve created.

Seeing is Believing

As sunset approaches we will bring you outside and hand you the remote. As the darkness blankets us, you can flip the switch when you’re ready to see your landscape, home, deck, patio or business illuminated with the beauty of our outdoor lighting system for the first time. As you take it all in, we’ll let you notice each fixture and what it is accomplishing. At this point we will collaborate with you and potentially move or add lights, turn some on and others off giving you the ability to test out first-hand what you really want. Collaborative custom outdoor lighting is the best way for each individual to get everything they want from their Estero landscape lighting.

If you like what you see, if you like the final results, we’ll schedule your outdoor lighting installation. If you still want to take time to think about it, we’ll leave without putting any pressure on you whatsoever. In outdoor lighting our goal is to illuminate your life with beauty and function, not to pressure you into buying something you’re not ready to buy. The best part is, our nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration is completely free – you have nothing to lose. Call today!

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today 239-263-9975 today for a free consultation or email us at [email protected] – Don’t forget to visit our website at naples.outdoorlights.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lighting Control in Naples for Easy Living

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples we’re always looking for ways to make our client’s lives more enjoyable. Creating a luxurious lifestyle requires more than just adding luxurious accessories to one’s home and landscape. Making luxury items easy to use is imperative for keeping your life stress free. With our Lighting Control Automation (LCA) we can program your indoor and outdoor lighting to be on when you want it and off when you don’t. Our LCA leaves you with nothing to worry about, we’ve got daylight savings time adjustments covered, security for when you are away – all with the benefit of an easy luxurious lifestyle when you are home.

Daylight Savings Time Automatically Built-In

If you’re like me, you find the time changes in fall and spring to be a huge pain in the neck. Remembering to change the clocks, training my body to get up an hour earlier or an hour later each morning and facing the dark drive home from work after the fall time change – who needs another thing to mess with. While it doesn’t even get on your time-change radar, you certainly don’t want to discover your outdoor lighting timer needed adjusting by driving home from work on that Monday to a dark house and treacherous walk to the front door. With our LCA the time changes and changing sunset is built right in to the units programming so you never have to come home to a dark house.

Security with LCA

Are you spending the summers in New York, Michigan or Ohio? Maybe you also stay with your son or daughter for the holidays. If you’re worried about making your Naples home look occupied while you are away, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LCA is perfect for you. You know the drill, hire a lawn service, leave an outside light on, put the den light on a nightly timer and leave the bedroom light on to fool would be prowlers from breaking in to your home while you are gone.

If your potential thief ventures by your home more than once, they are going to notice the light is left on all night or that there has been no activity in some time. With our LCA we can make it look very natural by programming many different lights to go on and off at the various times you’d be turning them on and off. Turn the kitchen light, living room lights and television on when the sun sets. When those are set to turn off, turn the bathroom and bedroom lights on. Set your kitchen lights to turn on again at 6am when you normally get up in the morning. Not only will this look very natural from the outside looking in, but you’ll be saving some money by not having lights on 24/7 the whole time you are out of town.

Luxurious Living with Naples Lighting Control

Our LCA is not just a timer. The system can be used for your indoor lights, outdoor lights and any electrical outlet you can dream to use it for. The outlets can be grouped into zones so you can set various entertainment settings to fit your every occasion. Set your lights, television and speakers to just the right settings and with a single flip of a switch transform your family room into movie night for the grandkids. Program your Lanai and pool lights to dim just right for that romantic evening swim. Or create a perfect outdoor romantic atmosphere by putting your outdoor gas fireplace, and garden lighting on the same zone for a cozy evening in front of the fire with the one you love.

Learn more about our Lighting Control Automation and get a free consultation by calling us 239-263-9975.

Naples Temporary Event Lighting You’ll be Sad to Take Down

As the summer starts to wind down, party season is beginning to wind up. The end of summer and early autumn is a busy season for celebrations. When planning a big celebration such as a wedding, birthday party, family reunion or anniversary party your to-do list can get quite lengthy. Some honey-do items may have been neglected in the heat of the summer and now it’s time to catch up on small repairs and up-keep. With so much to do, let us handle the event lighting for your next outdoor event.

Illuminate your Next Naples Event

It is not uncommon to think of adding event lighting for your celebration at the last minute. Just the thought of trying to squeeze in the time to go shopping for just the right lights, how many to get and getting them hung can be nauseating when you have so many other party items to coordinate. Don’t fret, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can step in to create an outdoor lighting design to enhance your celebration. With our temporary outdoor event lighting you get the benefits of permanently installed outdoor lighting but with a few additional advantages.

Festive Outdoor Lighting in Naples

Our event lighting will enhance your outdoor entertainment space by illuminating gardens, pools, patios, decks, trees or any other outdoor feature you want to highlight. Similar effects that you get with our traditional outdoor lighting system can be achieved temporarily for a big event, with the additional benefit of being able to quickly place lights in areas where traditional outdoor lighting might not be able to go.

Flexible Temporary Event Lighting

Using our battery powered LED lighting fixtures, we can place the lights almost anywhere. If you have set up a tent down on the beach where electricity lines wouldn’t be cost efficient to run we can bring the event lights. Maybe you’re hosting a unique wedding in the orange groves? We have just the right lights, we can illuminate the path from the parking area all the way to the party area and use our festive lights to create a perfect wedding reception spot in between the trees. With the addition of spot or flood lights to highlight special landscaping features or event props, you’re sure to have a magical event that lasts well into the night.

Rechargeable and cordless, our battery powered LED lighting fixture are perfect for your special event. You don’t have to worry about cords that can be a tripping hazard or running electricity to your party area. Impress your guests with temporary outdoor even lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to make your dream event a reality. Call us to talk about your next special event at 239-263-9975.

Create Intrigue with Outdoor Lighting Colored Lens Filters

When the seasons change to cooler weather in autumn, you can count on the season for holiday décor to follow shortly after. Your Naples neighbors will probably begin to tote out their decorations for Labor Day, Halloween and then its Thanksgiving time. Add to that football season and you can count on a vibrant looking neighborhood for the next few months. If you’re thinking of a better way to show your excitement and passion for special occasions and the impending holidays consider adding or adjusting your outdoor lighting system to match the holiday at hand with help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Change up You Outdoor Lighting with Colored Lenses

We offer acrylic colored lenses to add to your outdoor lighting system for an immediate change that can quickly and easily bring out the holiday spirit outside your home. With a variety of your favorite colors to choose from you can customize your lights for every occasion. Red and green for Christmas, Blue for Hanukkah, a nice Amber color for the entire fall season right through Thanksgiving – the options are endless. Add the colored lens filters to your flood lights or well lights in multiple combinations to meet your decorating needs for any time of year.

Decorative Ideas for your Outdoor Lighting Colored Lenses

A few ideas for how you can use your outdoor lighting colored lens filters at your Naples home:

  • The end of summer pool party is happening this week. Labor Day is the official end of beach season and summer, add green lens filters around the pool to create a tropical atmosphere to celebrate the best season of the year.
  • Die hard football fan? Who’s your favorite team? The Miami Dolphins? Add orange and white filters. If you prefer college football you can match up the colors for your favorite team whether it’s Florida State, University of Miami or the University of Florida Gators. There is no better way to prepare for a football party than with the team colors displayed outside of your home.
  • Is Halloween your favorite spooky holiday? Create a fun, scary atmosphere out front with smoke and red filters for a gory effect to scare away even the toughest trick-or-treaters.

Additional Benefits to Adding Colored Lenses to Your Outdoor Lights

Acting as protective covers for your lights, colored lenses pull double duty as they provide added protection for your floodlights. Not only that, you won’t have to clean the leaves out as they fall over the next few months. Keep the pine needles, falling leaves and other debris out of your floodlights, you can simply use a clear lens for most of the year, adding your favorite colors when the mood fits.

Get in the spirit of whatever holiday or event is coming up in your life with help from colored outdoor lighting lenses by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Call us to talk about your outdoor lighting needs 239-263-9975.

Create Relaxing Places with Naples Outdoor Lighting

There is a reason why outdoor water features are so popular, they transform your surroundings into a tranquil Zen like place to relax. If you think about your favorite vacation spots or your favorite place to go when you need to get away you may be able to pinpoint what it is about that place that attracts you. Is it possible that there is a trickle of water that provides a lovely peaceful sound? Or a larger body of water providing you sound and fresh ocean air?

Tranquility with Water Feature Lighting

Creating a tranquil place in your own yard with the addition of a water feature is a fantastic way to add grace and welcoming environment. Working great on its own, it is hard to believe that you can increase the relaxing feeling by adding underwater lighting to your water feature. Making your water a beautiful focal feature after the sunsets allows you to get additional relaxing qualities from it while creating a lovely romantic feeling.

The Best Outdoor Lighting for your Water Fall

Charm your senses with the addition of outdoor lighting to your water fall, water fountain or trickling water feature. The right lighting can turn a gorgeous eye-catching daytime feature into an after dark work of art. The talented designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples know just the right fixtures to use and just how to position them to create a lovely space of solitude out of your tranquil backyard water feature. Considering the width and height of your water features, we make sure the end result is focused on the water.

We specialize in lighting your Naples Florida water features and water falls. We’d love to come out and have you show us your Zen place so we can determine how to help you increase the calm and tranquility of the lovely surroundings you call home. Call us to talk about lighting your outdoor water features 239-263-9975.

Upgrade your Naples Outdoor Lighting System to LED Before the Long Nights of Winter Arrive

There are many great benefits to having LED outdoor lights. Compared to incandescent and halogen outdoor lighting options, LED offers lower energy use, lower energy cost, longer bulb life and high-quality beautiful illumination with plenty of flexibility.

While all of those features are fantastic, I have to admit, seeing the significantly lower electric bill at the end of each month is my favorite part. There is no use in having a gorgeous outdoor lighting system at your Naples home if you are turning them off because you are concerned about the electric bill. If you’re considering installing a new outdoor lighting system, LED outdoor lights are the only way to go.

Retrofit Existing Naples Outdoor Lighting Systems

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we don’t just install new outdoor lighting. We repair, maintain, retrofit and upgrade existing outdoor lighting systems. If you already have an outdoor lighting system installed by someone else, there is a very good chance we can come in and retrofit it to LED. By upgrading your outdoor lighting to LED you’ll save up to 80% on your electric bill without having to have an entirely new system installed. With LED you get a gorgeous light that matches your previous light, but with less electricity to get you there. A standard halogen’s light temperature is 2700-3000K and considered soft white. We primarily use 3000K LED light, matching perfectly.

Longer Nights, Means Running More Lights. More Lights, Means more Electricity.

The winter is a lovely time of year in Naples. With the nights being longer, but the weather still being warm, you’ll be running your outdoor lighting even more. Winter evenings are a great time to enjoy your Naples lanai or deck. Don’t wait until the shortest day of the year to realize you’re missing out on a cost savings by not having LED outdoor lights. Now is the time to call us to have your outdoor lighting system upgraded to LED, before the nights get long and the electric bill goes up.

An LED Retrofit Means More Capacity

One of the benefits of upgrading your outdoor lighting system to LED means that your transformer is handling less wattage. With less wattage being used, if your transformer was previously maxed out, you will be able to add more lights that you may have originally decided against. For instance if you currently have seven 35 watt halogen lights and your transformer is full, replacing those with 6 watt LEDs (for a comparable effect) means you can now fit a total of forty 6 Watt LED lights on that transformer. Meaning with just some additional wiring but no new transformer you can add 33 more lights, if you wanted to.

Learn more about energy and cost saving outdoor lighting upgrades when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. Call 239-263-9975 today for a free consultation or email us at [email protected] – Don’t forget to visit our website at naples.outdoorlights.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

LED Outdoor Lighting Brightens a Mediterranean Villa nestled between the Imperial River and Harbor Cove

Tucked in the Bonita Bay neighborhood of Bonita Springs, FL sits a gorgeous Mediterranean Villa that was just asking for some outdoor lighting. With gorgeous architectural details, brick paver driveway and a variety of palm trees we couldn’t ask for a better canvas.

Architectural Lighting in Bonita Springs

The front of this Mediterranean beauty does not disappoint. In the day time you’ll notice the prominence of the five Alexander Palm trees that frame the fountain and skim the roof line. Your eye is naturally drawn up to the top of the palms where your attention is immediately grabbed by the beautiful arches over the balcony and then the red tile roof.

Our intent with the front of the home was to make the features that are so striking during the day, equally striking after dark. By focusing on the arches, fountain and roof line we were able to not only highlight the details of the Mediterranean style but also show off the height of the Alexander Palms. With tree lighting, the palms now frame the illuminated arches and fountain while creating additional beauty in shadows.

Entrance Lighting in Bonita Springs

A beautiful inviting entrance like this should never be under the cover of darkness. The homeowners asked us to illuminate the entryway and stairs so evening visitors could be guided inside safely. With a brick paver driveway and sidewalk leading to the stairs that are tucked in so perfectly under the Live Oak trees, this entry way was dark and treacherous under even the brightest moonlight.

To remedy the dark entryway, we started with some down lighting hidden up in the Southern Live Oak trees. What used to cause the darkness became a perfect source for just the right amount of light. By also adding integrated outdoor LED uplights and path lights we were able to show off the paver walkway, the beautiful stair case, and most importantly lead guests safely to the front door with lighting that appears to be planned solely for aesthetics.

Landscape Lighting in Bonita Springs

Around the right side of the home, just past the beautiful front entryway lies the brick paver driveway leading to the garage and rear of the property. Surrounded by beautiful landscaping that includes Coconut Palms, Sable Palms and another Southern Live Oak we needed to illuminate this area with subtle ambient light without stealing attention from the front of the home. Bonita Springs landscape lighting will be the key to achieving the results we are after.

We were able to place integrated LED uplights under the Coconut Palms and the Sable Palms to create a distinct yet gentle border around the edges of the driveway. With the addition of a couple of strategically placed integrated LED path lights, the homeowners were provided with enough ambient lighting to navigate into their home at night, without turning on their garage lights.

LED Outdoor Lighting in Bonita Springs

This is what 31 Watts can do. Using 1/2 the energy of a single incandescent light bulb.

By using only integrated LED fixtures at this Mediterranean Villa in Bonita Springs, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples was able to illuminate this architectural masterpiece and all of its landscaping with only 98 Watts along the front and 31 Watts around the side and rear. Think about that for a second. A standard incandescent light bulb is 60 Watts. We are illuminating the entire exterior of this home with just slightly more power than two of the light bulbs you may still have in your lamps at home. LED outdoor lighting is a great way to save energy and save costs without compromising light quality.

If you are ready to add exceptional Bonita Springs outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, call us for a free consultation.
Visit our website: naples.outdoorlights.com
Give us a ring: (239) 263-9975

Outdoor Lighting makes The Trianon Hotel an evening gem in downtown Naples

Commercial outdoor lighting in downtown Naples

Right in the middle of downtown Naples you will find a treasure in the boutique style Trianon Hotel. With the addition of commercial outdoor lighting the Trianon’s exterior architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds are getting the attention they deserve well after the Florida sunset sizzles into the sea at sundown.

Old Naples

Dubbed “Trianon Old Naples”, the owners wanted to highlight the front of the property to improve curb appeal and add to the landscaping. Highlighting the beautiful Palm trees, statues, portico and the Florida charm of the front façade was the key to making that goal a reality. With the added benefit of unique architectural features like the balconies, roofline and the different reliefs along the front, we were able to capture the “Old Naples” splendor with this commercial outdoor lighting design.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design

Down lighting on two big oak trees provides the right amount of shadow and light to create a majestic effect on the smaller trees and shrubbery below. The palms, shrubs, and other greenery gain a glow from above that makes for a mysterious affect when uplights and path lights are added nearby. Seeing the depth and beauty in every branch and every leaf at night gives guests at the Trianon a warm and friendly invitation to enjoy the grounds at any time.

With approximately 20 low voltage uplights to highlight all of the beautiful palms and the front façade, we created striking shadows along the front of the boutique hotel. The shadows created from the tall tree canopy, the ornate balcony railings and the palm leaves create a unique majestic Florida feeling with drama and grace from every angle.

As you see in the picture there is a sidewalk running in front of the main entrance. The client wanted more light on the sidewalk. Rather than opting for typical task lighting we elected to install fixtures up in the trees to have the light cascade down. Having four very tall shade trees in the Florida heat is a valuable feature during the day. By using the trees to cast interesting shadows across the sidewalk and property at night we were able to maximize their presence after the sun goes down. The creation of shadows and patches of light results in a very aesthetically pleasing and original nighttime affect.

By converting existing uplights along the front facade to LED we were able to illuminate the Trianon in a whole new light. The addition of outdoor LED lights to the property is a win-win for the owners, as the lights provide brilliant illumination while spending less energy, less running expense, less maintenance and longer warranties than traditional 120 volt.

If you are ready to add exceptional commercial outdoor lighting to your hotel, golf course or other commercial property give us a ring at 239-263-9975 for a free consultation.
Visit our website: naples.outdoorlights.com or Email us: [email protected] We look forward to your call!

Mystery and a personal haven are hidden among the lush landscaping at this Olde Florida style Naples sanctuary illuminated with LED outdoor lighting

One home removed from the endless sunsets of the Gulf of Mexico, this residence reflects Olde Florida style while serving as a personal sanctuary for the owners.  The lush landscaping for the front of the home is illuminated by 11 bronzed brass LED fixtures ranging from 1.5 watts to 6.5 watts each for a total of 50 watts power consumption. For additional perspective, consider for a moment that’s 30% less energy use than two typical incandescent candelabra bulbs found in most wall mounted coach or carriage lights.

Let yourself get lost in the images of how this home and its well placed illumination invite you to walk up the path and enjoy the warmth within.

The carefully placed lighting creates the perfect welcome for any guest or homeowner upon arrival.

During dusk, the illumination acts as a compliment to the setting sun rather than competing with it. While the trees absorb the last of the fading sunlight, each LED fixture begins to bring the lush greenery to life.  A well placed glimpse of light from under the gate creates further allure of what might lie behind the picket fence. The property itself is too expansive to be limited to just the welcome path.  Depth and height is created by drawing the eye to the wide array of specimens that deserve attention. Across the front of the house are multiple species of palm trees, shrubbery and landscape accessories waiting to be discovered.

As the sun finally sets on the Gulf, the landscaping brims to life with artful lighting. Without overwhelming the eye, LED illumination casts a romantic veil of light that emphasizes rich greens, vibrant yellows and the deep, earthy hues of the landscaping. The energy efficient LED lamps used to illuminate the porch continue to create a beautiful focal point. It’s hard to believe this much illumination can be derived from a total of 50 Watts.

LED outdoor lighting can do so much more than create the perfect landscaping scene.  It can optimize it. The water flowing through this fountain is not the only soothing feature here. Notice how the light captures the detail of the curve of the swan’s neck and feathers at the center of the fountain. The strength of the base is contrasted with delicate sounds of water trickling in the shadows. The corrosive proof fixtures are a perfect match for the moisture rich environment a fountain can create.

LED lights create a simple and elegant effect. It’s easy to appreciate the soft glow surrounding the specimens rather than the harsh glare of a simple spotlight. In addition to the 50,000 hours of life expectancy, these energy efficient LED lamps deliver a savings of 80% compared to a halogen-based low voltage system.

The selected solid brass fixtures blend right in to the surroundings. You can enjoy your personal oasis without the intrusiveness of the fixture impeding your view.

If you are ready to add exceptional outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, give us a ring for a free consultation. 239-263-9975
Visit our website: naples.outdoorlights.com

Have you seen the most fabulous outdoor lighting in Bonita Springs?

After designing and installing outdoor lighting and landscape lighting in Bonita Springs for 15 years, we believe that our lighting designs at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are the most fabulous. We are tremendously passionate about outdoor lighting. You will see many of our outdoor lighting designs in Bonita Bay and The Brooks and many other upscale homes throughout Bonita Springs.

One of the best ways to evaluate outdoor lighting is to take a look at before and after pictures. With outdoor lighting design, so many landscape elements and architectural elements can be illuminated. But exceptional design calls for the designer to select areas and elements within the landscaping that will create the best nighttime illumination. Take a look at the before and after picture below. One of the focal lighting scenes is in the back corner. The contrasting colors of the landscaping along with the water feature make it ideal as a focal element of this lighting design. You will also notice that we paid particular attention to the beautiful colors of the Thai plant toward the left of this scene. The next aspect of this design is gently illuminating the architectural pillars and horizontal beam. This spectacular pool area has tremendous height and dimension and it would be a shame not to draw the eye upward and to the Coconut Palm trees right outside the enclosure. Illuminating the trees adjacent to but outside the enclosure seamlessly blends the inside and outside. It allows the homeowners to view and enjoy their exterior landscape in a way that cannot be done during the day. Taking a look at the landscaping, it’s well designed, well manicured, and just beautiful. But seeing it at night brings dimension, contrasting colors and elements of each of the palm trees to life. You don’t have to look too closely at the nighttime view to see the texture on the trunks of the palms. As it relates to texture, you can also see the fronds of the interior trees and the individual stones within the water feature lighting area. Low-level lighting brings this area to life.

Below you will see another pool enclosure lighting design in Bonita Springs. Notice the way your eye is drawn beyond the enclosure and the way the lighting is able to blend the interior and exterior landscaping. Also notice the detail of the leaves, fronds and trunks. Notice how those details become engaging and mesmerizing with discrete lighting.

Below is an architectural facade outdoor lighting design in Bonita Springs. Here are some of the principles we hold dear with lighting design. If applicable, the home’s facade should be illuminated from side to side and from top to bottom. You will see too many designs that illuminate just the entry or just one particular area of the facade. Make sure your lighting designer adeptly illuminates the beauty of your home’s entire facade if applicable. That’s just one element of good architectural lighting design. Next, your lighting designer should adeptly bring to life both depth and texture. By specifying the correct wattage, beam spread, and color temperature; the different architectural reliefs can be seen and enjoyed at night. In fact, these become more apparent with exceptional lighting. You want texture to come to life as well as focal architectural features. Taking a look at the image below, you will note that this spectacular Bonita Springs home looks even more spectacular at night.

If you are ready to add exceptional outdoor lighting to your home, pool, landscaping or focal features, give us a ring for a free consultation.
Visit our website: naples.outdoorlights.com

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Email us: [email protected]

We look forward to your call!

Put Outdoor Lighting on Your Holiday List This Year

Have you decided what you want for Christmas this year? The days are counting down, and we’re just about three weeks away. If you still don’t know what you want or if you’re stuck on what to get for that special someone who has everything, consider outdoor lighting. The best gifts are those that are used frequently, but ones you either didn’t think of buying for yourself or were just putting off for some reason or another. Outdoor lighting is the perfect gift for a spouse, parent, or homeowning child. Not only will it keep giving night after night all year long, but it will transform their home.

There are many practical benefits of outdoor lighting. It increases the functionality of a property, allowing homeowners to use outdoor living spaces once darkness falls. It increases safety by illuminating potential trip hazards and enhances security by reducing shadowed places where unsavory characters can hide. Outdoor lighting also increases curb appeal and can affect property value if a homeowner decides to sell. But in addition to all of these benefits, outdoor lighting profoundly affects the ambiance and beauty of a property. Outdoor lighting can be designed to evoke many different moods – festive, serene, warm, elegant, or enchanting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we design systems that complement the property and match the homeowner’s personality. Our systems highlight each property’s very best features, and homeowners are routinely surprised by how beautiful their properties really are once the lights come on.

Memorable gifts make life better, and outdoor lighting enhances all of your experiences in outdoor living spaces – be that an evening by the pool or arrival in the driveway. Be sure to give that enhancement to someone this year. Or put it on your own list! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is Southwest Florida’s premier outdoor lighting company. We have many years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining systems. Outdoor lighting is our specialty. It is all we do, and that shows in the quality of our work. If you have decided to invest in outdoor lighting for a holiday gift, be sure that you’re getting the best by giving us a call.

Don’t wait! The holidays are practically here. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. With outdoor lighting designed to suit, your property (or a loved one’s) can shine merry and bright, long after the season has ended.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Landscape Lighting in Estero

Beautiful Estero – a unique community just north of the Naples area, the community prides itself on the atmosphere they have been able to create, and rightly so. Estero is one of the fastest growing areas in the USA because it is a wonderful place to live. This community has been able to maintain such a high standard of living because of community involvement before growth began. The people of Estero care deeply about their community. Living in Estero, your property is held to high standards, and this is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help. As the premier outdoor lighting company in the Naples area, we are the perfect outdoor lighting designer to create your Estero landscape lighting.

From residential to commercial, we have many years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining the best outdoor lighting Southwest Florida. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples creates custom designs for each of our clients’ landscapes. This results are outdoor lighting designs that complement the features of the property rather than being one of those “straight out of the box” solutions that leaves you wanting more. We understand how lighting effects mood and utilize techniques to evoke ambiance. We pay careful attention to what our clients want to feel when they are in or viewing these spaces. This allows us to create a beautiful scene and the perfect mood.

Trees are an important component of the Estero landscape, and with many large trees, it is important that your outdoor lighting designer understand how to light older trees and trees of different species. For example, palm trees, with their unique shapes, require different lighting than oaks. The positions of fixtures are especially critical for not only achieving optimal lighting, but also for eliminating “burn out” – extremely bright spots on tree trunks where detail and textures are lost. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples understands all of the peculiarities that can mean the difference in great landscape lighting and landscape lighting that leaves something to be desired.

If you are currently building in Estero, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We can give you landscape lighting that is a perfect complement to your property and is a perfect fit within the Estero community. Remember that installing your landscape lighting while your landscaping is being designed will allow for more lighting possibilities and will minimize the time that your property is in construction disarray. The holidays may be upon us, but we are here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to call. (239) 263-9975

Outdoor Lighting – Naples’ Warm Holiday Welcome

Seasonal residents have returned to Naples, and those who live here year-round are thankful for fall’s mild temperatures. Cooling weather and longer nights mean the holidays are coming, and what better place to spend the holidays than where the cold doesn’t hurt! Now that all of our residents have returned home, it’s time for everyone to start their holiday planning. What have you done so far? Made gift lists? Tested that new cookie recipe? Thought about outdoor lighting? Though it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, outdoor lighting is actually key to a beautifully decorated home. And while you could certainly include festive holiday lighting in this consideration, I really mean architectural lighting, landscape lighting, entryway lighting…(the list goes on), though you may consider these to be simply “normal” outdoor lighting. They make a profound difference in the ambiance and atmosphere of your home, and the very best outdoor holiday lighting designs incorporate both “normal” outdoor lighting and festive lighting.

Why would a regular outdoor lighting design put others in the holiday spirit? Because of the feelings lighting can inspire – feelings of welcome, warmth, and comfort. Warm, natural light contrasts sharply with dense darkness surrounding it, and the reasons it stirs up positive feelings are probably instinctual. For countless years, human beings have been making our own light so we can better function after sunset. Our ancestors built campfires where they and their kin gathered for warmth and protection. Today, we don’t build as many fires, but we are still drawn to oases of warm light at night. Outdoor lighting can make your property warm and inviting – a space that draws your guests in.

And those feelings of warmth and welcome are what we strive for during the holidays. We want to foster positive emotions that make everyone feel good. In creating this welcoming atmosphere, landscape lighting, driveway lighting, path lighting, and entryway lighting will be essential. Such lighting gives your guests direction, as well as that cozy feeling.

With the holidays only a few weeks away, it’s time to take a serious look at your property and your lighting, and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We are a full-service outdoor lighting company that specializes in outdoor lighting alone. With years of experience and a stellar reputation in Southwest Florida, we would love to help you welcome your family and guests with holiday cheer. Let’s talk about it today.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Increase Autumn Security and Safety on Your Estero Property with Outdoor Lighting

The Southwest Flordia summer swelter is finally breaking, and we are getting some of those milder temperatures that are the envy of many areas of the country. With nighttime temperatures in the 70s, it’s the perfect time to be in Estero. Though we are now spending more time outdoors than during the summer, you’ve probably already noticed how much more quickly the sun is setting. Days are getting shorter, and nights are already getting longer. With additional hours of darkness, you may be worried about security and safety on your property, and you have every reason to be. Unsavory characters are harder to spot in the dark, and it’s much easier to trip on an out of place tool or toy when your drive is shadowed. But all of these risks can be minimized by simply adding outdoor lighting.

It’s no secret that thieves and vandals avoid properties that are well illuminated and target those that are shadowed. Shadowed homes provide them plenty of places to lurk and not be seen. They can target your home and not be noticed, but outdoor lighting minimizes the shadowy places where those with ill intent can hide, making your property more secure and safer for you and your family, especially you are returning home after dark.

Estero outdoor lighting also reveals dangers that shadows conceal. Maybe someone left a garden hose stretched across the driveway, or a child or grandchild left toys lying on the porch. If you are bringing a guest home, he/she won’t be aware of that particularly high first step to the front door. Without clear visibility, such trip hazards could cause your otherwise pleasant evening to end in an ER visit, but with Estero outdoor lighting, your pathways, driveway, and entryways can be illuminated, allowing you to see hazards before they create problems.

Most of us stopped being afraid of the dark many years ago. We recognize there are no monsters in the closet or underneath the bed, so nighttime isn’t that scary. However, kids do have some valid concerns. Darkness can conceal is the existence of hazards, and because of this, Estero outdoor lighting is an important autumn addition to your home. For the best outdoor lighting in the southwest Florida area, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. With years of experience, our specialists can design, install, and maintain a unique outdoor lighting system for your property, one that will protect you from the things that “go bump in the night” and one that will transform the look and ambiance of your property.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Keep Your Naples Outdoor Lighting System Performing its Best This Fall

To the many who are returning to Naples for the winter – Welcome back! The temperatures are mild, the sun is shining, and this is still paradise. Relax and enjoy the season. For both those who are returning and those who call Naples home year-round, fall is the perfect time to do maintenance on your outdoor lighting system. Why? Because now that the temperatures are no longer sweltering, you want to spend more time outdoors, and with Daylight Savings time coming to an end on November 2nd, that time will likely be spent after the sun goes down.

Here on the Gulf Coast, the elements can be harsh. Rains and wind cause erosion around your wiring, and they can even beat on your fixtures so they are no longer aimed with the precision they once were. During routine landscaping, fixtures can be bumped and jostled. Your dogs might even do this when they are dashing through the yard after that squirrel. In addition to general repositioning and adjusting, outdoor lighting systems need to be checked to ensure all components (wiring, bulbs, and transformer) are functioning properly. Bulbs burn out, and well lights can accumulate debris. Debris accumulation and damaged wiring can lead to fires, so it is important to give your system the attention it needs. A little care now can save you time and money later.

If you are an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples’ client, you may already have an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). If so, this work is covered by your plan. All you have to do is give us a call. If you’re not an OLP Naples’ client and own a system that was installed by another provider or contractor, there is no need to worry. We can still perform maintenance on your system and are happy to do so, especially if you cannot reach the contractor who performed the installation.

Your outdoor lighting system is key to fun-filled evenings outdoors in Naples. Be sure it looks and performs its best. Contact us today. In order for your system to stay in top shape, it needs a routine check up. So why not do it as you prepare to utilize your outdoor living spaces more frequently? Be sure your home and outdoor spaces are shining brightly and turning heads this fall. It all starts by giving us a call.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Colored Lens Covers Create Unique Naples Outdoor Lighting Designs

Your home is as unique as you are. It’s not like every other house of the block. It’s beautiful, stylish, and striking, and best of all, it’s not predictable. If you have trusted Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples with your outdoor lighting system, you already know that we share your love of uniqueness. We truly enjoy developing designs that are one-of-a-kind and compliment your property’s strengths. Because not every property is the same and different homeowners want to create different ambiance on their properties, we want to be sure you are aware of our colored lens cover options.

Many of our outdoor lighting fixtures, specifically our well lights and spotlights, feature clear lens covers that are removable and interchangeable. This means that you can replace them if they become worn, but it also means you can change the color of your lighting. These colors can complement your landscaping in distinct ways and create festive moods that are only possible with color. Because these lens covers are simple to change, it’s easy to alter your Naples outdoor lighting whenever you want. You can choose blue for an elegant, enchanting garden party, or red, green, and yellow for a Carnival celebration that is bold and daring. Colored lens covers can even make decorating for the holidays easy. With just a snap, your trees and shrubs can be bathed in festive red, green, or blue light.

Splashes of colored light can make a big statement when surrounded by natural colored light. The color will bring focus to a specific area, altering the way people view it. We often talk about how light transforms your property. Naples outdoor lighting has this power because we are able to manipulate it. Sunlight shines down and makes the world around us look “normal”. By manipulating light sources and their directions, your property will look both the same and different. Colored lens covers give you even more transformative power by also changing how the light looks.

As beautiful as your outdoor lighting is, colored lens covers give you the ability to create and recreate truly unique lighting. So call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We can let you know which of your fixtures have changeable lens covers and can help you decide which colors will be best suited to your property. We can even help you determine which colors would best complement specific events or holidays. With colored lens covers, your outdoor lighting can be truly unique.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting is the Perfect Addition for National Curb Appeal Month

August brings us the final days of summer. The kids are enjoying their last bit of freedom, and many of the rest of us are looking forward to cooler days. But this August is bringing something else as well – National Curb Appeal Month. National Curb Appeal Month is an entire month dedicated to sprucing up the front of the house, or any side that many be visible from the road. Curb appeal should be viewed as one of your home’s assets. It is of utmost importance if you are considering selling your property. Not only can it increase the marketability of your home, but it can even add value. Of course, if you are not planning to sell, great curb appeal makes your home stand out in the neighborhood and gives you a feeling of pride. So what are some ways you can increase your curb appeal in August? Of course, you could repaint the trim or do some new landscaping, but consider adding outdoor lighting.

No matter how beautiful your property may be, night will swallow that beauty without outdoor lighting. No one will see your colorful flowers, your unique roofline, or the beautiful textures of your architecture. Your palm trees will become one with the shadows. But outdoor lighting brings the best features of your property to light. It highlights these features, and even transforms them by changing the way you look at them. This is possible because outdoor lighting is directional. It is not simply light shining down from overhead, like the sun. By controlling the light sources that illuminate the front of your home, a good outdoor lighting designer can manipulate mood in ways that other home improvements cannot.

What types of outdoor lighting are typically used to increase curb appeal? Architectural lighting is an essential component. It ensures that your home is visible and its unique architectural elements are noticed. Landscape lighting is also utilized. It highlights the best portions of your landscape – from trees to flowers to shrubs and foliage. Entry way and path lighting ensure that visitors know where to go when they approach your home. This includes lighting pathways to the door and door itself. Of course, you may also need porch lighting if your home has one.

By using some or all of these types of lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can make your home magnetic, and that is true curb appeal. Your home can turn heads and make you happier to return to it through the addition of a few lights. So celebrate National Curb Appeal Month by calling us today. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples make your home the most appealing on the block.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Naples’ Light Sculpting Specialists Bring You an Inspired Night

Warmth, enchantment, excitement, and refinement – these are just a few tones that truly inspired outdoor lighting can bring to your home. Areas of light and shadow contrast, creating focus and rhythm. Colors pop out in the dark. Your trees, flowers, and architecture come alive. These elements are the same yet different under the mesmerizing glow. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we do more than just illuminate your property. We create mood and tone, form lines, craft texture, and direct sightlines. We are craftsmen and light sculpting specialists.

You may be wondering what a Light Sculpting Specialist is. This is an outdoor lighting professional who goes beyond simply illuminating an object. A light sculpting specialist manipulates light in order to create an effect, much like a sculptor manipulates clay to create a likeness. A light sculpting specialist scrutinizes detail and must be able to carefully control the light he/she uses.

Consider this lanai. Beautiful trees grow both in and outside the lanai, but the use of light blurs the viewer’s perception of this division. Trees and foliage plants both in and outside are illuminated with dramatic uplighting. The small, palm casts shadows up onto the cage ceiling making the vegetation seem even denser. As a contrast, downlighting is used to highlight the foliage plants on the right and balance out the scene. Lighting in the foreground and background is more subdued, manipulating sight lines and giving depth and serenity.

For this installation, particular attention was given to the line created by the stairs leading down to this pool area. Light is most intense and dense in the area between the stairs and the pool. It bounces off the palms down into the pool area, giving the space a warm, welcoming glow. However, the area above the stair line is more shadowed. Light fades until darkness dominates the upper right of this scene. This divisive technique shows separation between the outdoor living area and the world beyond. Balance is created in a fashion reminiscent of yin and yang.

In this patio and pool area, pools of light reveal gathering areas – the table, water feature, and the pool itself. The water feature, which is most removed, is illuminated more intensely imparting to it the ability to reach across distance and beckon. The table area uses a combination of uplighting and downlighting, giving functionality to the table while still drawing attention to the majestic tree sprawling overhead. Finally the light at the edge of the pool is the mid point on which the scene balances, as such its brightness is neither intense nor subdued.

As you can see, sculpting with light requires in-depth planning and masterful control over fixtures. The results of such labor are breath taking. Are you ready to transform your outdoor living areas into works of art that you can enjoy night after night? If so, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today and see what happens.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Makes a Buzz on Houzz

Even when you’ve been in business as long as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, it’s always exciting to be recognized for good work. This past week, some of our work was featured in an article on Houzz – Wildlife Sensitive Ways to Light a Coastal Landscape. This article details outdoor lighting techniques that are both beautiful and do not cause damaging interference with the life cycle of coastal creatures. Some of the creatures most affected by light pollution are sea birds and sea turtles. Working in the Naples area for many years, we understand how important it is to preserve our natural landscape and indigenous wildlife, and we are being proactive. We know how to light your home in beautiful ways that protect sea creatures.


Whether you are planning to install outdoor lighting in a beach area or in a community off the water, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has the skills, experience, and creativity to beautifully illuminate your outdoor living spaces, landscape, and architecture. Once you have read the Houzz article, cruise over to our Naples Houzz page. Browse our photos and Ideabooks. If you sign up for Houzz (there is no cost for using the site), you can create an Ideabook of your own and add pictures from our page that can help us understand what is important to include in your outdoor lighting design. Of course, we can never promise your property will “look just like the picture”, but these photos can serve as inspiration and can help us capture the mood you want for the space.


As outdoor lighting designers and community members, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples strives to make Naples better and brighter. Taking on unique properties and challenging projects excites us. We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the very best outdoor lighting possible and have their visions realized.


If you are looking for an outdoor lighting designer, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We would love to take on your project – small or large, beach or woods, landscape or architecture. Nighttime beauty can be friendly to our coastal environment. You simply need a designer that knows how to accomplish both.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Light Up Your Naples Home for the 4th of July

Ah, the sights and sounds of summer! Good food sizzling on the grill, bright sunlight reflecting off of the ice in your drink, and the kids shrieking as they push one another into the pool. The kids are lucky. For them, summer is one long holiday, but at least we adults get some holiday too. The 4th of July is a mere two and a half weeks away. Hopefully, you are getting ready. Independence Day is characterized by our favorite way to celebrate in America – good food and fireworks. What better way to celebrate than by throwing fire and light into the night sky? With a pop, crackle, and flash, fireworks mesmerize us and leave us with a sense of child-like awe. It’s a good feeling. Now what if you could make those feelings and that air of celebration last? With outdoor lighting, you can.


While it won’t flash and flicker (and you really don’t want it to!), outdoor lighting can bathe your property in warm, dramatic light that will capture the attention of those who pass by. Like fireworks, outdoor lighting uses areas of light and shadow to attract notice, cause pause, and elevate mood. Outdoor lighting can bring a celebratory atmosphere to your home this 4th of July and every holiday afterward. Unlike fireworks, outdoor lighting is long lasting. Carefully maintained, outdoor lighting systems can last a lifetime, continuing to elevate the look and feel of your property night after night.


Your outdoor lighting system can be as big or small as you like. Perhaps you want to start with a certain area – like the front of your home or your lanai or pool area. Like a small fireworks show, a small outdoor lighting system is still beautiful and captivating, and of course, if you want to expand later, that is possible. Whether your neighbors are out for a stroll or you are hosting a summer gathering, your outdoor lighting system will lift the spirits of all those who see it. And in addition to improving the quality of your outdoor time, it can even add resale to your home should you ever choose to sale.


Light captivates. Be sure you are taking advantage of this characteristic and get your property celebration ready for the 4th of July and all other holidays after. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Naples. As the area’s premier outdoor lighting provider, we will use light to make your property unforgettable – without unsettling pops and explosions.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Naples Outdoor Lighting – A Gift Dad Can Enjoy for Years to Come

It’s June, and Father’s Day is just a little over a week away – June 15th. So what do you have planned to celebrate Dad this year? Maybe you’re thinking of getting him a new set of golf clubs, a power tool, or new grill tools. All of these gifts would probably please him, but how about something a little different? Give Dad the gift of outdoor lighting, and he can enjoy mild, Naples nights relaxing on the patio or deck. Now that temperatures are consistently in the mid to upper-80s, nighttime is the best time to spend outdoors.


What are some good areas to light up for Dad? How about the lanai? He can spend evenings in conversation, drink in hand, enjoying mild Naples breezes. Or consider deck lighting. The deck is the perfect spot for an outdoor dinner. You can even give it a trial run on Father’s Day when you and the family go for a visit. Dad works hard in the yard. Be sure all of that hard work is noticed by adding landscape lighting. Even at night, the neighbors will be able to see the lawn, shrubs, and trees he tends week after week. Or you might add pool area lighting. After a hard day’s work, Dad can relax by the pool long after the stars have appeared. He won’t miss out even if he’s working late.


For all he does, Dad deserves a little rest and relaxation. Outdoor lighting creates an atmosphere that is soothing and serene. Dad can let all of the cares of the day slip away. Outdoor lighting will elevate his outdoor living spaces and make them functional and safe all at once. Best of all, he won’t even have to maintain it. With design, installation, and the Annual Maintenance Plan from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, all Dad has to do is sit back and enjoy. We take care of everything, and if you choose an LED outdoor lighting system, his energy costs will be considerably less than if you choose a traditional halogen system. Of course, none of outdoor lighting’s beauty and elegance is lost by choosing our high quality LED fixtures and components.


A tie, cologne, or gift card – yes, you could give any of these gifts, and Dad would appreciate them. But why not give him something he can enjoy all year for years to come? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We’ve got Dad’s gift covered this Father’s Day.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Living in Naples Makes it Easy to be Loving Outdoor Living

Gorgeous palm trees, sandy beaches, dining on the waterways, endless shopping; what’s not to love about living in Naples?  The photos you see in the high-end magazines are what Naples is all about and living here is nothing short of amazing.  When people visit, they often remark how difficult it would be to work with all these distractions but at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we feel that we have the best of both worlds.

Naples architecture and landscaping is stunning, exquisite and elegant.  It’s what the rest of the country wants to experience when the “get away” from the daily grind of their lives.  Many of our client’s properties mimic that of a 5-star resort setting, especially after we install Naples outdoor lighting to enhance the features of their palm trees, pool areas, pathways and more.  If you’d like to see how they look at night, visit our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Houzz page.  It’s full of gorgeous outdoor living spaces magnificently light with Naples landscape lighting.  We think you’ll like what you see and also believe you’d like the new e-magazine, Loving Outdoor Living, designed for outdoor living aficionados.    The free e-magazine is full of stunning photographs, inciting editorial and useful tips on enjoying a richer life in your outdoor living spaces.

If the pages of the inaugural issue of Loving Outdoor Living leave you wanting more, you’re in luck.  The Loving Outdoor Living blog will continue to engage you with the hottest outdoor living comforts, products and accents.  The latest story is full of tips on creating a functional and beautiful outdoor room, something those of us living in Southwest Florida can really appreciate.

If all of these sites and publications we have suggested have sparked some ideas for your outdoor living spaces and you’re interested in adding Naples outdoor lighting to them, give us a call.  We have been custom designing and installing outdoor lighting in the Naples area for over 10 years.  We know how to highlight the architectural features of your home, the colors of your landscaping, the textures of your trees and everything in between.  Not only will Naples outdoor lighting make your spaces look more beautiful at night, it will also allow you to use them in ways you couldn’t before.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can take outdoor living to a new level of luxury.  Our consultation is always free so give us a call us at (239) 263-9975 or visit our Naples outdoor lighting website We look forward to hearing from you.

Safety is Beautiful: Outdoor Lighting for Your Southwest Florida Home Security

It’s migration season. Birds that wintered over here in Naples are journeying back north. Of course, this happens with people too. Many who spend the winter in our area will be returning to their summer homes in the next few weeks. If you are headed back north soon, you are probably going through your checklist to be sure everything is ready for the months you will be away. Leaving your property for long periods of time can cause apprehension. You want your home to be safe and secure. Don’t forget that outdoor lighting is one of your best security measures, so be sure your system is in top shape before you leave.


A well-illuminated property is a crime deterrent. Such a home is at less risk of vandalism or breaking and entering. Unsavory characters prefer to strike homes that are shadowed and dark. In those environments, they are much less likely to be spotted. Not only is outdoor lighting striking and elegant, it can prompt someone with bad intentions to keep moving down the street. So contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to schedule system maintenance. We will ensure your fixtures are in their optimal positions, wiring is reburied, any burned out bulbs are replaced, and your transformer is in good condition. With these routine adjustments, your property will shine. It will attract the attention you want, admiration from neighbors and friends, and not the kind you don’t from vandals and thieves.


To further increase the security your outdoor lighting system provides, consider adding Lighting Control Automation (LCA). While it is like a timer in many ways, it does so much more. LCA controls all of the electrical circuits on your property, including your interior lights and TV. Different zones are established, and they can be programmed to turn on and off on a schedule that mimics your normal routines. That way, the exterior of your home and your landscape is illuminated, and your interior lights come on and turn off as if you were home. Knowing it will be less apparent that you are away can give you peace of mind until you return to Naples again in the fall.


So if you are migrating soon, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call. Whether it is routine maintenance, installing Lighting Control Automation, or installing a new system, we can help you be sure your property is secure and ready for your departure. You can relax and enjoy your summer.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Let’s Talk Numbers: How Many Outdoor Lighting Fixtures You Need for Your Southwest Florida Home

When homeowners begin seriously considering outdoor lighting for their property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has found that one of the first things some want to know is how many lights they will need. Though we understand why clients seek this information early, beautiful outdoor lighting results from how lights are used rather than how many are installed. This is one of the primary differences between an experienced outdoor lighting designer and an amateur. How much we can do with just one outdoor light might surprise you, and actually, using too many lights can cause your property to be too bright. In these cases, onlookers will notice the light itself more than the details of your property


So how do outdoor lighting professionals do so much with just a few fixtures? We know the value of perfect placement, beam spread, and custom design.


Perfect Placement
Positioning outdoor lighting fixtures truly is an art form, and it is key to creating an exquisite system. When determining where to place a light and how to angle it, we consider the height, width, and texture of the object we will be illuminating. We use in-depth knowledge of fixtures and their outputs to do more with less.


Beam Spread
Beam spread refers to how light rays spread out as they travel from the fixture to the object that is illuminated. Optimally, designers are able to control beam spread, so they can have more control over the look of the system. They could spread light over a wider area by increasing it, or bring the light into tighter focus by constricting it. The fixtures used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples allow for such control.


Custom Design
No two properties are the same, and no two outdoor lighting systems should be the same either. Additionally, not all areas of your property should be illuminated. Areas of light balanced with areas of shadow give ambiance and tone. Uniform illumination will only make your property appear sterile. By highlighting the best features of a property, good designers draw attention to what is most important to their clients. The rest fades into the shadows.


So how many fixtures do you really need? Unfortunately, there is no formula. Even with specific dimensions, this cannot be determined until the designer has seen your property and understood what look you want for your system. For this reason, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples conducts free consultations with no obligation attached. Contact us today, and let us show you what we can do. While we can’t give you a specific number in this post, in most cases, less is more when designing outdoor lighting systems.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Use Daylight Savings Time To Revamp Your Outdoor Lighting System

There are tons of perks of Daylight Savings Time to start taking advantage of this week. The drive home isn’t shrouded in darkness, we get to spend a little extra time playing outside with the kids and we’ve finally got time to cross off all the outdoor chores we’ve been putting off all winter on our to-do lists. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we encourage you to spend a few minutes of the extra daylight inspecting your outdoor lighting system to make sure it’s in tip top shape for the new Spring season.

Check fixtures for damage and proper placement

Use the extra daylight in the afternoons when you get home to walk around the house and check each outdoor lighting fixture for wear and tear. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we only use the highest-quality materials that are built to last, but even Florida wasn’t immune to this rough winter. Additionally, some things may have changed since you last updated your system, such as trees and other foliage growing taller and potentially blocking the light from your fixtures. If you’ve invested in the Annual Maintenance Plan, all of these issues can be resolved for you by our team of experts, and we’ll even help you change up your home’s overall design for a fresher look.

Check bulbs for safety

During the winter season, some small animals may have burrowed underground where your outdoor lighting system’s wires are buried, and some may even have built nests inside your fixtures. Inspect the yard for signs of these problems, and consider installing lens filters to prevent animals, pollen or other outdoor hazards from damaging your bulbs.

Look for other areas that need lighting

It’s time to jump back into our pools and start enjoying the Florida weather we all know and love again. Work with an outdoor lighting expert to evaluate your home and locate new areas you could enjoy after dark with the right lighting. Come up with a brand new lighting plan for your pool area, patio or other spots around the house, and open it up just in time for Spring.

Consider upgrading to Led

Finally, blow your neighbors away at night by upgrading your entire outdoor lighting system to LED. In addition to a brighter, more balanced look, LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 25 years! You’ll notice the difference – and the energy savings – almost instantly.

Learn more about other smart outdoor lighting upgrades when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is on Houzz

It’s an exciting week for us here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples as we launch our presence on Houzz. Have you heard of it? Houzz is a home remodeling and design platform. Whether you are using a computer or a mobile device like your smartphone or tablet, Houzz allows you to browse thousands of home design photos, save them to an “Ideabook”, ask for remodeling advice, and find professionals in your area. Signing up is free, and so is the app. In just a matter of minutes, you can have a wealth of home improvement ideas at your fingertips, including ideas for outdoor lighting.


Once you’ve landed or downloaded on Houzz, search for us or follow the link to our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples page. This week, we’ve posted photos from nine of our projects. Flip through them and save what you like best to your Ideabook. We have some Ideabooks built too. These include photos of specific types of outdoor lighting such as tree lighting, patio lighting, or accent lighting. The photos come from different projects. Saving what most appeals to you not only helps you discover the styles you want for your property, it also helps us as your designer. When you begin conversations with us about a new outdoor lighting system or adding to your current one, show us your Ideabook. We will be better able to understand what you are looking for. While we can never guarantee your new system or addition will look just like those in the pictures, we will use those pictures to help us design a system for your property using the same style, tone, and mood.


Houzz is a great new tool and a wonderful place to find inspiration. We are very excited to showcase our best outdoor lighting in this arena. So if you’re considering adding any type of outdoor lighting to your property, take advantage of it. Once you are sufficiently inspired, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. Because even though “a picture is worth a thousand words”, experiencing the real thing is so much better than talking about it.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Helps You Fall in Love Again

So Friday is Valentine’s Day – that wonderful, but often controversial day of love. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it’s good to celebrate what you love, whether that is another human or just something you are passionate about, like an activity or you home. In all relationships that last, it is sometimes easy to fall into a routine and go through the motions. We lose some of the emotional investment and excitement, and often, we just need something a little out of the ordinary to bring back the spark. So this Valentine’s Day, do something out of the ordinary. Add outdoor lighting to your outdoor living spaces. It may be just what you need to make extra special experiences or your loved one and your property.


There is nothing quite like a romantic, private evening to help you and your spouse fall for each other all over again, and such occasions shouldn’t just be limited to Valentine’s Day. Now imagine this evening being a dinner at home, possibly even home cooked, on an enchantingly lit lanai or patio. Of course, you could light dozens of candles, but to produce enough illumination, you would have to use so many it would create a fire hazard. But instead, lanai or patio lights will cast a romantic glow that provides visibility and safety and sets the perfect mood. Bathed in warm light, you and your spouse will want to linger and enjoy each other’s company long into the night.


Not only can outdoor lighting set the mood for you to fall in love with each other again, it can also help you and your family fall in love with your home again. All types of outdoor lighting showcase the very best features of your property, and with unique fixture placements and light coming from multiple sources, these familiar features will also look different, distinctive, and striking. You will be able to recapture the magic you felt when you first fell in love with your home.


So if you are ready to set the perfect mood to fall in love again, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. There’s no better time to give the gift of romance to your spouse, and no better time to see your property in a new way. Let us help you make it a night to remember.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

New Year, New Look: Naples Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2014

2013 is one for the books, and 2014 is bright with possibilities and opportunities. For many homeowners, New Year’s Day is the perfect time to plan the improvements we want to make during the coming year. For Naples residents, this can be particularly exciting since our winter season is the best time to be outdoors. With mild temperatures and fewer storms, outdoor living in Naples thrives while most of the nation is shivering and hunkered down by the fireplace. So while you are planning your 2014 home improvements, don’t forget the outdoors! Now is the best time for these outdoor improvements. That way, you have plenty of time to enjoy them before the summer swelter sets in. And what better way to enjoy your outdoor spaces than under the inviting glow of outdoor lighting?

Perhaps you are thinking of adding a lanai, reworking your garden, or improving your pool area. Whatever you plan for your outdoor spaces, outdoor lighting adds a touch of elegance, improved functionality, and safety in the area after dark. And outdoor lighting is the only way you can obtain these benefits.

So what are some outdoor lighting improvements you can make to elevate your outdoor living spaces? Consider the following:

1.     Water feature lighting – Your water feature accentuates southwest Florida’s mild temperatures all day with it splashes and gargles. Don’t lose its visual effect at night. Add underwater lighting to your pond or waterfall. Underwater lights create stunning effects, especially when water is mobile.

2.     Uplighting for trees – Because trees contain so many textures, uplighting heightens their grandeur. This is especially true for palm trees. The shadowing created by branches and leaves is particularly eye-catching.

3.     Path lighting – If you have a garden, path lighting can illuminate both your walkways and your flowers as long as they are placed strategically. These pools of light are beautiful and can save you and your family from trips and falls as well.

4.     Focal lighting – As its name implies, focal lighting brings focus to a particular area or object, so it encompasses a wide range of applications. It can be used in a garden to highlight particularly striking foliage, on a gazebo or trellis, or in a pool area or lanai to showcase plants or architectural features.

5.     Patio/Deck lighting – Patio and deck lighting techniques are used to set a sitting area apart. When standing back from the area, the light should help create boundaries between this space and the rest of the outdoors. As a result, some techniques can be used to create boundaries in an area without the physical confines of railings or walls.

While you’re making 2014 improvement plans for your outdoor spaces, don’t forget the difference that professional outdoor lighting design and installation can make. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has been serving our area for years. We know Naples’ styles and tastes, and we know outdoor lighting. So give us a call. We’d love to give your outdoor spaces the new start they deserve.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

2013: A Year of Aesthetics for Naples Outdoor Lighting

The end of 2013 is approaching much quicker than I anticipated. When we were kids, time seemed to creep along so slowly, especially around the holidays. But somehow as we age, time speeds up.  It’s hard to believe that the end of 2013 is already here. Like so many, at the end of the year, I enjoy reflecting on what the year has brought and how our company has performed. While I do this personally, I also do this as the owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. So what has this year brought to outdoor lighting in our area? 2013 has been the Year of Aesthetics.

It is no mystery that the people of Naples, Florida have elegant tastes. It is evident in our architecture, gardens, style, and especially our outdoor lighting. While outdoor lighting will always have practical applications that should never be ignored, we have been privileged to focus on how we can best utilize light to elevate the overall beauty of a property or specific outdoor area. For some of our most outstanding projects this year, we used outdoor lighting to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior realms in gardens, lanais, and pool areas. By blurring these boundaries, we have created areas that are enticing and warm and connect our clients to the natural beauty all around them. This year, we’ve invested great effort into studying the techniques that will create such effects. We have experimented with our fixtures, so we are well aware of how to optimize their abilities. That work has paid off, enabling us to create several outdoor lighting masterpieces this year.

In 2013, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has been so very fortunate to employ a remarkable team that shares a mission to highlight the unique beauty of each client’s property. Our work reflects our commitment to producing outstanding outdoor lighting, maintaining the highest level of professionalism, and realizing our clients’ visions.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has also been blessed with outstanding clients this year. You have entrusted the beauty of your properties to us. Without this trust, the Year of Aesthetics would not be possible. You enable us to continue lighting Southwest Florida, teasing out the beauty that’s already there, and integrating it into a stunning scene.  So thank you, Clients, for allowing us to do what we love best.

Beginnings are exciting, and as we approach 2014, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is eager to see what this year brings. But whatever comes, we remain committed to providing you with the very best outdoor lighting design, products, installation, and maintenance available. Even though we are right before the holidays should you have any outdoor lighting issues that need to be addressed, please give us a call this week. And if you simply want to wish us happy holidays, we’d love to hear that from you as well.

To Southwest Florida residents and all of our clients, we wish you the happiest holidays, and a bright, beautiful New Year.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Spotlighting Makes Outdoor Holiday Decorations Shine

The holiday hustle and bustle has descended on Naples. Stores are filled with shoppers seeking perfect gifts, holiday tunes are dancing through the air, and decorations are going up. Our city is becoming merrier by the minute. If you are still in the process of decorating, you’re probably trying to figure out how to make your home stand out from the rest. I mean after all, who doesn’t want to be the most festive house on the block? And if you have already decorated, you may still be on the hunt for an extra special addition to really make your decorations pop. Have you noticed your outdoor decorations that aren’t pre-lit get lost in the shadows at night? If any of this sounds familiar, the solution you are looking for is spotlighting.

When we talk about holiday lighting, spotlights certainly aren’t the first fixtures that come to mind. Rather, we think of string lighting or 3-D pieces composed of string lights. Spotlights are the unsung heroes of holiday lighting and often overlooked, but just consider a home that utilizes both string lighting and spotlighting. You really can tell the difference between those that do and those that don’t. Spotlighting highlights wreaths, garlands, or other 3-D decorations that are not pre-lit. As beautiful as string lights are, they don’t emit enough light to fully illuminate decorations such as these. So if you want each leaf, branch, berry, and icicle to stand out, spotlighting is for you.

At this point, you may be ready to go grab a few spotlights and extension cords from a home improvement store and get to work. Of course, this is an option for you, and we discussed this in another post a few weeks ago. Consider that extension cords are temporary and even those rated for outdoor use shouldn’t be left out in the elements for weeks. They can sustain damage or become dislodged from the outlet, creating fire hazards. Extension cords draped over a lawn are unsightly. Remember, you are trying to make the property look amazing. Often, extension chords must run over pathways, and with everyone rushing about, you really don’t want someone tripping and having to take holiday detour via the emergency room. And finally, with few fixture and placement options, you may end up with light your eyes every time you open the front door. That said, temporary spotlighting is probably the cheapest way for you to incorporate spotlights into your holiday décor.

Here’s another option for you – call a professional outdoor lighting designer like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. Sure you’ll pay a little more, but with extensive fixture options, buried low voltage wiring, and professional designers, you can avoid all the pitfalls associated with temporary spotlighting. The spotlights we use can also help you decorate. Perhaps, you haven’t hung ornaments in trees or put a wreath in each window. Did you know that our lens covers can be changed out for colored ones? They can. With just a snap, trees, shrubs, and the eaves of your home can be bathed in festive red, green, blue, or yellow light, creating a festive mood without hanging a single decoration. Whether you pick natural or colored spotlighting, your home will be dazzling, and our spotlights can continue to illuminate your home long after the holidays have passed.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the holiday decorating trick that will make your home stand out from the rest. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We would be happy to work with you to make all of your decorations shine this holiday season.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Elegance and Elevation: How Outdoor Lighting Enhances Southwest Florida Nights

It is not the first time I’ve said, “We’re so lucky to live here.” It won’t be the last. There is no denying that Southwest Florida is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Stunning white beaches, the shining gulf water, and towering palm trees come together creating what most would call paradise. Personally, I count myself lucky not only to live here but also to bring out Naples’ remarkable beauty at night. While outdoor lighting is functional, as it enables use of spaces and keeps them safe after dusk, it also elevates aesthetic aspects of your property, and such elevation can only be accomplished at night. It is this characteristic that makes outdoor lighting so enticing to homeowners in our area.

Recently, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples installed a system that encapsulates Southwest Florida beauty after dark. Like many in Naples, the client has an enclosed pool area and spectacular palm trees. The property is also located on the water. This client wanted the pool area illuminated with elegant and dramatic lighting but also wanted to highlight the trees outside of it. By doing so, we were able to craft the illusion of being completely outdoors under these magnificent trees but without the annoying insects.

Dramatic uplighting was used on the trees outside the pool area, making them stand out against the darkness behind them. Several small palm trees within the area were also illuminated in this way. The uplighting and their shadows reflect off of the glass roof, adding a striking layer of depth and creating an even denser “forest” look. Other islands of foliage and flowers were lit with overhead lighting and path lights. The end result was enough ambient light to make the area functional and enough shadows to create a captivating mood. Now, our client can lounge around the pool soaking up iconic Florida beauty and the mysterious elegance the new system inspires.

What is most beautiful about your property? A pool area like the one above; a tropical garden of trees, foliage, and flowers; or awe-inspiring architecture? Whatever your best area may be, there is an elegance and wonder that can only be teased out at night under the very best outdoor lighting. If you would like to unlock this beauty in your home and elevate it, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. You have seen what we can do, and I promise the potential is already there. After all, we live in Naples.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Particular Tree Lighting for the Particular Palms

While most of the country has experienced much chillier temperatures this week, here in Naples our thermometers are reading in the 70’s and low 80’s, which is perfect for being outdoors. Our warmer yearly temperatures are also perfect for palm trees. They flourish here. And while people in colder regions of the country may envy our temperatures (especially this week), they probably envy our palm trees even more. Every year, homeowners in other areas of the country pay hefty sums to purchase the trees that are native to Florida. You probably have several of them in your own yard and value their contribution to your landscape. They are regal and majestic. But are you able to truly experience their famous beauty after dark? Are they illuminated by your outdoor lighting system? If not, they should be, so they can continue to add value to your landscape at night.

Just as with other areas of outdoor lighting, there are correct and incorrect ways to light palm trees. And while you could get general contractors or landscapers to install your tree lighting cheaply, they are not lighting specialists and may not understand how to bring out the best of your palms. To be able to illuminate palms correctly, it is important to understand their anatomy. Palm trees have a unique crown shape, and the proportion of crown to trunk also differs from other tree species. Additionally, some palms have a crownshaft connecting the crown to the trunk. Because palm trees are so different from other trees, they need a special approach to lighting.

For proper illumination, palms not only require proper positioning of lights, but they also need a variety of bulb wattagess and beam spreads. This ensures the whole palm is illuminated and that parts of the crown aren’t getting lost in the dark. Without these special wattages and spreads, fixtures cannot be properly positioned to create optimal illumination. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples uses multiple bulb wattages and beam spreads to bring out the very best of your palms. General contractors and landscapers tend to use the same bulbs in all fixtures.

Using dramatic uplighting (angling a well or spotlight upward toward the crown), the individual leaflets or segments of your palm leaves shine against the dark shadows beyond. And with the proper bulbs and spreads, your palms’ trunks can flaunt their wealth of texture at the same time. A fitting showcase for one of the most identifiable symbols of our state. If you are ready to bring out the very best of your palm trees after sunset, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. By coming to your property to view your trees first hand and discovering what you are looking for, we can ensure these giants are as iconic at night as they are in our brilliant Florida sunlight.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Using Spotlighting to Accentuate Your Best Holiday Décor

Halloween has come and gone, the air continues to cool, and the daylight savings shift last week made it even more obvious that fall is fully upon us. Very soon, we will begin to see holiday decorations going up around the neighborhood. Perhaps you are one of the early birds, or maybe you wait until after Thanksgiving to do your Christmas or Kwanza decorating. This year Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are overlapping! So those who celebrate Hanukkah have a lot to get ready for – quickly. No matter what holiday you celebrate, lighting will probably play a large role in your decorating. With all the focus that turns to how our homes look during the holidays, many not only use string lighting to accent their homes and décor, but they also incorporate spotlighting for wreathes, garlands, or 3-D decorations nestled within their landscape. Using such lighting highlights your décor and keeps it from getting lost in the shadows.

If you are planning to incorporate spotlights in your holiday lighting this year, how do you plan to accomplish this? Realistically, you have two options available to you: 1) Pick up some spotlights and extension cords at your local home improvement store or 2) Call an outdoor lighting professional.

The most obvious benefit to setting spotlights yourself is that it is more cost effective. The fixtures and cords you purchase at the store will be cheaper, and your initial investment will be less than if you hire a professional. However, remember that you get what you pay for. Running electricity to spotlights with extension cords creates some inherent hazards. Even if a cord is rated for outdoor use, extension cords are easily nicked by foot traffic, landscaping equipment, or even children playing, which can in turn cause a fire. Additionally, cords create trip hazards and are just unsightly when draped across the yard.

Having a professional, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, install your spotlighting may be more expensive up front, but it is well worth the investment long term. The lighting we install utilizes a low voltage transformer and completely buried wiring, which effectively eliminates your risk of spotlight related fires and people tripping over cords. By having a professional install your spotlighting, you will also get the optimal look for your property. Professionals understand how light and shadows work together to create mood and effect. They know how to eliminate bright “burn out” spots by putting the proper distance between a fixture and the object illuminated. And they are conscious of all angles from which someone might view your property. Finally, once the holidays have passed and the festive lighting and decorations have been put away, a professionally installed system will continue to bathe your home in beautiful light that will captivate your neighbors and guests.

So if you are thinking about adding spotlights to your holiday lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will be happy to discuss your property’s options and even come out at dusk to show you how our outdoor lighting can make your home stand out this holiday season and all year long.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Arresting Beginnings: Key to the Finest Outdoor Lighting Experiences

Beginnings are important. Like a good movie, a great day, or a first impression, the best beginnings keep us engaged and wanting more, and they set the stage for great experiences. Without a great beginning, we would lose interest and move on to whatever comes next, but with the hook at the start, we stick around for the whole experience. Funny thing about beginnings – when we focus on the overall effect, we sometimes overlook them. Your outdoor lighting is an experience for everyone who sees it whether that person is family, friend, or simply passing through the neighborhood. So stop and think about your outdoor lighting for a moment. Does it have a dramatic beginning that sets visitors up for the beauty that follows when night falls on your home? If it doesn’t, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help.

Where are the beginnings for your outdoor lighting experience? Your driveways and entryways. As the entrance to your property, the driveway is the beginning, and it is a place that is often overlooked by homeowners and even outdoor lighting professionals. Of course, your distinct architectural features and towering palm trees should shine, but just as in a story or film, the overall effect is better if we build up to a big reveal. A subtly illuminated driveway arrests the attention of guests and accentuates the more dramatic architectural and landscape lighting highlighting your property’s best features. Enticing gate lighting can also make a bold statement that will impress and foreshadow the magnificent lighting guests can expect deeper into your property.

What fixtures and techniques can be used to create a “hook” for your drive or entryway? If your driveway features landscaping or architectural elements at the entrance, spotlights and well lights can be used to be sure these are noticed. Driveways can be lined with path lights to shine a soft, welcoming glow. And remember – when lining a drive with lights, it is important to stagger the fixtures on either side. After all, you don’t want to attract small planes with the “landing strip” look.

A successful outdoor lighting design creates a cohesive look and mood, just as a successful story leaves the reader or viewer with a feeling of completion, elation, terror (the list could go on for some time). And just as with a story, the beginning plays a crucial role. If you would like to be sure your property beginnings are drawing guests in, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We have orchestrated many stunning outdoor lighting experiences, and we would be happy to do the same for you.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Timer Adjustments Made Easy as Daylight Savings Time “Falls Back”

Every year, halfway through spring and fall, our worlds are jostled as Daylight Savings Time moves the hour hands of our clocks. The great thing about the fall jump is that we go backward, giving us an extra hour of sleep rather than taking one away. However, this does mean we lose sunlight in the evening and night comes more quickly. In a few weeks, you and your family will likely be coming home to a dark house. If your outdoor lighting system is already on a timer, you probably have the lights set to come on at sundown, but it is operating on the “spring forward” settings. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to fine tune your timer to accommodate the time change, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has you covered.

If we installed your system and you have kept your Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) up-to-date, timer adjustments are covered under that plan. Of course, if you don’t have an AMP we can still service your system, even a competitor’s system. We can reset your timer for you. Our technicians will come out and make all the necessary adjustments so your system comes on at dusk and your property is beautiful, welcoming, and safe. While we are at your property, we can go ahead and perform some routine maintenance – checking your wiring, replacing any burned out bulbs, and repositioning any fixtures that may have shifted or that illuminate shrubs or trees that may have grown. The last thing you need is another to-do item in your busy life, so take advantage of the AMP, and let us handle it for you.

If you really want to make setting your timer easier and take more control of your lights, you should consider Lighting Control Automation. LCA is more than just a smart timer; it can control all the electrical functions in your home because it literally controls your outlets, inside and out. With LCA, we can program your outdoor lights to turn on and off or to dim or strengthen automatically. You can even control your heat or air conditioning, which can translate into energy savings. LCA can also turn lights on and off using the specific GPS location of your home. This means that your lights come on at dusk whether that is 6:30pm November or 5:30pm in December. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. Once LCA is installed, our technicians don’t even have to come to your property to make adjustments. It can all be done from the office via computer, and yes, you can control the system too with a few taps in the LCA app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Imagine always coming home to a beautifully lit property, having lights turn on and off in your normal patterns even when you’re not at home, and being able to activate the heat remotely on a particularly chilly evening. Lighting Control Automation can give you these abilities, and coupled with our Annual Maintenance Plan, your biggest concern about Daylight Savings can be whether you lose or gain sleep. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to set up a maintenance visit or to learn more about LCA.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Sound and Light – Bring Out the Best of Your Naples Water Feature

Its sound is comforting, relaxing, and connects us to the natural world. It soothes and washes away cares that are not important, and we cannot live without it. Water – there is something very elemental about this liquid that has such power over us. Whatever the reason, the presence of water makes our lives better. Here in Naples Florida, water is plentiful and touches all of us. Some are lucky enough to live on the gulf and can hear the crash of waves day in and day out. For many who do not, koi ponds, streams, and waterfalls are important features in our backyards. Water features are soothing and bring peace just that much closer. While the sound of water transfixes all who take time to hear it, combining visuals with sound elevates water features so they become mesmerizing. Of course, you can see your water feature during the day, but once the sun goes down, the visual of water is lost – unless you have installed water feature lighting.

Lighting water features is an art form. While anyone can put a light beside a waterfall and angle the beams onto it, experience and knowledge is required to place lights so that the feature is best accented and clearly visible. With a misplaced light, the water of your feature could take on a bright white glow that blinds you rather than enchants. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has the experience you need to create the most beautiful feature. We use a combination of lights to accomplish this. Perfectly angled lights can accent rocks or other structural elements, while underwater lights can be installed within the feature itself, creating a golden glow within the water. We even install lights so that they illuminate the points where a waterfall strikes the pond or stream, enhancing the dramatic effect.

So now, you sit in the lanai, your favorite drink in hand. You hear the water run. It trickles and splashes creating a symphony of sound. You can see the water dancing. Your outdoor lighting reflects off the rippling water, throwing light beams in all directions, and a golden glow shines from the depths of the water. Now, your water feature boast looks to match its stunning voice.

If you are ready to create such an experience for those relaxing around your water feature, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Naples today. Not only will the sound of water transfix you, but its movement will as well.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Re-energize Your Business With Smart Commercial Lighting

You’ve done everything right, from writing the perfect business plan to choosing a prime location and designing a beautiful, eye-catching sign for your business.  But when the sun goes down, does your visibility go with it? If your business doesn’t stand out from the rest on the outside, especially if you don’t have anything to catch the attention of passers-by when it’s dark outside, you could be losing potential sales.

Don’t let clients and customers pass you by because you left your business in the dark. Light up your building and signage with professional outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, and we’ll help you bring more business in.

We’re experts at lighting all types of commercial properties, whether your goal is to save energy, create a more welcoming look, draw more attention to your entrance or to create a safer atmosphere. Here are just a few examples of how we can help boost your business with professional outdoor lighting:

Capture the attention of potential customers

First impressions are important – make sure the first time a major client sees your building it’s not shrouded in darkness or lost in shadows. Work with an outdoor lighting professional to design a custom look that’s sure to bring out the best in your building and really make your sign pop so potential customers won’t just pass you by.

Save energy

We can upgrade your current bulbs and fixtures to be more energy efficient so you’re not throwing big bucks down the drain every time the power bill comes in. Even if your business requires a large warehouse with lighting around the clock, we offer smart upgrades like LED bulbs, induction lighting lamps and more that won’t just brighten up the room – it could help you boost profits in the long run.

Create a one-of-a-kind experience

Everyone in town will be talking about your business when you create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere on your outdoor patio. Whether you want to spice things up with fun, bright café lighting or create a more subtle, elegant experience, our experts can help you create a look and feel that customers are sure to remember over the competition.

Improve safety

One of the most important aspects of your business is the safety of your employees and your customers. If your building is dark or if you have a big parking lot or parking garage that’s not properly lit, you could be vulnerable to accidents and crime. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we offer smart solutions that can help you increase the safety of your business without stretching the budget.

Call an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to learn more about how commercial building lighting could help you re-energize and boost your business.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Outdoor Lighting Captures Southwest Florida Nights

Tis the season. Well in reality, we do have a couple months before the holiday season gears up, but during this time of year, the swelter of summer is fading. Now is the time Southwest Florida residents are out and about. Parties are moving outdoors. We linger outside at night for conversations or strolls by the water, and some of our favorite moments occur on the patio or lanai while relaxing with family and friends. Whether it’s the holiday season or just the outdoor season that comes before, lighting is a big part of celebration, and there is no lighting more festive than outdoor lighting.

Since humans are not nocturnal, we are drawn to light, especially if that light shines in a space that is otherwise dark. From campfires to candlelight to lamps glowing in windows, light has helped civilization progress and thrive by allowing us to function once the sun goes down. Light also makes us comfortable and evokes feelings of security and happiness. Around lights, people have gathered to celebrate for generations, and with outdoor lighting, that tradition continues today.

Chances are, you’re not going to build a bonfire in your backyard for your next gathering. Though you may have a fire pit, a fire large enough to supply light for your property just isn’t practical or safe. But with outdoor lighting you can have the warm, striking glow that makes your guests feel comfortable and right at home. That light is what people crave. Well-positioned path lights illuminate your walkways, floodlights wash the walls of your residence, and spotlights cast dramatic uplighting onto your palm trees, live oaks, and outstanding architectural features. Relaxing and forgetting cares of the day, you and your guests will find yourselves laughing, sharing, and enjoying the night.

Add outdoor lighting, and you will capture all the benefits that it brings to your home – safety, curb appeal, and resale value. But above all, outdoor lighting captures mood and aesthetic in a way that no other home improvement can because no other home improvement speaks to us on such an elemental level. If you think it’s time to make your outdoor areas the place everyone will want to gather this season, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. As the area’s premier outdoor lighting company, we will help you capture the night so you can make the most of it.

Kurt Shearer, Owner

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

Make Any Event A Special Event With Professional Outdoor Lighting

While other homeowners around the country are just starting to pack it in and head inside for the cooler weather, we’re just getting started in Naples. During the summer, if we host an outdoor event at our homes we’re more likely to just have a bunch of unhappy, sweaty guests on our lawn. But as the weather changes down here, we won’t get the Fall freeze that will be felt elsewhere around the country. We’ll have beautiful, warm fall nights that start earlier and end later. It’s prime time for hosting special events at your home with beautiful home enhancements by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Outdoor lighting can take you to another place in your own Naples backyard

Whether you plan to host a few small get-togethers or have a big block party every weekend, make your special events a night to remember by creating a unique atmosphere with your outdoor lighting. We can help you go big with spotlights and flood lights, or we can design an elegant, subtle ambience. With either option, your home and your special event are sure to be the star of the show.

Southwest Florida's outdoor lighting looks like natural light when the CRI is above 80.Some of your Naples neighbors might take shortcuts this season with cheaper options, such as Tiki torches and other lighting. But here’s why it’s smarter and more effective to do it right with professional outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples:

  • Safety: A line of Tiki torches or a couple of lamps strung along the patio aren’t going to provide enough light for guests to get around your property safely. Light up important walkways with path lights, or illuminate the entire yard with professionally placed flood lights and other fixtures.
  • The view: If you want your home to stand out from all the rest, an expert at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can help you plan a one-of-a-kind lighting design for you. Bring out the best of your home and show off your unique personality with an elegant, polished look the neighbors will envy.
  • Make it last: The show doesn’t have to end when your special event is over. Outdoor lighting is a smart investment that makes your home look great all year round. Learn more about the benefits of installing professional outdoor lighting in your home by calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.

If you’re planning to host a special event at your home this fall, don’t wait. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples now to get started with your one-of-a-kind lighting design, and make any event at your home a night to remember. 239-263-9975

Get Creative This Fall With Outdoor Lighting Colored Lens Filters

As the fall holidays approach your neighborhood in Naples will probably start to transform with festive decorations for Labor Day, Halloween and even major football Game Days. As you think about unique ways you can show off your excitement for the holidays and other special occasions, consider calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to work some festivity into your home’s outdoor lighting.

Our acrylic colored lenses are an excellent addition to your outdoor lighting system that quickly bring out the holiday spirit and unique personality of your home. Choose from a variety of your favorite colors such as amber, blue, green, purple, red, smoke and yellow. Use your floodlights or well lights and a combination of colored filters to create a variety of looks and styles that accent your home beautifully during any holiday.

Create a tropical atmosphere in your backyard with green colored filters on your outdoor landscape lighting fixtures. Create a tropical atmosphere in your backyard with green colored filters on your outdoor landscape lighting fixtures.

Here are just a few example of which special occasions you can light up with fun colored lens filters:

·      Soak up the beautiful green scenery in Naples this Labor Day. If you’re hosting an end-of-summer pool party to celebrate, add green lens filters to lights around the pool to create a truly tropical atmosphere to last even through the winter.

·      Prep your home for football season. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of your alma mater or prefer to cheer for your favorite professional teams, colored filters are a fun way to really show off your fandom.  An expert can easily help you come up with the perfect combination of filters to celebrate your team spirit in style.

·      Create an air of mystery this Halloween to entice every trick-or-treater on the block. Combine the smoke and red filters to your outdoor lighting to make for a fun, haunting experience this Halloween.

Glass lens covers help keep debris away from the heat source

Your lenses won’t just add a creative spin to celebrate the holidays, with the addition of our lens covers, they’ll also help protect your floodlights and well lights from the changes of the season. Filters can protect your outdoor lighting from pine needles or other debris, so your system is easier to maintain and lasts even longer.

Get in the spirit and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today to learn how you can get the most out of your outdoor lighting with fun, festive colored lenses. 239-263-9975

Nighttime Insects Less Attracted to our LED Outdoor Lighting

Annoying bugs can be drawn to lights in your oasis.In Naples, nights on the lanai, sitting by the pool, or lounging on the patio are the highlight of the day. There, we can escape the heat and relax in the milder evening temperatures. For this reason, nights outdoors are cherished times in this region, and outdoor lighting is key to making those nights beautiful, elegant, and safe. Of course, no night is perfect. Under the warm glow of your deck lighting you may well have heard the hum of a mosquito in your ear or been dive bombed by a psycho moth. It is no secret that bugs are drawn to lights. Whether an outdoor fixture or a child’s flashlight, bugs just can’t seem to resist the glow.

Why? Most light, whether natural or artificial, contains not only what we see but also UV rays. These rays are invisible to the human eye but very present and very attractive to insects. Bugs that are most active at night, when most natural light falls in the blue/violet end of the spectrum, are especially attracted to UV rays because they use them to navigate and find food.

Our Cree LED bulbs do not emit the UV light that draws insects.

Now, there is another great reason to upgrade to the LED fixtures installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. The Cree bulbs we use in our LEDs are actually less attractive to insects than other bulbs. In a recent study conducted in the Department Etymology at The University of Georgia, Dr. Marianne Shockley Cruz and Rebecca Lindner were able to identify the UV waves insects find most attractive. Fortunately for our customers, Cree LEDs do not emit these wavelengths. As a result, bugs don’t care that much for them. So in addition to saving energy, outlasting their halogen counterparts, and illuminating your home in the warm glow you have come to expect from outdoor lighting, LED bulbs attract fewer bugs. This, of course, means a more enjoyable night for you and your family unwinding in the lanai or on the patio. Does this mean you won’t get bit by a mosquito if you install our LEDs? Of course not. But it does mean, bugs will find your outdoor lights less inviting, and you will even spend less time cleaning dead bugs out of your light covers, which is not a fun task for anyone.

So reclaim your nights. If you haven’t made the switch to using LED bulbs in your outdoor lighting system, contact us today. We can make your outdoor areas less attractive to annoying bugs and more attractive to you. 239-263-9975

Leave a Light On For When You Come Home – Update Your Outdoor Lighting Installation Even While You’re Away

It’s almost fall again, which means many Naples residents are starting to plan their trips back home for the winter. Make sure your return home is as bright and easy as possible by scheduling your outdoor lighting updates now with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Why should I update my outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting can take you to another place in your own Naples backyard Bring out the best of your beautiful yard with professional outdoor lighting.

There are many reasons you should consider servicing your outdoor lighting system before you come home. For one, things change in Southwest Florida. Many customers had to make some mandatory renovations to their home and yard after the series of tropical storms last year. This year, while the deluge of rain may have washed out the summer, it also resulted in some truly beautiful, lush greenery cropping up all over Naples neighborhoods. If your home looks a little different now than it did when  you first installed your outdoor lighting, it’s important to revisit a few old fixtures and placements in order to make sure your home is still looking its absolute best.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples offers a wide variety of upgrade options, so it’s important to work one-on-one with an expert to make the best choices for your home. It’s easy to revisit your home and move some fixtures around for the best placements, check that the right bulbs are being used to display the best color and spread for your home’s features and more.

If you’re thinking about adding on to your outdoor lighting system, we can create a new custom plan for you. An expert will visit your home, analyze the best way to build on your existing system and come up with a brand new design to reflect your style and bring out the most impressive features of your home

Consider switching to LED outdoor lighting for a brighter look.

Another option to consider is switching to brighter, more energy-efficient LED fixtures. These bulbs are an absolutely stunning way to light up your favorite features of your home, and they use nearly 80% less energy than halogen bulbs. Plus, LED lighting is in it for the long-haul: this type of bulb often lasts as long as 50,000 hours, or 25 years.

And the best part? You don’t even have to be there! If you’re still soaking up the last few days of summer before you come home for the changing season, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can work with you to perform all of your upgrades while you’re away. It may easily be one of the most convenient things you can check off of your to-do list this fall, and the results will light up your home beautifully every night of the winter. 239-263-9975

Create a One-of-a-Kind Atmosphere for Your Home With The Right Outdoor Lighting

A lot more goes in to designing the best outdoor lighting design for your home in Naples than screwing in a few bulbs here and there. In addition to studying the beautiful architecture, landscaping and other features that make your home one of a kind, our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples study our own selection of top-quality outdoor lighting products to find the perfect match for you.

LED Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

For example, if your yard is lined with a few grandiose palm trees, a wider flood bulb may be a better choice than a regular bulb in order to fully illuminate all of their impressive features. Choosing the wrong bulb can cut off light from the tops of trees and cast unflattering shadows on your home. If you have larger trees, statues or other features that may require more outdoor lighting, be sure to consult an expert to find out which bulb is right for you.

Additionally, the size of your home will come into plan when designing your unique  outdoor lighting strategy. Ranch-style Naples homes look especially impressive when illuminated by a wider flood bulb, while taller homes more than two stories benefit from installing narrow spot lights.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Pool LightingFinally, consider which features you want to highlight most. If you live in an older home that’s blanketed in beautiful vines or other classic greenery – shine a light on it! Features such as this that span the length of your home are best brought out with the light of a wider flood bulb, but if you’re looking to show off taller features such as an architecturally impressive columns, it’s best to install a narrower spotlight with a more columnar spread.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Naples, we’re experts at choosing the perfect bulbs and fixtures to bring out the very best of your home. Schedule a consultation today to work one-on-one with one of our experts, and discuss how you’d like to light up your home. Are you going for stylish flair or subtle elegance? Do you want to draw attention to a magnificently landscaped yard, or do you want to focus in on the architectural features of your home? Together with your one-of-a-kind style and our technical expertise and first-class outdoor lighting products – we’ll make it happen. 239-263-9975

Learn more about how you can bring out the best in your home with one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting by viewing the photo gallery on our website.

Why Should Southwest Florida Homeowners Choose Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives architectural lighting accentuates Naples homeNo matter how you look at it, outdoor lighting is an investment – an investment of energy and money. Even with the best outdoor lighting company, you will have to cope with some chaos at your home during installation, and all quality products cost money. So why is outdoor lighting such a good choice for homeowners? And why do so many choose to add it? The answer is simple really. The effects of outdoor lighting dramatically change your property. No other home improvement can have such a profound impact on how you, your family, and your guests experience your home. Outdoor lighting elevates a home, makes it stand out from the others that surround it, and brings notice you will need when it comes time to sell. But why does outdoor lighting have such an impact on a home? It comes down to three areas of influence – aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Aesthetics – There is no denying how much more beautiful a property appears at night under strategically placed lighting. In that warm glow, textures seem more vivid, architectural features stand out, and the entire property radiates elegance and mystery. Areas of shadow contrast with bright pools of light, bringing emphasis to the most detailed areas of your home. Beautiful outdoor lighting draws you to a property and causes you to see all its best features. Such light effects mood, brings calm, and transforms the atmosphere.

LED Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of NaplesFunctionality – It’s hard to do stuff in the dark, even if you are simply sitting on the deck for drinks and conversation. Outdoor lighting extends the hours you can utilize your outdoor spaces. It gives you romantic nights in the lanai and energetic evenings by the pool. No longer will darkness chase you into the house. Rather, you will be able to take advantage of the milder evening temperature, linger, and relax.

Safety – An illuminated property is a safe property. Outdoor lighting helps prevent injuries that could occur as a result of night time trips and falls over steps, stones, and misplaced objects. Light can also reveal the presence of encroaching wildlife, such as snakes or spiders. In addition to revealing hazards, outdoor lighting deters criminal activity. It is much more challenging for a thief or vandal to break into a home that is lit because there are fewer places to hide. If given the choice between a well lit or a dark home, criminals will choose the dark one.

So why should you add outdoor lighting to your home? Because it improves not just your home but also your life in that home. Don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of all these benefit, and start that process by calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today.


Outdoor Lighting Captures the Tone of Fireworks All Year Long

Naples fireworksFlashes of light and color splashed across the night sky, followed by a sharp pop. Sparks scattered and threw brief illumination across the sand. You stopped. How could you not stop? Fireworks like we saw on July 4th arrest our attention and mesmerize us. When they explode, we have a hard time looking away. They lift our mood and cause us to let our worries go, as we shift our attention to their shining patterns. What is it about fireworks that captivates us so? It’s not the sound, which is actually unsettling. It’s the light. Light has a profound effect on how we feel. It puts us at ease and makes us feel at home. While fireworks last mere moments, adding outdoor lighting can create many of the same effects on you, your family, and your guests. Fortunately, outdoor lighting is more lasting. It can even last a lifetime.

Outdoor lighting is an improvement that not only adds resale value to your home but also enhances the atmosphere. It brings elegance, drama, and relaxation. Like fireworks, a beautifully illuminated home and gardens catches our eyes and attention, causing tranquility. Your neighbors and guests will have a hard time looking away when your home glimmers in the light of your uniquely designed Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system. Your home will shine bright and standout.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples garden lightingTo accomplish this, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples uses outdoor lighting fixtures that are beautiful and don’t erupt into ash. Our accent fixtures are made of shining copper, and rather than rust or corrode over time, these fixtures will oxidize and develop a fashionable patina finish. All of our fixtures are durable. They do not rust or chip. Used in maritime equipment for centuries, copper resists corrosion, making it the perfect material for outdoor fixtures. This is especially true in our area where salty air and the elements take their toll on anything left outdoors. Our well lights are made from heavy duty PVC, and all components of our fixtures are of the highest quality and built to last many years.

Don’t let the tone of fireworks escape as soon as it appears. Choose stunning outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. No, our outdoor lighting won’t pop and scatter sparks (thankfully), but it will capture the allure and mood of dazzling lighting for many years to come. 239-263-9975

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Southwest Florida’s Premier Outdoor Lighting Company

From cars to clothes, you strive for quality in your life, and I’m sure this desire extends to your property. You choose contractors with care in order to protect your investment in your home. When it comes to adding outdoor lighting, you’re sure to be looking for a company that is established and has many years of experience in the field. For Southwest Florida homeowners, your outdoor lighting company is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. With over eleven years of experience, we have the expertise needed to make your home shine brilliantly, turn heads, and extend the hours you can use your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Royal Palm Trees

So what makes us the premier outdoor lighting company? To begin, our fixtures are the highest quality available. They resist corrosion, are long lasting, and come complete with warranties. If anything proves defective, we will replace or repair the fixture at no charge to you. When designing your system, we also have a wide variety of fixtures at our disposal, so no matter how unique your property is, we will be able to match the perfect fixtures to your needs.

Not only do we have extensive experience in outdoor lighting, we also have extensive experience here in Southwest Florida. The architecture and landscaping used here are unique to our area, and your property needs architectural and landscape lighting to match. We know exactly where to position fixtures so everyone sees the very finest features of your property. We know the best way to light a lanai or the area around a pool. Your lawn is probably home to palm trees. These attractive giants are best illuminated through techniques of uplighting, and fixtures must be correctly placed in order to avoid burn out spots in which details are lost. No matter how different your property is, your outdoor lighting will be in the most capable, creative hands when you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Palm tree lighting dm

When you pick us, you get a company that will go out of its way to accommodate your needs. With our Annual Maintenance Plan, you will get professional maintenance for your system, which includes adjustments, bulb replacements, and alterations to your timer. After we have created the best lighting design for your property, we will continue ensuring that it remains striking, brilliant, and elegant.

So if you are ready to add outdoor lighting and are looking for the best company for the job, look no further than Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We have been lighting Southwest Florida homes for over a decade, and we would love to do the same for you. Call us today. 239-263-9975

The New Face of LED Outdoor Lighting in Naples

What comes to mind when someone says LED outdoor lighting? If you are like most homeowners, you think of cold, blue color, overpowering brightness, and even those car headlights that so many say hurt their eyes. Despite its many environmental and efficiency benefits, LED did not make a good impression on consumers in its early years, especially when it moved into the outdoor lighting sector. Under old LED lighting, the true colors of homes and landscape were not accurately represented. Instead, they were tainted by the bluish color of the light, and the brightness was often overpowering. As a result, homeowners made the logical choice and installed halogen outdoor lighting systems on their property since they wanted assurance that the best of their property would be visible, natural, and warm.

Today, the LED outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can change your thinking. Our high quality LED fixtures emit light that is virtually indistinguishable from their halogen counterparts. You won’t be able to tell the difference between them. This light is warm, natural, and allows you to see the colors of your property in their true form. Rather than creating a scene that is sterile and unnatural, our LEDs impart elegance and a flare of the dramatic. It brings out the best of your property and brings attention to your home, not itself.

LED outdoor lighting is initially a little more expensive than a halogen system. So even with the improvements in color, why would you want to upgrade?  LED lights consume far less energy than halogen lights, 80% less, and their bulbs can last up to 25 years. This means that you will benefit from a lower electric bill, but it also means that you are makings steps toward being more efficient and environmentally friendly. In recent years, concern for the environment has been growing, and one of the best ways to help our planet is to be efficient. By doing so, we use less of our natural resources and produce less waste – waste that would otherwise pack landfills or make its way into our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Will upgrading to LED outdoor lighting change the world and solve all of our pollution problems? No, but it is part of the solution. By keeping so many burned out bulbs out of landfills and by consuming less electricity, LED lighting is just one way to make going green an easy part of your life.

With so many benefits to LED lighting, there is really nothing to lose. Our LED lighting is beautiful, it will lower your electric costs and pay for itself in only three years, and its low energy consumption reduces waste, which helps preserve our planet. If you are ready to upgrade to LED and join us in minimizing waste, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. 239-263-9975

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Outdoor Lighting Make Homes More Competitive in a Reviving Market

Summer is here, school is out, and everyone is focused on vacation and taking it easy. It’s the season of relaxation and family time. Did you know that it is also the season for buying homes? It’s true. The housing market experiences an increase in the spring and summer, and this year the housing market in Southwest Florida is looking promising. We are showing signs of improvement, and buyers are even being competitive with each other, something that has been a rarity in recent years. Brokers are beginning to see multiple offers on homes at the same time. It really is an exciting time to be in the market. Perhaps you are planning to sell your home this year, or you may be looking to buy. Either way, adding outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is an improvement that will benefit your property in many ways.

If you are in the market to sell, you are probably sprucing up your home with new paint, flooring, landscaping. When staging your home for show, first impressions are extremely important. Just as people do with each other, we make value judgments within the first few seconds, so that first impression matters. Be sure that your property is striking from the moment a perspective buyer rounds the corner. Add outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting gives you curb appeal in ways that other improvements can’t. It creates elegance and style. Your lighting system could make your home look regal and refined or mysterious and enchanting. By working with our designers, you can have the house that stands out on the block, the house that perspective buyers will have a hard time walking away from.

If you are in the market to buy, you will probably begin customizing your home as soon as you move in. Redecorating and restyling a new home is what makes it personal, and many new homeowners start this process with landscaping. The yard will make the first impression on your family and friends as you being to show off your new property. Consider adding outdoor lighting as you are doing landscape work. If our designers have the opportunity to work with your landscape designers, we can prevent many potential challenges, and your property will be “under construction” for less time.

Selling or buying, one of our lighting packages is a great place to start. You can add additional lights, if desired, to better accommodate your property. So call us today. No matter what your aim in this year’s market, outdoor lighting is the right choice. 239-263-9975

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Naples’ Top Three Outdoor Lighting Blunders Can be Avoided When You Hire a Professional for Your Naples Home

As outdoor lighting professionals, we really do want everyone’s property to look its best, especially when it comes to their outdoor lighting. You know that cringe you feel when you see work in your field of expertise that just isn’t well executed? This is how we feel when we see poorly installed or designed outdoor lighting. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad outdoor lighting. Homeowners and other non-professionals who attempt to install an outdoor lighting system certainly have the best intentions, but a lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes that prevent the property from looking its best. By allowing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to install your system, you can avoid these common outdoor lighting blunders.

Awkward Fixtures – We all know the scene, a small spotlight or floodlight installed near a wall or corner, probably in a mulched area. It stands out day or night, and it is one of the first things you see when you approach the home. When designing a system, it is important for people to see the effect of outdoor lighting not the lights themselves. Fixtures should blend into the landscape rather than drawing the eye. If fixtures are positioned awkwardly or are the incorrect fixture for the area, they garner more attention than the lighting itself. To eliminate this blunder, be sure that you have a professional install your lights. That way, they are positioned correctly. By using high quality fixtures from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, their shape and color will blend into your landscape. Our copper fixtures develop a patina finish over time that is stylish and even has camouflaging characteristics.

Insufficient Illumination – If the wrong fixtures are chosen or if the lighting configuration is incorrect, a home will be riddled with either dark spots or hot spots. These areas are unattractive and ineffective. Having plenty of fixtures correctly positioned bathes the exterior of a home showcasing all of its architectural elements. This doesn’t mean that the façade of a well lit home is white washed with light, but it does mean that shadowed areas don’t look like a monster is lurking there. A consistent wash of light with purposeful areas of shadow is not only more appealing; it is also safer, giving residents and guests clear visibility. To eliminate this blunder, have a professional install your lights so fixtures are positioned for optimal illumination.

Solar Lighting – While it is true that solar lighting is ideal in terms of energy consumption, the technology is not developed sufficiently to transform it into quality outdoor lighting. Solar lights harvest energy from the sun and store it to burn at night. Unfortunately, current solar fixtures cannot store enough energy to shine consistently, brightly, or naturally. Often, solar lights are dim, oddly colored, or even off. Though the lights are supposed to turn on when the sun goes down, they often turn off randomly and are not reliable. Many homeowners who choose this option are trying to be more environmentally conscious, but they would be much better off choosing a quality LED system. Our LED lights are energy efficient, long lasting, and indistinguishable from halogen lights. Your property will be environmentally friendly without sacrificing any of the look you crave.

If you are about to install an outdoor lighting system, don’t fall victim of these blunders. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. With us doing the work, your outdoor lighting will be in the best professional hands. 239-263-9975

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Creates Memorable Driveway Impressions

The driveway – it is the first place that your guests come in contact with your property. It can welcome (or not) and can set the tone for a visit because it is so tied to your guests’ first impression. Often homeowners overlook the potential of their driveways to dazzle and impress their guests. As a result, the true potential of driveways goes untapped. One of the best ways to unlock the potential of your drive is to illuminate it with outdoor lighting. That said, it is very easy to light a driveway poorly, and poor lighting can leave you with something that looks like a landing strip at the airport rather than a scene that evokes emotion and sets mood.

Because you want lighting that is elegant and enticing, you need lighting designers that will be able to properly illuminate the area without overpowering it. Driveway lighting should bring attention to your drive and landscape elements, not to the lights themselves. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples lighting designers can give your drive a welcoming atmosphere that makes your guests want to pull in and stay awhile. Using our high quality, copper path lights,

While you may have a straight driveway, many Naples drives incorporate an island that is home to palms, foliage plants, and flowers. These areas can be difficult to illuminate because of the concrete that surrounds them, but when they are lit correctly, they are especially striking. Though lighting an island is a difficult project, we are up to the challenge. You can have confidence that the end result will be as lovely and purposeful as your architecture and garden lighting. There will be no unsightly conduit stretching over your driveway to house the wiring. Rather, your guests will be greeted by warm, welcoming light, accentuating the best features of your island landscaping. Using uplighting, spotlighting, and a combination of other lighting techniques, your island can be the most striking on the block and showcase the beautiful palms and shrubs that so characterize our state.

So if you are ready to elevate your driveway, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. With your project in our hands, you can relax, enjoy your property, and anticipate the beautiful scene we will create to make a lasting impression on all your guests – a scene that will be memorable and satisfying. Not a runway. 239-263-9975

For more photos of our outdoor lighting used on Southwest Florida driveways and other areas, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples Can Maintain Your Systems When You Fly North

Farewell, Snowbirds. We will miss you while you’re enjoying the mild New England summer and the rest of us sweat down here in Florida. We will think of you at midday when the sun is at its hottest, but we will hold the fort down for you. Many Naples’ residents have a summer home in the New England states, and this time of year, they begin spending more time where the summer is not as extreme. If you are one of these residents, you probably want to keep the systems in your Naples home running. This can increase security on your property, as it will be harder for unsavory characters to notice your absence. Your outdoor lighting system is a critical component in your home’s security. Keeping the area illuminated will not only keep your property brilliant and stunning but will also keep thieves and vandals convinced you’re still there.

While you are away, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples can maintain your outdoor lighting system for you. During your absence, we can perform routine maintenance, including replacing old or burned out bulbs or reburying wires that may have been exposed by the normal erosion of wind and rain. By having us do these tasks in your absence, we won’t be in your way when you return, and you can get right back to enjoying the best of Naples.

Routine maintenance is easy with our Annual Maintenance Plan. When you purchase this plan, much of your outdoor lighting “housekeeping” is covered at no additional cost to you. The Annual Maintenance Plan covers replacement bulbs and their installation, repair of damaged wires, adjustment of your fixtures, and adjustments to your timer. With the plan, you buy peace of mind when it comes to your system. We will be sure that all of your lights are shining and bringing your property all the attention it deserves while protecting it from those who would harm it.

If you would like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to maintain your outdoor lighting system while you are away for the summer, even if we didn’t initially install it, contact us today. We will make sure your lights are functioning, trouble free, and bathing your home in an elegant glow. 239-263-9975

For more photos of our unique outdoor lighting, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

Creating Unique Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Unique Properties

Outdoor dining is much more enjoyable with a nicely lit tableIn the world of outdoor lighting, one plus one does not always equal two. This may sound a little far fetched and like a worn out expression, but in truth, the solution to a client’s lighting needs may not be a typical formula. Occasionally, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we encounter lighting needs that require a little extra attention and creativity, and we love the challenge. This is not to say that there is no art in more typical outdoor lighting designs and installs. Each property we light is treated with the utmost care and attention so we can be certain our clients get what they want and need. But unique situations give us a chance to try our skills and push what many believe are the limitations of outdoor lighting. The opportunity to come up with a truly unique solution is something we value.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to do several projects inside lanais here in Southwest Florida.  While some might questing if this is truly outdoor lighting, the screens of the structures do make them more like a porch than an actual room. Since the lighting is subjected to the elements of our Florida environment, outdoor lighting is needed in situations like this.  During a recent project, we created a chandelier using our outdoor lighting fixtures. We hung this chandelier inside the structure and suspended it over a seating area so that the entire area was washed with an elegant light. This lighting was installed on its own switch in order to give our client more control over the lanai without affecting the other landscape lights. And in order to keep our client from having to deal with the climb involved with changing bulbs every 5,000 hours, we used our long-lasting LED fixtures.

Outdoor lighting can light up your grill area and be turned off when the cooking is doneWe did a similar project for another client above a grill. Again, we added an additional switch so that the client had more control and could simply turn off the light once the food was prepared. The wiring for a solution such as this is easily attached to the structure, making the process of concealing it much easier.

These are just a couple examples of unique lighting solutions that we have developed for our clients’ unique needs. With the expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples and just a little creativity, we can develop a unique, elegant lighting design that will not only meet your needs but will also turn the heads of your neighbors and guests. If you have an area you hope to light but are doubtful a beautiful remedy can be created, do not hesitate to call us. Not only are we able to make what you need, we are excited to do so. 239-263-9975

For more photos of our unique outdoor lighting, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques That Make Your Naples Home Shine

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is committed to making your southwest Florida home stand out, and this has been our aim for many years. One of the reasons we are the best outdoor lighting company is because we tailor each system to the property features and the homeowner’s preferences. This makes each install unique and personal. Homes that are bathed in light from our systems are the most eye-catching in the neighborhood. When designing and installing outdoor lighting, we use several lighting techniques to highlight all the best of your home.  By implementing washing, grazing, and silhouetting, we can bring out the best of your Naples home.

Washing is a technique that is used to bring out texture. Perhaps, you have a stone accent wall on the exterior of your home or a landscape feature that incorporates a variety of plants. These elements are rich in texture, and this aspect should be showcased. Washing utilizes flood or well lights to accomplish this effect by illuminating them enough to show their distinctive characteristics but not with so much light that detail is lost.

If using the grazing technique, we “brush” landscape or architectural features with just enough light to allow your eyes notice that these features are there. This technique can be very useful to create an air of mystery or to light areas subtly.

Sometimes, what you don’t see is more striking than what you do see. Silhouetting involves putting a spot or floodlight behind an object to create a distinct shadow. This technique can be used to striking effect when lighting objects with unique shape. Ornamental plants or other landscape features become even more distinct when lighted in silhouette.

Most homes we light use a combination of these techniques. Notice that each technique uses a different level of light. Contrasts, highlights, and lowlights work together to create a scene that reflects you, the homeowner, and makes your property visibly unique after sundown. We will highlight your home’s best features and delicately illuminate other areas in order to give you the best curb appeal possible.

If you want to bring out the best of your home, choose outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. Call us today, and let us use our expertise to make your home shine. 239-263-9975

For more photos of our outdoor lighting techniques, visit our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

A Hidden Naples Retreat in Your Own Backyard Made Possible with Outdoor Lighting

It’s time. You’ve had your nose to the grindstone for far too long and you deserve a rest. Vacationing is on your mind, but before you browse through those flashy pamphlets, take a moment and think. You can spend copious amounts of money running off to a strange place to pursue relaxation, dealing with unknown circumstances and hoards of people, or you can simply turn your own backyard into a private getaway. After all, we have the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor oasis in our area, so why hesitate? Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we want to show you how you can avoid the hustle and bustle of overpriced vacations and create the most entrancing, relaxing outdoor living space you’ve ever seen.

Picture your yard. Envision the well-kept pool, the neatly trimmed trees, and the finely mowed lawn. Things of beauty you’ve worked hard to establish. Now, picture them with outdoor lighting. Copper path lights softly illuminate the way from your backdoor into your yard on a warm summer’s night. Their light is subtle yet strong, providing safety and structure. They guide you easily to the pool area where several fixtures have been set. They light around the water making it look memorizing and could rival the look of any commercial pool around the world. The glow is bright enough to lightly bathe the entire area surrounding it without overpowering. The scene is completely soothing. But your home won’t let your pool area take the entire spotlight. Against its exterior, floodlights wash the home walls and bring out the stunning texture. Shadows create striking contrast that keep your eyes entertained for hours. If you can pull your eyes away from them for a moment, the trees in your yard are begging for your attention.  Well lights beam upward and turn your trees into creative pieces of art. The up lighting effect is breathtaking! Every fixture is expertly placed and creates the most illustrious atmosphere in your own backyard.

Now, complete the picture by adding yourself. The ambiance is perfectly set with landscape lighting and all you have to do is enjoy it. Your yard has gone from a simple space to an outdoor oasis. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a fleeting weekend trip when you could put that money towards a more enduring treat. Naples outdoor lighting will withstand for years to come, making sure your yard-turned-retreat can be enjoyed whenever you desire.

Bring that relaxing vision to life and give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call at 239-263-9975. We will come to your home and demonstrate exactly what we can do to help you transform it. You’ll be stunned at what we can do. So toss the pamphlets into the trash and take a look out your window. That’s where your next vacation is going to be. And your next, and your next, and your next.

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Unique Naples Homes Demand Unique Outdoor Lights

Distinct. Your home is like you. You invest time, money, and hard work into making your property stand out in your neighborhood. It is elegant and refined and very atypical. Distinct is good, but because you do things your way, “normal” may not always work when it comes to your home improvements. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples is introducing a new lighting fixture to our line, and like your home, it is not everyday or run of the mill. The BB-02 LED stick light is a unique fixture for a unique property, and for this reason, here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples, we are very excited about its possibilities. The fixture is used to create dramatic uplighting. Though it can be used in a variety of ways, it was developed for use in landscape lighting, specifically for areas with large amount of ground cover. Crafted from the highest quality copper, the BB-02 will, over time, develop a patina finish, which is fashionable and causes the fixture to blend into its surroundings.

Since each property is different, outdoor lighting designers need options for all types of spaces. The BB-02 stick light is an excellent light to use in tight or restricted spaces, and the stick mount gives versatility for installation. Even though the fixture is small, it is remarkably powerful, emitting a bright light that provides the best illumination. The detail and beauty of gardens and landscaped areas will stand out under the illumination of this outdoor lighting fixture.

Not only is the fixture versatile with an uncanny ability to produce powerful light, it is also extremely energy efficient. The BB-02 is an LED light, so it is easy on the wallet while it consistently bathes your property in bright, natural light. And don’t forget, because they consume less energy, LED lights are much gentler to the environment too.

The BB-02 may well be the perfect light for the most unique part of your property. The designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples have many years of experience creating the optimal lighting system for each home. Each design is tailored so that the best features of your property bask in a warm glow that incites enchantment and drama.

If you are ready to highlight the best of your property, no matter your property’s restraints or demands, call us today.

(239) 263 – 9975

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A Late Night Stroll in Your Naples Garden: Brought to you by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples

The kids are finally tucked in their beds, and the house is quiet. You take a deep breath exhaling the challenges of a long, hard day. You need an escape, a chance to unwind before you turn in for the night. The early spring weather makes the temperature just right for a late night stroll in your Naples garden with the warm garden lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

The air feels cool and clean as you move onto the garden path. Around knee height, beautiful copper fixtures cast pools of light onto it, making your steps sure. You walk past a stately palm, its fronds and bark highlighted by dramatic spotlighting, the upward angle creating mysterious shadows that counter point the light. A live oak’s sprawling branches throw shadows into the grass beyond, and its tall crown blends seamlessly into the shadow of the sky. Night birds call, and the wind whispers past as your cares of the day slip away.

The sound of cascading water reaches your ears before you approach the water feature – a small pond accented by waterfalls. Light bounces off stones and shines through the water, causing it to glow golden. You pause and all of your tension dissipates.

Garden lighting truly can make a difference in the tone and mood of your garden, and it profoundly affects how you experience this outdoor space, which you work so hard to perfect. If you would like to experience your garden in this way, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. We will help you create a haven so nighttime in your garden will rejuvenate your soul.

(239) 263 – 9975

To see more photos of our garden lighting, visit our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

Top 10 Reasons Why Southwest Florida Homeowners Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples for All Their Lighting Needs

If you are in the market for outdoor lighting, you’ve probably started looking at your neighbors yards or asked friends who installed the lighting for their landscaping.  Referrals you can trust are priceless in the quest for the best outdoor lighting.  We thought you might want to know why so many homeowners in Southwest Florida choose Outdoor Lighting Systems of Naples for their outdoor lighting systems.  Here is why:

  • Trust – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the oldest, largest and most trusted outdoor lighting company.  We take pride in our quality low-voltage halogen outdoor lighting and our state-of-the-art outdoor LED lighting that makes your property look beautiful night after night.

  • Experience – We have been designing and installing custom outdoor lighting plans in Southwest Florida for over 11 years. Outdoor lighting design is what we specialize in. We know the architectural style and landscape of our area and the best ways to illuminate them. Every property is unique and we know how to bring out the best for each homeowner.

  • Professionalism – It all starts with a professional sales call from our knowledgeable sales team on time and prepared to exceed your expectations.  You’ll commonly find the owner of the company at your door for the sales call and throughout the entire installation.

  • Quality Fixtures – Our outdoor lighting fixtures are manufactured exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Outdoor lighting fixtures are constantly exposed to the element and the elements in Southwest Florida are especially harsh so it is important that the fixtures be durable and tested. The fixtures Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples use are made from non-corrosive brass and copper to weather the element and last a long time.

  • Custom designs – We won’t just quote you based on a number of outdoor lighting fixtures. We will visit your property, listen to your desires and determine a custom design that draws attention to the best aspects of your area while eliminating dark spaces. Outdoor lighting is all about the effect, not the fixtures, and we will ensure your outdoor spaces will mesmerize you at night.

  • Professional Installation – We employ the most knowledgeable installers along with certified technicians and electricians to make sure every detail is taken care of.  We will replace any mulch or dirt we move installing your outdoor lighting system and leave your property looking just as nice as when we arrived.

  • Service & Maintenance – Our quality outdoor lighting systems have small maintenance needs to continue working properly and looking their very best. Bulbs may need to be replaced periodically, wires re-buried or fixtures adjusted from being bumped or because of foliage growth. All of these maintenance needs are fixed your first year after installation at no charge and we offer additional service options after the first year. We even service systems that were not installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples.

  • Guarantees – Our excellent guarantees are a reflection of how confident we are about our outdoor lighting systems and our professional installation. We stand behind our products 100% and will gladly address any issues that may arise.

  • Customer Service – Our commitment to your custom outdoor lighting system starts with your first contact to our office and continues throughout the life of your system. Your satisfaction if our top most priority.  We stand behind our lighting and know you will be thrilled with the choice you have made.

  • Client Satisfaction – We know that happy clients are the best sales tool for us and are thrilled that such a large percentage of our sales come from referrals. Here’s is just some of the feedback we receive from our clients:

"One of the top-notch companies I have dealt with since I moved to Naples 9 years ago! Awesome designer and perfect installation.” Denise P., Naples, FL

“Our guests were so complimentary about the lights.  Very neat! Thank you so much” Eileen B, Naples, FL

John Gillespie is a gem.  I have recommended Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to our condo board for more work.  Thanks.” Ed K, Naples, Fl

“Just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our two Outdoor Lighting projects. I need to make you aware of how impressed we are with John Gillespie, his presentations and on the job installation.  Always taken care of any problem within 24 hours. He is a great worker and represents your company to the highest level.” Jim M., Naples, FL

“How refreshing your company is, customer service is a priority-I thought that no longer existed. Everyone was wonderful and knowledgeable.  Thank you.” Dennis W., Naples, FL

When you’re ready for an outdoor lighting system, trust the company more Southwest Florida homeowners trust.  Call us at 239-263-9975 and experience the best for your home.

For more inspirational photos of our installations and what we can do for your home, visit our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery and our outdoor lighting photo gallery on our website.

Outdoor String Lighting – Not Just for the Holidays

Though here in Naples our weather is milder than the rest of the country, this week’s weather has been yet another strong reminder that spring is here. And of course, spring is the best time to be outdoors here in Florida. It’s a time of gatherings, parties, weddings, and any number of events that bring us together to celebrate. As you plan your next spring event, don’t confine festive lighting to the Christmas season. String lights are an essential party accent that will put your guests in the mood to celebrate life, both new and continuing.

String lighting is versatile, portable, and fun. Some of your favorite coastal restaurants and many cafes and bistros make use of such lighting to brighten the atmosphere, accent architecture, and highlight trees. Imagine string lights wrapping the eaves of your porch or gazebo or twining through the fronds of your palm trees. Your guests’ mood will lighten as they enter your home or backyard, and the lights will let them know it’s time to relax, let their hair down, and have a great time.

String lighting is a type of temporary lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples has many years of experience designing and installing this type of outdoor lighting. All of our temporary lighting is set so that there are no unsightly (and potentially unsafe!) cords to detract from the atmosphere. As we mentioned in a story last year, many of our temporary lights are battery powered and rechargeable, and we will design and set the lights up for you. Though string lighting is technically temporary, we can also install it to remain functional and beautiful all year. After all, Florida weather is a reason to celebrate during all seasons. No matter what you are celebrating, whether a special occasion or just the arrival of the weekend, string lights are the enjoyable, festive lighting addition that shouts, “Let’s have fun!”

So when you plan your parties and celebrations this spring, remember that outdoor string lights are not just for the winter holiday season, and when you are ready to have the best quality string lights hung in all the right places, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples. We will dress your property up, so it is bright, festive, and party-ready in no time at all.

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The clarity of our LED outdoor lighting designs will make other outdoor lighting genres green with envy

LED lighting has become a household name. The advances in LED’s technology over the past few years have made it the hot commodity in interior and exterior lighting. In lieu of the popularity of LED the question still remains, is all LED created equal? The answer is no. Just because a product is LED does not automatically mean it is high quality LED. The main aspect to look for in a quality LED product is the quality of the light itself.

The measure used to gauge the color quality and clarity of a light source is the color rendering index, or the CRI for short. The CRI is used to measure the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of the object it is illuminating in comparison to an ideal natural light source, such as the sun. Light sources that measure higher on the CRI are more desirable because they show an object or area being lit in the form closest to that of natural light. Colors will appear more clear and realistic when a light source has a higher CRI rating. A low quality LED is more likely to score low on the CRI scale. Lower quality LED’s sometimes exude a bluish tint within their illumination. This is certainly true of the early LED. Over the years and as the technology has evolved high quality LED’s such as the Cree LED’s we use deliver a clear high quality illumination. Along with being a leader among LED, Cree LED’s score an astounding 90 on the CRI, which means they beautifully illuminate any outdoor lighting setting with clean, clear light.

The superior quality of light is just one benefit of choosing our LED’s as your outdoor lighting source. Using LED can reduce your energy consumption by 80%. Less energy means lower energy costs which can save you a lot of green when it comes time to pay the power bill. LED bulbs also save you money by being more durable than traditional outdoor lighting bulbs. LED outdoor lighting systems have longevity which is evident with longer lasting bulbs that need replacement less often. For example a typical halogen bulb will burn for approximately 2,000 to 4,000 hours, whereas an LED will last a whopping 50,000 operating hours!  Since they contain no filament and utilize cool burning technology, LED’s are less likely to burn out from overheating. They also hold up to bumps and shifts that are more likely to occur in an outdoor lighting scenario.

We cannot discuss the many benefits of LED without mentioning its environmentally sustainable attributes. LED is a green technology because it leaves less of a carbon footprint on the environment.  LED’s are responsible for less greenhouse gases by reduced carbon dioxide emissions; they also contain no harmful chemical such as mercury that makes handling and disposal dangerous. LED’s are UV free which means no ultraviolet rays which are prone to attract insects. This means using LED in your landscape, deck and patio lighting installation will give you peace of mind in not attracting insects that can invade your outdoor living enjoyment.   If you are considering a new outdoor lighting system LED is the most economical and efficient way to get the most out of your outdoor lighting.

To learn more about our LED outdoor lighting designs, or to see if your traditional system is a candidate for an LED conversion, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples today. (239) 263 – 9975

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The brains behind Naples most beautiful outdoor lighting designs has DST covered

Daylight savings time has come again. If you are still programming your outdoor lighting with a manual timer, you are well aware of the frustration and guessing games associated with the time change. Having to chase dusk becomes a necessity when we are required to spring forward to accommodate the change of DST. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples wants you to know there is a better way to program your outdoor lighting. It is called lighting control automation, or LCA, and this proven technology has become a staple among our clients.

Lighting control automation is convenient, effortless and extremely flexible. You can truly customize your entire home both indoors and out so that you will never have to worry if the lights are on at the right time or not again. And, there is no additional wiring needed to do this.  Our smart system automatically does more than simply turn on selected lights at dusk. It can control all indoor and outdoor electric outlets.

Benefits of LCA

With LCA you can create zones to control groups of lights and appliances, or turn off all the lights with the flick of one switch. This automation is user friendly and can be programmed so that random indoor and outdoor lights come on at different times and stay lit for varying intervals to give the appearance that someone is always home. This feature comes in handy when you are away from home for extended periods of time, or on vacation. Our LCA technology will give you peace of mind that your house appears to be occupied, creating a more secure home and landscape.

One of the best things about having LCA is the way your outdoor lighting can be set to automatically come on at dusk every evening. We can even program your smart system to come on at 50% power at dusk and increase as the night grows darker. Not only does this look phenomenal within the landscape as evening reaches a fever pitch, it is also energy efficient. With this smart system you can also have your lights automatically shut off at sunrise, or customize the controls for the lighting to automatically turn off at your desired time. It is all up to you.  When daylight savings time arrives, your lighting will automatically adjust to the changes without having to lift a finger too!

There is one more convenient benefit of using our LCA technology; this is being able to access your lights through your laptop or smart phone any time day or night, from any location. For example, let’s say you and your spouse have scheduled a cozy dinner and movie on a Friday evening. Your teenage daughter texts you to let you know she is going to be later than expected and will not make her curfew.  The lights you had previously programmed to ensure her a safe entry into the house will not be on by the time she gets home and you are only half-way through your movie!  Instead of having to cut your evening short to make sure the outdoor lighting is on so your daughter will get home safe and sound, you can take out your smart phone ( no volume remember you are in the movie theatre) and program the lights you want to come on, it is that easy!

If you are interested in learning about the brains behind our most beautiful outdoor lighting designs, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to discuss our smart system LCA technologies. (239) 263 – 9975

Enjoy your Naples garden against the Florida night sky with our enchanting garden lighting designs

As spring quickly approaches our thoughts turn to greener lawns, spending more time outdoors and especially in the garden. Spring is the season of renewal. As homeowner’s we anticipate the arrival of colorful bulbs, blooming perennials and trees to mark the beginning of the outdoor season. As the days progressively become longer and warmer we spend countless hours within our landscapes adding color to our yards.  Private gardens such as water gardens and flower gardens are a favorite among Naples residents. Our extended warm weather allows cultivation of flowers and plants that are unique and exciting. Hibiscus, Bougainvillea and other tropical additions are enjoyed year round here in Naples, where in other climates they are only seasonal favorites. With all the excitement surrounding buds and blooms the addition of garden lighting can bring your spring gardening to a new level of enjoyment.

Benefits of garden lighting in your flower garden

One of the biggest benefits of adding garden lighting within your flower garden is the way it enables you to use your garden at night. Most avid gardeners are already aware of the impact outdoor lighting can make within a flower garden. Being able to watch as the magic unfolds as plants and flowers explode with color against the night sky is truly mesmerizing. Some flowers are strictly night blooming, such as the fragrant Brugmansia, also known as an “Angel’s Trumpet”. These plants close their colossal trumpet-like blooms during the day. In the evening the Brugmansia opens fully and exudes an aroma that is sweet and unforgettable. Your garden will take on a whole new look and feel with the addition of garden lighting; colors like purple and blue appear more vivid than during the day. The act of simply walking through a well-lit garden in the evening can lift your spirits and heighten relaxation.

Benefits of lighting your water garden

Water gardens add a feast for the senses within the landscape. Koi ponds, waterfalls and dry streams enchant you with the sound of trickling and circulating water. In almost all water gardens the area at the base or surrounding the structure itself is accented by flowers, low growing shrubs and ornamental grasses. The water feature paired with the water garden which surrounds it supplies double the pleasure and enjoyment. Take these two elements, and add water garden lighting into the mix. The results from adding outdoor lighting to your water feature and water garden include seeing the light dance off the movement of the water. Adding lighting will also enhance the beauty of all planting materials used in your water garden design. Colors are brighter and greens appear greener with outdoor lighting. If your water garden is not in close proximity to an outdoor space such as a deck or patio, add an elegant bench nearby so that you may get the full enjoyment of this winning combination – your water feature +  a surround of plants and flowers + water garden lighting = unforgettable!

Whether you enjoy gardening as a hobby, or consider yourself an avid gardener, beautiful landscaping and gardens are a great way to add beauty and curb appeal to your home. If you are looking for a way to make the fruits of your labor more beneficial this spring, consider outdoor lighting. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples to learn more today (239) 263 – 9975

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Corrosion on Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Could Spell Trouble in Paradise

The benefits of owning a coastal home, or even a vacation home in a coastal community are too numerous to count. The warm ocean breezes, close proximity to sandy sunlit beaches, the views, and being able to hear the tranquil sounds of the tide are reason enough for choosing to live in a place like Naples, Fla. With all the good, there is always an inherent bad to go along with it. In the case of coastal living in Naples, like so many other coastal communities, corrosion on metal and iron surfaces can become a headache. The cost for repairing and replacing items that have become corroded due to the heavy amount of moisture and salt in the air can become quite expensive over time.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are one area where corrosion is likely to occur. Most outdoor lighting fixtures are comprised of metals such as iron, and aluminum and can corrode. A great majority of homeowners here in Naples have powder coated aluminum fixtures as part of their outdoor lighting. Over time the exposure to the high salt content in the air will cause the fixtures to start chipping even after a few years. This is especially the case with many of the coach lanterns and entry lights installed on homes in Southwest Florida.  In lieu of the corrosion issues we have been replacing a large amount of these fixtures with our brass lighting, an answer to the outdoor lighting corrosion problems for our customers.

You may be asking why our brass outdoor lighting fixtures are less likely to suffer from corrosion than aluminum fixtures. The reason is because brass, and especially solid brass fixtures like we use, do not rust.  This is because brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which have been used on sailing ships for centuries because it stands up better to the harsh oceanic elements. Brass is an excellent material for any type of seaside outdoor fixture for not only its beauty, but its resiliency as well.

If you are starting to notice corrosion on your outdoor lighting fixtures, then it might be time to give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Naples a call. Our high quality fixtures are made with old –world craftsmanship and are built to last. Even if you are not a current customer with us, we would love the opportunity to discuss our expert design and customer oriented service with you. Our timeless outdoor lighting designs can add beauty to your home and landscape even when you live in a tropical paradise like Naples. 239-263-9975

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